Now Free!

Ricardo Riojas – Life for pot received Compassionate Release on 2-10-21! - Huge congratulations to Ricardo and his family, especially his daughter, Cynthia who called CAN-DO’s president, Amy Povah after she got the wonderful news!  It could not have happened to a nicer man, nor one more deserving! Please sign Ricardo Riojas’ petition Name: Ricardo Riojas #71508-079 DOB: 10/27/1942 Race: Hispanic Marital Status: Married Age: 77 […]
David Barren – Life reduced to 30 years – Clemency Granted – TWICE!!! This time it’s time served! - Please sign David Barren’s petition and share with your network.  Help us bring David home to his family. David Barren’s sentence was commuted from LIFE to 30 years. This is shocking because so many men with multiple prior convictions received a full commutation who engaged in major drug trafficking.   We hope that President […]
Corvain Cooper – Life for Pot Clemency Granted on 1/20/21 - Please sign Corvain Cooper’s petition Corvain Cooper, #643011-112 DOB: 11/2/1979 Age: 41 Children: 2 daughters Residence: California  Charges: Distributing Marijuana; Money Laundering; Trial/Plea: Trial Tried: Western District of North Carolina, Charlotte Sentence: Life Without Parole Incarcerated Since: 2014 Served: 6 years Priors: Possession of Marijuana Institution: USP POLLOCK U.S. PENITENTIARY P.O. BOX 2099 POLLOCK, LA  71467 Clemency status: Recently re-filed Post Release […]
Rufus Rochell – Serving 40 years walked out of FCI Coleman on 4/24/20. BOP gave him home confinement. - Name: Rufus Rochell #08628-017DOB: 10-9-51Age: 69Race: BlackRaised: FloridaTried: Northern District of Florida (Gainesville Division)Will live: Ft. Lauderdale, FloridaCharges: Conspiracy with intent to distribute 50 grams or more of Crack and possession with intent of the same amount,and obstruction of Justice:Went to TrialSentence: 40 years 8 monthsSentenced on: 10-20-88Served: 32 yearsPriors: Failure to return vehicle on time, and […]
Michael Harris – 19 years 7 months – Clemency Granted 1/20/21 - Please sign Michael’s change petition. Name: Michael Ray Harris DOB: 9/20/61 Age: 58 Raised: Los Angeles, California Tried: California Will live: California Children: 2 Charges: District Court Case No: 8800972(B)-WJR; Count 1: 21 U.S.C 846 (conspiracy to Possess with Intent to Distribute Cocaine); Counts 2 and 4; 21 U.S.C 841(a)(1) and 18 U.S.C 2(Aiding and Abetting Possession with Intent to Distribute […]
Andrew Cox is serving LIFE for Pot! Andy Cox – Life for Pot is NOW FREE due to Compassionate release! - Andy Cox was Serving Life for Pot and walked out of prison on 1/6/20. We are elated for Andy and his family!!!  Please sign Andy Cox’s petition Name: Andrew Cox, #89487-020 DOB: 7/13/1963 Children: 3 Born and Raised: Vero Beach, Florida Tried: Atlanta, Georgia Will Live: Florida Offense:  Conspiracy to Manufacture Marijuana Sentence: Life plus 2 […]
Michael “Meeko” Thompson – 60 years for pot – Michigan received clemency from Michigan Gov Whitmer on 12/22/20 - THIS IS A MICHIGAN STATE CASE – NOT FEDERAL Name: Michael “Meeko” Thompson DOB: 4/19/51 Race: Black Age: 69 Children: 1 deceased 4 alive Grandchildren: 6 Charge: Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana and Gun Charges Served: 26 years Length of sent: 40 to 60 years Priors: 3 priors Release date:  4/29/2038 Accomplishments: Michael was honorably discharged from the Navy […]
Marcus Paige – 1st Offender – 25 years – NOW FREE due to Compassionate release filed by John Albanes through FAMM/NACDL clearing house! - Washington Examiner focuses on the compelling case of Marcus Paige supported by his uncle and NFL former football player Anthony Paige. Name: Marcus A Paige #34614007 Age: 41 Race: Black Male Raised: Washington, DC Tried: Washington, DC Will Live: Silver Spring, Md Charges: 2nd Degree Murder Extraordinary Circumstances: See letter below from co-defendant Trial/Plea: Trial Sentence: […]
Jerry Vega – 30 years – received compassionate release on 12/21/20 - Please sign Jerry’s petition and watch the video of his daughter Jerri. Name: Jerry Vega 30392-053 DOB: 4-28-55; Age: 65 Nationality: Puerto Rican; Marital Status: Single Children: one daughter – Jerri Vega State from: New York State State Charged: NYS Will Live: New York Charges: Conspiracy to distribute 500 grams of cocaine and 100grams of heroine Sentence: 30 […]
Darrell J. Triplett, Sr. 30 years – Set Free on 12/21/20 due to compassionate release – First Step Act - Name: Darrell J. Triplett, Sr. #29658-044DOB: January 4, 1969Race: African AmericanMarital Status: Single Age: 51Children: Darrell J. Triplett, Jr. (27) Darrene Jamelah Triplett (23)Grandchildren: Nyla Rey Triplett State raised: CaliforniaState indicted: Topeka, Kansas Will release to: Los Angeles, CATrial or pled guilty: Started trial then advised by Attorney to Plead Guilty to receive a lesser sentence.Charges: Conspiracy to Distribute 5 kilos or more of Cocaine & Possession […]
