Stet Frazier – serving LIFE – NOW FREE due to First Step Act

Name: Steffeny “Stet” Frazier 
Race: Black
Age: 52 
Children: 2 daughters, 6 sons, 5 grandchildren
State where you are from: Atlanta, Georgia
Will release to: Atlanta, Georgia
Trial or pled guilty: Trial – found guilty.
Charges: Conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine
Length of Sentence:  Life without parole 
Served: 25 years
Started Sentence on: In custody since 1994
Release date: 8/02/2019
Priors: First Offense
Prison Conduct: Exemplary
Institution: USP Atlanta
Media: Washington Examiner: Trump-boosting former crack dealer risks return to prison as prosecutors challenge release
See below…
Accomplishments: Long list of course complete
Started class: Quality of life – Young Men Incorporated – inspiring men to live up to standards, dress code (no saggy pants) no incident reports, unless circumstances lead to a determination in favor of the student.

CAN-DO Prison Outreach coordinator Malik King was on the ground when Stet Frazier walked out of prison and captured these amazing photos of Stet’s reunification with his family.

Stet Walking out of USP Atlanta on 08/02/2019
Stet embraced by his two daughters
Stet with his two daughters
Group photo including CAN-DO’s Malik King – professional photographer
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