Charles “Duke” Tanner – 30 years – First offender – Clemency Granted on 10-21-20

The CAN-DO Foundation is thrilled that President Trump has granted clemency to Charles “Duke” Tanner so he can be reunited with his family, significant other, Rita Cushenberry, (a nurse) and son, Charles Tanner Jr.   Duke was an undefeated light, heavy weight boxer from Gary Indiana who boxed in one of Trump’s casinos when he was 18 years old.  He has always expressed remorse regarding the worst mistake he ever made, but that mistake does not define who Tanner is today.  He’s extremely deserving of this second chance.  

Charles Tanner’s case covered
by The Center for Investigative Reporting, REVEAL show.
and Chicago Tribune Dec 29, 2018 and Medium’s Clemency is almost impossible, and now prisoners are dying

Supporters back Tanner’s clemency including CAN-DO in Hoosier State Today
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Charles “Duke” Tanner in an autographed  poster. Before Tanner’s 2004 arrest, memorabilia featuring the Gary native could be found throughout his hometown as his popularity soared. “He grew an entourage that was beyond comparison,” said Tom Lewis, Tanner’s former promoter.

Name: Charles Tanner #08020-027
DOB: June 9, 1980
Age: 39
Race: African American
Raised: Indiana
Tried: Indiana
Will live: Indiana
Charges: 5 Kilos or more of powder cocaine
Two life sentences reduced to 30 years in 2017 per Drugs Minus Two.
Sentenced on: May 2009 but arrested Sept. 1, 2004, given no bond, convicted in 2006
Served: 15 years
Priors: First time offender
Prison Conduct: First disciplinary on Dec 14, 2017 for ginger (herb) from the kitchen

Clemency status: Currently pending with the Trump administration
Release date: 11/24/2030
Institution: FCI Allenwood Low
Media: Former Gary boxer’s life sentence reduced to 30 years
The rise and fall of Charles ‘Duke’ Tanner 
Medium: Clemency is almost impossible, and now prisoners are dying
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Charles son, CJ pleading for President Trump to free his father.

According to Charles: 

I was arrested in 2004 for the first time in my life, which halted my promising boxing career and took me away from my 2 year old son and family. I was convicted for non-violent drug charges and given 2 Life sentences. I have been accountable and taken responsibility for my actions that sent me to prison.

I have been incarcerated now for 14 years, and have 12 years of incarceration remaining. I broke the law and I realize taking the short cut was bogus and detrimental.  I used very poor judgment. I have paid a hefty price and severely, 11 years of my life in Maximum Security without any disciplinary problems that entire duration. I have lost my mother, my father, and my oldest brother.

In 2016, my sentence was commuted to 30 years through the retroactive implementation of the ‘Drug -2’ law.  For the first time in 12 years, I woke up with a release date, and knew I was on the right track.  My good standing with the BOP allowed me to transfer to a Low Security prison in Pennsylvania.

I have spent the time on self improvement and now have over 1160 hours of programs, Life Connections, Vocational Building Trades (College Course). Inside out Dads, Parenting, I was the Clerk for Commissary for USP Terre Haute for 3 plus years, Life Connection Clerk, and Captains Orderly at USP McCreary and a Orderly at every prison. I have developed in body, mind, and spirit and ready to be a productive asset to society.

My plans are to live in Indiana to be close to my son and where my significant other resides. I have numerous employment opportunities pending my release. I am extremely passionate about mentoring the youth as I have consistently and effectively done with inmates during my incarceration. I have plans for a non-profit business, which is currently in the planning stages. My goal is to pick up where my life was cut short and make it a favorable ending with a substantial positive contribution to society, utilizing all of my abilities and skills I have worked hard to acquire.

Duke with his son, Charles III

God had a plan for me.  I had to go through this ordeal to be the man I am today. I have acquired many trades and skills that will enable me to be a productive member of society. I am now a new improved version of myself. It did not take me two LIFE sentences to achieve this growth. I have been accountable for my actions and am yearn to return to society a productive, morally, ethically, and spiritually intact Man. I humbly pray President Trump will agree that I deserve a second chance in the form of Executive Clemency. I will make him very proud if he chooses to favor me with his mercy.

Join the Effort to Deliver Heartfelt Video  Message to President Trump from Charles Duke Tanner’s only son, Charles III

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Charles III was just turning 2 years old when his dad was arrested. Charles III went 5 more years without being able to touch his dad due to where Duke was being housed where they was only allowed a 15 minute TV monitor visit in Porter County Jail in Indiana.  Amazingly, this did not hinder Duke from being a MAJOR positive, influential part of  Charles III life. He has used every tool the prisons has allowed him to be a relentless positive influence in his only sons life. Duke had  made a vow from the beginning of his unfortunate ordeal, to not just be a face on a picture or a voice on the phone to his son.

Duke has ALWAYS acknowledged, that choices he made in life,  lead him to prison and he has let this be known to  his son. He also instills this concept into him, ” Defeat is a life experience but failure is a life choice.” Duke enriches his son mind as well as his friends to fight for hope and to foster purpose to the youth of this generation who view the world as hopeless and cruel.

I ask that you view this short video and listen to the words of the now 16 year old Charles III speak about his relationship with his dad. CJ says he made video because he feels  his dad and he do not have any celebrity associates,   the media is often states is  the only way one can be fortunate to be granted  clemency. Charles III,  is  hoping  President Trump will take his  words to heart and FREE his dad by giving him Clemency

Undoubtedly, Duke has so much to offer society, he does not need to be in prison at the expense of taxpayers like you. Thank you again for signing our petition and asking President Trump to GRANT Duke for Clemency. Please continue to share our petition. I would  like to ask that you please join in the effort  to  get Charles III video message  to  President Trump.

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