John Bolen – First Offender – Life – Clemency Granted 10/21/20 - The CAN-DO Foundation is elated that President Trump has granted clemency to John Bolen so he can be reunited with his wife,  June and son John Bolen as well as the entire family including John’s grandmother who is in her 90s.    John’s case was one of the most egregious cases CAN-DO has ever advocated […]
Charles “Duke” Tanner – 30 years – First offender – Clemency Granted on 10-21-20 - The CAN-DO Foundation is thrilled that President Trump has granted clemency to Charles “Duke” Tanner so he can be reunited with his family, significant other, Rita Cushenberry, (a nurse) and son, Charles Tanner Jr.   Duke was an undefeated light, heavy weight boxer from Gary Indiana who boxed in one of Trump’s casinos when he […]
Michael Alexander – 22 years 4 months – NOW FREE - Please sign Michael’s petition Name: Michael F. Alexander #33454-060 DOB: Dec. 19, 1963 Children: 3 children : 30, 29 and 11 years old Grandchildren: 5 grandchildren Raised: Cleveland, Ohio Indicted: Cleveland, Ohio Will Live: Cleveland, Ohio Served: 14 years Charges: Poss. w/intent to distribute 3 and 1/2 kilos of powder cocaine Sentence: 22 years […]
Lenora Logan – Life reduced to 30 years- Immediate release on 8/13/20 Clemency on 10/21/20 - Name: Lenora Logan #11733-424 DOB: 10-21-60 Age: 59 Children: 3 Grandchildren: 11 Raised: Iowa Will live: Joliet, IL Charges: Conspiracy to distribute and sell crack cocaine Sentence:  LIFE reduced to 30 years on appeal and then resent 2 pt reduction to 27 years. Served to date: 19 years Started Sentence: 9-9-1999 Priors: only petty charges: Possession […]
Frank Merold – LIFE – received compassionate release – now free! - Name: Frank L. MeroldDOB June 6, 1958Age: 62Race: White AmericanRaised: Southern CaliforniaTried: Northern District of Florida, Gainesville.Will live: Hollywood, Florida, upon release.Trial or plea: Went to trialCharges: Convicted of 1 Count of 21 USC 846. Conspiracy, in a reverse sting cocaine conspiracy caseSentence: LifeSentenced on: August 2001 (trial was July 1999)Served: 21 yearsPriors: No prior convictions, […]
Ronnie Lauderdale Life + 30 was given TIME SERVED due to compassionate release! - Name: Ronnie Lauderdale Clemency #: 288213DOB: 1-18-57Race: African AmericanMarital Status: Married – 30 yearsAge: 63Children: 2 Children; 1 son deceased; 1 daughterWill Live: Arkansas w/ wife of 30 yearsUpbringing: Clarksdale, ArkansasCase: IllinoisTrial or Plea: Went to trial and found guilty.Charges: 21 U.S.C. § 841, 846 & 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)Sentence: Life Plus 30 yearsServed: 15 […]
Darryl Solomon Hope – LIFE – Immediate release 4/10/20 but, state wanted more time for petty prior – Darryl walked out of prison on 1/1/21!!! Congratulations!!! - Please sign Darryl Solomon Hope’s petition Name: Darryl Solomon Hope #28812-004 DOB: February, 17, 1966 Race: African American Marital Status: Single Age: 54 Children: 7 children Grandchildren: 14 grandchildren State you are from: Florida State where you were charged: Florida Where will you release: Fort Lauderdale, Florida Charge: USC 841 &846 Conspiracy to distribute 5 […]
Adam Clausen – 213 Years – compassionate release GRANTED thanks to Shon Hopwood! - Congrats to Adam Clausen and his family. Please sign Adam’s Petition Name: Adam B. Clausen #54213-066 DOB: 11/29/1975 Race: White Marital: Engaged to the most beautiful woman, inside and out. Age: 44 Children: None Grandchildren: None Charges: Hobbs Act Robbery and 924(c) Use of a Firearm Sentence: 213 YEARS Served to Date: 20 years Started […]
Richard Lynn – serving LIFE won a compassionate release – new outdate June 29, 2020!!! - Elated to speak to Dickie today after he walked out of USP Coleman and into the arms of family and friends.  Here is a photo of Dickie on DAY 1 of his new life!!!  Name: Richard “Dickie” Lynn DOB: July 17, 1954 Age: 65 Race: White Raised: Florida Keys Tried: In the Southern District of Alabama (Mobile Division) […]
Chad Marks – 40 years – won his compassionate release! - We are elated that Chad Marks sentence was reduced to 20 years and his new outdate is June 4, 2020, but his prosecutor filed an emergency stay to the circuit court to keep Chad in prison.  More good news, a 3 judge panel lifted the stay and Chad can come home!!! We pray the prosecutor […]
Craig Cesal – 1st offender – Serving Life for Pot was released by BOP to home confinement due to COVID-19! - My offense conduct is limited to the repair of trucks damaged when marijuana had been smuggled within the structure of the truck, I never bought, sold, used, aided and abetted, nor participated in any marijuana activity; I only provided repair support for truck drivers who did so.
Phyllis Hood – 22 years – on home confinement - Happy that Phyllis Hood was released by the BOP to home confinement. Phyllis Hood – 28114-112 Age: 65 DOB: 10/24/1955 Race: White Children: 1 son Raised: Fontana, CA Will Live: Fontana, CA Case: Missouri Charge: Conspiracy to Traffic Meth; Trial/plea: Plea Length of Sentence: 22 years Sentenced: 2006 Served: 17 years Reduction: 2 pt reduction of 22 […]
Elisa Castillo – 1st Offender – LIFE – NOW FREE due to compassionate release! - Please sign Elisa’s Clemency Petition. Elisa was released on May 30th due to compassionate release and is home with her family. We are overjoyed!  Name: Elisa Castillo 67003-179 D.O.B: 7/13/1955 Race: Hispanic Marital status: Widow Age: 64 Children: 4 two boys, two girls Grandchildren: 12, all live in Dallas, TX State Raised: Came to United States at age […]
Brian Johnson – Life without parole – NOW FREE thanks for First Step Act - CAN-DO identified Brian as a First Step Recipient and he was interviewed by Cut50’s Louis L. Reed.  No need to sign Brian Johnson’s petition Name: Brian Johnson #33822037 Age: 47 years old Race: African American Raised: Baltimore Maryland Case originated: Alexandria Virginia Will live: Atlanta Charges: Conspiracy to launder Money; Conspiracy to distribute 50 grams […]
Rashundria Burkes – 15 years 6 months sent to Home Confinement due to COVID-19 - We are happy the BOP released Rashundria Burkes to home confinement for her safety! We are still pursuing #Clemency but gain comfort that she is safe at home with her family!  Sign Rashundria Burkes petition seeking clemency.  Name: Rashundria J. Burkes #33305-279 D.O. B. 6/29/75 Children: None Race: African American Lived prior to indictment: Texas Tried: […]
Elizabeth Rushing – 1st Offender – 24 years – released early due to COVID-19 - Please sign and share Elizabeth’s petition  Exciting news for the Rushing family now that Liz is safe at home with her family. Name: Elizabeth Marie Rushing  #18715-056 DOB: 5/14/1966 Children: 1 daughter – she was 18 months old when I came to prison and is now 18 yrs old Race: White Charges: – 2 counts […]
Diana Marquez – 1st Offender – 30 years for pot! Early release set for May 22 by BOP due to COVID-19 - Diana Marquez will be going home on house arrest due to COVID-19 – we will still pursue her clemency but elated she will be safe during this awful pandemic that is ravishing the prison systems. Please sign Diana’s petition Name: Diana Marquez #60222-180 DOB: July 12, 1956 Race: Hispanic Age: 63 Children: 5 Grandchildren: 16 […]
Felix Walls – LIFER, set free on 4/24/20 due to compassionate release! - CAN-DO is elated to report that Felix Walls received a compassionate release and will walk out of prison on 4/24/20! Please sign and share Felix’s petition seeking clemency.   Name: Felix Walls #02414-112 D.O.B. 01/19/1942 Race: Afro American Marital Status: Widowed Children: 9 Grandchildren: 17 State Raised: Arkansas State Charged: Michigan Will Live:. Milwaukee, […]
Daniel Brown – 42 years – NOW FREE on Compassionate Release! - Read about Daniels story in Wall Street Journal by Sadie Gurman: Name: Daniel Lynn Brown Race: Caucasian Marital Status: WidowedAge: 43Children: One DaughterState Indicted: IowaWill release to: Council Bluffs Iowa Trial or plead guilty: Plead Guilty Charges: (Conspiracy to distribute Methamphetamine),(Possession with intent to distribute Methamphetamine) Possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug […]
Crystal Munoz – serving 15 years for pot received CLEMENCY on 2/18/2020 - Receiving clemency would alter my whole future, and the future of my spouse and children, not to mention my other family members who sacrifice their time to help take care of my children. It means that I can be a mother to my children and a wife to my husband. I can be there to feed and take them to school and help raise them.
Judith Negron – 35 years – First offender received CLEMENCY on 2/18/2020 - Please sign Judith Negron’s petition Name: Judith C. Negron #95719-004 Age: 48 Race: White (Hispanic) Raised: Florida Tried: Florida Will Live: Florida Charges: Initial Indictment: 1 Count of Conspiracy to Commit Health Care Fraud Superceeding Indictment with 24 counts (Health Care Fraud, to Conspiracy to Defraud the Government, Receive & Pay Kickbacks, Structuring to Avoid […]
Tynice Hall – 28 years received CLEMENCY on 2/18/2020 - Please Sign Tynice Hall’s Petition Name: Tynice Hall # 34596-177 DOB: 7/27/1983 Age: 36 Marital Status: Single Children:  One son, Jonathan Raised: Texas Tried: Texas Will Live: Lubbock, TX Charge(s): Conspiracy to Distribute and Possession with Intent to Distribute more than 50 grams of a mixture and substance containing a detectable amount of cocaine […]
Maurice Clifton Sr. 33 years 4 months NOW FREE 12/10 due to First Step Act - Just spoke with Maurice Clifton who is FREE AT LAST!!! Please sign Maurice Clifton’s petition Name: Maurice Clifton Sr. #28332077 DOB: June 24, 1965 Age: 53 Raised: Mound Bayou, Mississippi Tried: Northern District of Mississippi Will Live: Mound Bayou, Mississippi Charges: Trial ( 18 U.S.C. 1956(a)(1) (A) (i) Money Laundering – $2,500.00)(21 U.S.C. 841(a)(1) […]
Laura LaPaz – Goes free on 12/2/2019 due to First Step Act - Name: Laura LaPaz #30388-034Age: 39Race: White Raised: Texas Tried: Louisiana Will live: Texas or California Charges: Count 1-conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of a mixture of substance containing a detectable amount of methamphetimine 21USC 841 [a] [1] and 841 [b] [1] [A] Count 2- possession of a […]
Mary Beth Looney – serving 42 years is NOW FREE thanks to First Step Act - Congratulations to Mary Beth Looney who received clemency on 12/19/16 but still had to serve 6 more years.   Thanks to the First Step Act Mary Beth was released on 12/5/19 as was her husband Donald, “Dody”  Both received the Elderly release program.                    Name: Mary Beth […]
Michael Bryant – LIFE – NOW FREE due to First Step Act - We are pleased to say that Michael was released from prison on Nov. 1st, 2019. Name: Michael Andrea Bryant DOB: 5/14/79. Race: Black Marital Status: Single Age: 39 Raised: Alabama Indicted: Alabama Sentence: LIFE Charges: Possession with intent to sell a crack cocaine Served: 12 years Clemency status: Denied by President Obama Accomplishments: Graduated drug program, real estate courses, […]
Alice Marie Johnson – FREE AT LAST – LIFE sent commuted! - Alice is already renowned for her annual Easter play and has scripted and staged her own original sequels to “Sister Act” and “Madea Comes to Carswell,” which she schedules on holidays such as Mother’s Day, Juneteenth and the Fourth of July. (Carswell is the location of one of the Bureau of Prison’s medical centers.)
MEET THE CAN-DO ADVISORY BOARD - CAN-DO has teamed up with some of the leading pardon experts and activists in the nation, including Mark Osler, Sam Morison, and Eric Sterling, just to name a few. Sam Morison provides invaluable insight and expertise with regard to the entire pardon process, having worked at the Office of the Pardon Attorney (OPA) for 13 years, […]
Felicia Smith received clemency and is NOW FREE! - Felicia received clemency on President Obama’s last full day in office – Jan 19, 2017. Vice news reached out to the CANDO Foundation seeking an interview with a clemency recipient that Obama commuted on his last day in office.  We paired them with Felicia Smith!    Vice news covered Felicia’s story:  Name: Felicia Smith DOB: 6-23-1982 Age: […]
Congrats to Carolyn Bell – 21 years – Clemency on 1/19/17 - Carolyn just received clemency from President Obama – she can now dream of her a future with her family – she can now “go home.” Name: Carolyn Bell #17268-064 DOB: November 29, 1972 Race: Biracial (Black and Vietnamese) Marital Staus: Divorced Age: 43 Children: 4 Grandchildren: None Raised: Lawton, Oklahoma Charged: Oklahoma Will release: Oklahoma […]
Schearean Means – LIFE is NOW FREE due to First Step Act. She also received Clemency on 12/19/16 - Schearean Means was #5 on the CAN-DO Top 25 women – she received the clemency on 12/19/16 but her life sentence was reduced to 30 years so her out date is not until 12/2020.  Thanks to First Step e was reduced to 30 years so she still needs relief. Name: Schearean Means,  Reg #19958001 DOB: […]
Congrats to Terry Anderson – 30 Years – clemency on 1/19/17 - Terry Anderson just received the gift of freedom from President Obama – we are elated – Terry can now reunite with her twin daughters and extended family! Please sign Terry’s petition. Terry Lynn Anderson is #07 on the Top 25 Women Who Deserve Clemency DOB: 12-29-62 Age: 52 Race: White Children: Twin daughters Charge: Conspiracy […]
Gracie Ann Walker – 24 years 2 months Received on 8-30!!! - Gracie sent Amy Povah with CAN-DO this message:                                    PRIASE GOD.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS JUST NOTIFIED THAT I AM ON THE LIST OF PRESIDENT OBAMA’S. THE ONLY STIPULATION IS THAT I HAVE TO DO RDAP OR AT LEAST SIGNED UP […]
Congrats to Cynthia Shank – 15 Years – Received Clemency on 11/22/16 - While I would like to say that my time in prison has served to make me a better person, I can’t because that would be dishonest. I was once a contributing member of society, with a growing family. I am now divorced from my husband and separated from my daughters who need me desperately. At least a 1000 different times my daughters have cried out to me too "just come home."
Clinton Matthews – Life – Received Clemency 12/19/16 - Clinton was #6 on the CAN-DO Top 25! Message from Clinton Matthews: I been trying to reach you I am so relieved..I received the good news today and God is good.. you are the greatest. you have helped me to get my life back and I am humbled.. and appreciative……I thank you for being part of […]
Congrats to Dicky Joe Jackson – LIFE – received clemency on 8/3/16 - CAN-DO volunteered Dicky Joe’s case for the following PSA, as told by Actor Tim Robbins. Talked to Joe Jackson today – he walked out of prison today, Sept 31st!!! Free At Last! Got word from Joe’s daughter April that her dad was one out of 214 people to receive clemency! It’s been a long […]
Congrats to Donna McDaniel – 30 years – RECEIVED CLEMENCY on 11/22/16 - Angels are singing because Donna McDaniel has received JUSTICE THROUGH CLEMENCY!  Congrats to all her family, mother Sue Barrow, brother, Joe Jackson who already received clemency on the same case! Please sign Donna’s clemency petition. Her brother, Dicky Joe Jackson, recently received clemency from a life sentence for the same case.  Donna was #9 on […]
Charceil Kellam – Life Without Parole received CLEMENCY! - Name: Charceil Kellam #059920-084 DOB: 3-3-64 Age:52 Children:Perry 33,Elijah19,Nyjah14 Charge: Conspiracy to dist, poss, poss to dist. Sentence: 2 LIFE PLUS 30YRS Release Date: unknown Served: 10 yrs sept-2016 locked-up since sept.2006 Started Sentence: sentenced Aug27,2007 Priors:2 petty misd.for drugs (1) felony for a pipe,shoplifting,public assit.fraud failure to report Prison Conduct: a few minor infractions Institution: Hazelton SFF […]
Michael Holmes – Serving Life is NOW FREE!!! - Michael Holmes walked out of prison on April 18, 2017 after 18 years. He received clemency on 12/19/16 Michael Holmes was lucky #10 on Top 25 – and finally got his DREAM COME TRUE!  Clemency!!! Michael’s petition on the CAN-DO movement page. Name: Michael Dwayne Holmes DOB: 9/26/72 Race: African American Marital status: single Age: […]
Paul Free – Serving Life For Pot – Received Clemency on 12/19/16 – NOW FREE!!! - Why commutation: I have already served over 20 years and which I believe is a long enough sentence for a non-violent marijuana offense. I have a spotless prison disciplinary record and have served as a teacher and mentor while incarcerated, as well as helped other inmates with legal issues, that has resulted in them receiving lower sentences.
Congrats to Cullen Reed Harris – LIFE – Received Clemency on 12/19/16 - Message from Cullen to CAN-DO Founder on 12/19/16:  Amy This is Cullen Harris at FCI Memphis i was informed at 1:30 today that my clemency was granted my life sentence was cut to 35 yrs I’ll be 75 yrs old when finished with this sentence but that sure as hell beats sitting here with no out […]
Clemency Recipient Trevis Love Credits CAN-DO! - According to clemency recipient Trevis Love, “Amy and you [Malik King] sent a very important email out back in early April that really motivated me and got a new fire lit in me and lots of the guys here at Manchester Camp ….. the email was titled ” tips to enhance your chances of getting […]
Congrats Stacia Smith – 21 years – Received Clemency on 12/19/16 - Stacia was #15 on the CAN-DO Top 25 – she just received the blessing of clemency on 12.19.16 Name: Stacia Tarnike Smith DOB: 4-23-74 Race: African American Marital Status: Single Age: 42 Children: 3 Charge: Conspiracy to posess with intent to distribute more than 50 grams of crack cocaine. Sentence: 21 years Served to date: 12 1/2 […]
Donella Harriel – 22 years – CLEMENCY GRANTED on 8/3/2016 - Donella Harriel granted clemency on Aug 3, 2016 – is still in limbo due to a detainer. MEDIA: Read about Donella’s story in the Influence and Alternet. Race: Black Marital Status: single Age: 39 Children: 2 kids State raised: Florida Where case was tried: Florence, South Carolina Releasing to: Port St. Lucie, Florida Charge: Conspiracy to […]
Crystal Mattern – 19 years – Received Clemency on 1/19/17 - Congratulations to Crystal Mattern who received clemency from President Obama on 1/19/17. Please sign Crystal’s Change petition. Name: Crystal Mattern DOB: 11-9-76 Race: White Marital Status: Single Age: 40 Children: 4 Grandchildren: 2 Raised: MN Charged: ND Release to: MN/ND Charge: Conspiracy, Meth, 500 grams Sentence: 19 years Served: 8 years Started sentence on: August 8, […]
Lisa Woods Ball – 20 years – Received Clemency on 11/22/16 - Congrats to Lisa Woods Ball received clemency on 11/22/2016 Message from Lisa: Amy hello and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, I was blessed with a clemency/commutation and a wonderful daughter and 2 grandson one 5 and one is 3 months , and I have one sister left for that I thank God many […]
Carol Denise Richardson – Clemency Recipient on 3/30/16 - Carol Richardson was #8 on the CAN-DO Top 25 Name: Carol Richardson – 16753-179 DOB: March 27, 1968 Race: Black Age: 50 Children: 4 children Grandkids: 2 grandkids Charge: Two counts of possession and two counts of conspiracy to distribute cocaine base Length of Sentence: Life Without Parole Sentenced: June 16, 2006 Served to date: 10 years […]
Lamont Glass-21 years 10 months-Received Clemency on May 3, 2015 - Name: Lamont Glass DOB: August 7, 1972 Age: 44 Children: 4 daughters, 1 son Grandchildren: 1 Grew up: Knoxville, TN Tried: Knoxville, TN Now lives: Knoxville, TN Charge: Possession with intent to deliver cocaine base; felon in possession of firearm Sentence: 21 years, 10 months (262 months)  Started Sentence: Jan, 2000 Served: 16 years Priors: 2 […]
Vincent Twiggs - Name: Vincent Twiggs DOB: 07/04/81 Age: 35 years old Children: 2 Grew up in: Cape Girardeau, Missouri Case prosecuted: Cape Girardeau, Missouri Now Lives: in Cape Girardeau, Missouri then maybe relocate to Atlanta, Georgia Charge: Possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine 5 grams or more Year sentenced: 2009 Sentence: 188 months (15 years, 8 […]
Weldon Angelos – Serving 55 years for Pot is NOW FREE!!!! - Congratulations to LUCKY #7 Weldon Angelos who walked out of prison on June 3rd, after a long journey.  CAN-DO Founder Amy Povah spoke to Weldon recently and was happy to hear that Weldon will be speaking out on behalf of others who are still waiting to receive similar good news.  It is long overdue for […]
Clemency for Tim Tyler – Life Without Parole Received CLEMENCY on 8-30!!!! - Message from Tim:  At 3:19 pm on 8-30-16 Hi, I was just called to the office and talked to Professor Ogilvy at the Catholic University. He informed me that I received clemency today. It will be a two year release date with a condition that I do a drug class for 9 months but after […]
Steven Speal – LIFE – Received Clemency on 12/19/16 - Steven Speal  -#7 on the CAN-DO Top 25 men – got the best Holiday news ever – he’s going home!!! Name: Steven Blair Speal DOB: 8-4-71 Race: White Marital Status: Single Age: 45 Raised: Oklahoma Case was tried: Wichita, Kansas Will release to: Vian, Oklahoma Charges: Count 1 conspiracy to distribute 267 grams of a mixture […]
Olynthia Hinton – 20 Years – Received Clemency!!! - Congratulations to Olynthia Hinton for receiving clemency on October 27, 2016. Congrats to her son Savoz Strong who started Olynthia’s petition and was victorious.  Name: Olynthia Hinton Age: 38 Race: Black DOB: 6-7-78 Marital status: Single Kids: 4 Grew up:  South Carolina Tried: South Carolina Charges: Distribution of powder cocaine Sentence: 20 yrs mandatory Served: […]
Congrats Gregory Collins – LIFE – Received clemency on 12/19/16 - Gregory was #18 on the CAN-DO Top 25 and is now going to join his fiancé, Cheneace who has tirelessly advocated on his behalf!  They can now plan for a future together! Message from Greg:  AMY THANKS I GOT IT TODAY AN I JUST AM SO THANKFUL FOR ALL THE SUPPORT AN EVERYTHING BUT I […]
Andres Torriente – 21 Years – Received Clemency on 1/17/16 - Name: Andres Torriente #09811-031 DOB: 05/19/1972 Age: 44 Race: Black/Hispanic Married: No State raised: New York, NY State Charged: Spartanburg, South Carolina Release date: 2027 Charge: Conspiracy to Distribute 35 kilograms of cocaine + 851 enhancement Sentence: 21 years Years served: 9 years 2 months Sentence started: Oct 2007 Prison Record: perfect conduct Clemency status: Granted by President Obama […]
Jamael Nettles – 30 years – Received Clemency on 12/19/2016 - Name: Jamael Nettles DOB: 1/15/87 Age: 30 Children: 1 Grew up: Mobile, AL Tried in: Mobile, AL Will Live: in Mobile, AL until released from probation, then relocate to Houston, TX Charge: Possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine (under 50 grams), powder cocaine (56 grams), and simple possession of marijuana Year sentenced: 2006 Sentence: […]
Horace Washington – 20 years – Set free due to First Step Act - Horace received relief due to the First Step Act and was set free on Name: Horace Washington #28519-034 DOB: November 12, 1968 Age: 50 Race: Black Age: 42 Raised: Louisiana Tried: Louisiana Will live: New Orleans, LA Charge: Possession with Intent to distribute crack cocaine Sentence: 20 years Started Sentence: July 3, 2003 Set free: […]
Mandy Martinson – 15 Years – Received Clemency 12/16/16 - Like so many women, Mandy had a productive life and was a responsible citizen until she experienced trauma in the form of domestic violence. Her self-medicating to avoid stress turned quickly into a raging addiction and eventually into a sentence.
President Obama grants historic 214 clemencies in one day – 7 are on CAN-DO Top 25! -   “I served time with Josephine,” said CAN-DO Founder Amy Povah.  “This was the best news I’ve received since I heard that Angie Jenkins received clemency.  We were all together at FCI Dublin. We spent many hours in the law library, but what I remember most about Josie was her soul.  Josie has a very […]
Angela LaPlatney – 20 years – Received clemency on 3/30/2016 - Angela LaPlatney received clemency on 3/30/2016. Name: Angela La Platney #08713-091 DOB: 3/3/73 Age: 43 Children: 2 boys Bradley,21 & Tyler,20 Charge: Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute methamphetamine Sentence: 240 months 3/3/22 GCT or 9/24/24 Max Started Sentence: 9/29/04 Served: 11 years 6 months Priors: State felony for possession of a controlled substance […]
Alicia Siller – 21 years 10 months – CLEMENCY GRANTED!!! - Alicia Siller received clemency on October 27, 2016  Messages from Alicia Siller: I just want to let every one know that I got the BEST news ever today. Obama signed off on my clemency. Ill be coming home soon. So I want to Thank every one that supported me. First and foremost I want to Thank […]
Ramona Brant in Humans of New York – over half a million likes!!! - Ramona Brant is setting social media on fire – this time on Brandon’s Humans of New York blog and Facebook page.   Her image and story has already garnered over half-a-million likes and been shared over 20,000 times.  It is a 4-part piece that begins with this tease: “I met Donald when I was twenty-six. […]
Connie Farris – 12 years for mail fraud – NOW FREE! - Connie has finally reunited with her loving husband, Rex Farris under the Elderly Release Program. Name: Connie Farris #41922-048 DOB: 1944 Race: White Marital Status: Married 53 years to Rex Farris Age: 73 husband, Rex,  74 Children: None State Convicted: Nevada Will reside: California Sentence: 12 years Charges: Mail Fraud and Aiding and Abetting; Never convicted […]
Clemency for William Underwood – Life Without Parole – NOW FREE due to Compassionate Release - Please sign the petition to free William Underwood.  Name: William Underwood #04849-016 Age: 67 Children: 4 children, 3 grandchildren Charge: RICO, RICO Conspiracy, 21 USC §846 (he completed this part of his sentence in 2008) and Life without parole on 21 USC §848(a) Continuing Criminal Enterprise Sentence: 20-year concurrent sentence (he completed this part […]
Manuel Soto-Herrera – LIFE reduced to 30 years – NOW FREE! - Name: Manuel C. Soto-Herrera DOB: 4-7-1960 Race: Hispanic Marital Status: Married Age: 60 Children: 2 Grand Children: 2 Raised: Florida Charge: Alabama, Southern District Will reside: Hinesville, Georgia Charge: 21USC963, 18,USC 2 Conspiracy to import cociane. 21USC846, 18,USC Attempt to posses witd cocaine. Sentence: Life (2) On 4-7-2015  reduced to 30 years per Amendment 782. […]
Sherman Moore – LIFE – Now Free due to First Step Act - Sign Sherman’s petition on  Name: Sherman Moore #06824-424 DOB: 3/9/1961 Race: African American Marital Status: Married Age: 59 Raised:  Illinois State charged: Illinois Will Live: Chicago, IL Children: 3 Grandchildren: 4 Release to: Chicago, Illinois Charges: One count of Conspiracy to distrube “crack cocaine” Trial/plea: Trial Sentence: LIFE (under old 100 to 1 ratio) Served to date: 26 years. […]
Billy Dekle – Serving Life for Pot Is Now Free – Clemency - Former Marine, Billy Dekle was serving Life for Pot Billy Dekle has called several times since his release, the last time was on February 29th to talk about his half-way house woes.  We remember the days when clemency recipients did not have to go to the half-way house, and maybe some day that will change. […]
Charles Fred Cundiff is serving Life for Pot Charles “Fred” Cundiff – Received Clemency – 12/18/2015 - We are happy to announce that Charles Cundiff serving life for pot won the clemency lottery.  On Jan. 12th, he arrived at a half-way house and could use financial assistance and clothes to start a new life.   Thank you Pres. Obama!!! Beth Curtis of Life for Pot visited Fred and was happy to report […]
Barbara Sue Culberson – 31 years – First Offender is NOW FREE! - Congratulations to Barbara who was released on Sept 20, 2019 Name: Barbara Sue Culberson #48346-019 DOB:  10/24/41 Race: White Marital Status:  Married to Ricky Wade (who is incarcerated in Talladega, AL) Age: 76 Children:  Four living children; one deceased Grandchildren:  Eight grandchildren; four great- grandchildren State Raised:  Georgia State tried:  Georgia Will Live: Rome, Georgia Charges:  Conspiracy […]
Charles “Eddy” Lepp – 10 years for pot – NOW FREE! - Eddy was #15 on the Top 25 is now free and engaged to marry his true love, Heidi Grossman. Congratulations to the happy and lucky couple! Name: Charles “Eddy” Lepp  #90157-011 Age: 63 Charge: Conspiracy to Manufacture Marijuana Sentence: 10 years Release Date: 2/6/2018 Served: 8 years Priors: yes Prison: FCI Florence Accomplishments: Vietnam War […]
Lazaro Moreno – LIFE for POT – Received Clemency on 1/17/16 - Name: Lazaro Moreno DOB: April 3,1963 Race: Hispanic Marital Status: Divorced Age: 53 yrs old Children: Two daughters- ages 32 and 26 Grandchildren: One grandson(13), One granddaughter(10) State raised: Texas State Charged: Texas Will live: Mission, Texas Charges: 1000 kilo and more of marijuana Sentence: Life Served to date: 20 years Started sentence on: Nov […]
Chris Williams – 5 years State Sanctioned Medical Marijuana - Christopher Wayne Williams #11839-046 Offense:  Distribution of cannabis; Possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug crime Sentence: 60 months Incarcerated Since: 2008 Priors: level 1 misdemeanors Date of Birth: 6/8/1974 Family: 1 son Forfeitures: Cash and possessions Did you go to trial?: Yes How many people in your case are now free?: Three are free, four are not. […]
Moe Foley – 27.5 years for pot – NOW FREE! - Maurice Foley  Maurice “Moe” Foley, #20211-068 Offense:  Conspiracy to distribute 700 – 1000 kilos of marijuana, plus 5 years for owning a gun which was locked in a safe Sentence: 27 1/2 years Incarcerated Since: 2003 Priors: juvenile offense for petty theft; possession of marijuana. Date of Birth: 3-9-1973 Family: No Children Forfeitures: $215,000 in cash and property Did […]
President Obama Grants Clemency to Darrell Hayden serving Life For Pot! - According to Huffington Post, Francis Darrell Hayden and 21 other federal inmates, will have their sentences commuted on July 28, 2015, after President Obama signed their clemency petitions today. Darrell, who was serving a sentence of life for pot, has been in prison for 16 years and had no possibility of parole for a  non-violent, […]
Larry Duke is Free After Serving 26 Years on a Life Sentence for Pot! - We just got word via email from life for pot prisoner Larry Duke that he has gotten an immediate released. he received a compassionate release.  He served 26 years on a Life Sentence for Pot! Many people have been asking exactly what Larry filed to get his Sentence Reduction.  Below is Larry’s email to CAN-DO’s […]
Men Deserving Clemency – Larry Duke – Life for Pot – NOW FREE - Why Commutation Should Be Granted: Because I would receive a much lesser sentence if I were sentenced under the operation of in place today. My sentence under Title 21, 846 with no weight included in the indictment per AG Holder's memorandum, and no 851 enhancement for my priors, the maximum statutory sentence would be 5 years under 841 (b)(1)(D).
Andrea Joy James – 27 years 6 months – Released due to First Step Act but may be deported. - Congrats to Andrea James who was released to ICE in Boston. She needs an immigration attorney. Name: Andrea Joy James #17868-056 DOB: 04/03/1966 Age: 53 Children: 1 Daughter – 2 granddaughters and 2 grandsons Race: Black Raised: Jamaica Tried: North Carolina Charge: Conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine base Year Sentenced: 1999 Sentence: 27.6 Release […]
Debbie Singleton – 24 years 4 months – NOW FREE - Name: Debbie M. Singleton #: 62211-097 DOB: 2/22/1965 Race: white – Mexican/Hawaiian Age: 53 Grew up in: San Mateo, CA Children: Four children, Michael, Rodolfo, Antonio, Alejandro Charge: Conspiracy to distribute 500 or more grams of meth (in VA). Went to trial and received the trial penalty at sentencing by receiving more years of incarceration! Tried […]
Rachel Rogers – 18 years – Now Free! - Rachel was released on 1/10/2020 Name: Rachel Rogers #09797-059 DOB: 8/10/73 Age: 46 Race: Hispanic Children: 4 Grandchildren: 1 State raised: North Dakota Will release: Brooklyn, New York Charge: Conspiracy to distributed 500 grams of Meth Sentence: 18 years Served to date: 12 years Started Sentence On: Sept.14 2007 Priors: Sale with intent to distribute back in […]
Melissa Trigg – 1st Offender – 15 years - We were elated to get the wonderful news that Melissa was scheduled to go to a halfway house on Nov 14th.  This is a date many of us have waited for!  Congrats to the entire Trigg family. Please Sign Melissa Trigg’s change . org petition Melissa Trigg 18097-045 Age: 42 Children: 1 son Charge: Conspiracy […]
Mary Rose Ziman – 27 Years – NOW FREE! - I am a very proud mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. I was fortunate to meet most of the grandchildren while incarcerated. During my incarceration I lost my husband on Christmas Day 2013, plus three brothers and a sister. I was on permanent disability before I was incarcerated. After 15 years my health is deteriorating rapidly.
Holly Dawn Moore – 1st Offender – 16 years is now free! -  Name: Holly Dawn Moore DOB: 7/12/82 Race: Caucasian Marital Status: Single Age: 34 Children:  One son, age 18 years old Charge: Conspiracy to Robbery Affecting Commerce Sentence: 16 years 4 months Years Served to Date: 11 years Date Sentence Started: 12/5/2005 Priors: None Health Status: Good Prison Conduct: A few minor contraband infractions; no violence […]
Rose Summers – 1st Offender – 24 Years is now free! - Rose Ella Summers – 20697-001 DOB: 9-11-70 Age: 47 Children: 1 son – Victor Race: White Raised: Grand Prarie, Texas Tried: Dallas, Texas Will live: Dallas, Texas Charge: Conspiracy to Distribute Meth and Money Laundering Sentenced: May 7, 1997 Sentence: 24 years 4 months Served: 20 years Release Date: August 9, 2018 Priors: First Offender Prison Conduct: Role […]
Lori Kavitz – 1st Offender – 24 Years IS NOW FREE!!!! - I have lost everyone in my family but my sons and my grandchildren, whom I've never met. I need to help my sons raise their families and always be there for them. I've taken so much from them by not being there. My mother and sister have both passed away during my incarceration and I was not able to be there when they needed me most or to even attend their funerals.
Linda Byrnes – 27 years for pot – NOW FREE! - Linda walked out of federal prison on April 13, 2017 and is now in Kalamazoo Michigan!  Congratulations to Linda and her family – what a milestone! Name: Linda Lee Byrnes – 68415-079 DOB: 7/6/46 Race: White Marital Status: Single State Linda is from: Michigan State charged: Michigan Where will you release to: Rodney, Michigan Age: 70 Children: 2 […]
Minnie Pearl Thomas – Serving Life – received CLEMENCY on 08/03/16 - Minnie Thomas is #5 on the CAN-DO Top 25 Women was given the miracle of freedom on Aug 3, 2016 by President Obama.   CAN-DO worked with Katina Smith to get a petition up supporting her mother’s clemency. The Denver Post saw the petition and reported on it – read the article:  Demaryius Thomas’ […]
Irma Alred – serving 30 years for pot IS NOW FREE – DRUGS MINUS TWO - MORE GOOD NEWS!!! Irma Alred is NOW FREE – and called Amy Povah to say hello while she drives with her sister from Tallahassee to Corpus Christi, Texas to be with the rest of her family – the first person she called was her mother!  Then her sisters – talked to her children – this […]
Therese Crepeau is FREE at LAST – Thanks to Drugs Minus Two! - CAN-DO NEWS – 2 Point Reduction Really Helps Some Inmates! Congratulations to Therese Crepeau, who walked out of prison today after serving 21 years on a 26 year sentence thanks to the  new 2 Point Reduction program..  We can’t wait to hear all about her freedom day and reunion with her fiancé, Chris and family!   […]
Andrea Asch – Free - On February 19, 1998, law enforcement entered Andrea’s home with a search warrant obtained and based upon the word of an informant who was facing an 85-year prison sentence. The “snitch” was guilty of being a major distributor of methamphetamine and to reduce his sentence he told the police who his “customers” were.
Elizabeth “Beth” Cronan is NOW FREE – Drugs Minus Two! - It’s a great day because so many people are being released from the half-way house and/or BOP due to the 2 pt reduction that Beth and others who were on the Top 25 Women who Deserve Clemency, such as Therese Crepeau and Irma Alred. Beth Cronan walked out of prison on August 20th, after serving […]
Deniese Watts – #18 on Top 25 is NOW FREE!!! - Deniese Watts walked out of the BOP July 29th due to a motion filed that made her eligible for Drugs Minus Two. Deniese was #18 on the Top 25 Women Who Deserve Clemency and very deserving – congratulations to Deniese and all her family and friends – job well done! Deniese Watts 07314-424 Age: 51 […]
Mariella Liggio – Free - Between 1980 and 1989, Mariella worked for several real estate agencies, including Coldwell Banker and also worked part time for H&R Paving in Miami. Mariella’s crime was committed in 1985/86 when cocaine was being consumed on a massive scale, especially in the night clubs and was widely accepted as being “cool and hip.” Mariella does not claim to be innocent, but she was not guilty of all the allegations the government accused her of.
Debi Campbell – Free - Debi Campbell is serving a 19-year, 7 month sentence for Conspiracy to Distribute Methamphetamine. Debi does not claim to be completely innocent, but she was not the participant that the government’s informant made her out to be and does not deserve the sentence she received.
Vicki Flanagan – Free - Vicki Flanagan owned a successful accounting firm with 40 employees called Flanagan & Co. in Columbus, Georgia. Her problems began when her firm became the accountants for a rural, 40-bed hospital in Glenwood, Georgia known as Wheeler County Hospital. The hospital served the population of the 9th poorest county in Georgia.
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