Maurice Clifton Sr. 33 years 4 months NOW FREE 12/10 due to First Step Act

Just spoke with Maurice Clifton who is FREE AT LAST!!!
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Name: Maurice Clifton Sr. #28332077
DOB: June 24, 1965
Age: 53
Raised: Mound Bayou, Mississippi
Tried: Northern District of Mississippi
Will Live: Mound Bayou, Mississippi
Charges: Trial ( 18 U.S.C. 1956(a)(1) (A) (i) Money Laundering – $2,500.00)(21 U.S.C. 841(a)(1) Aiding and Abetting the sale of 6.4 grams of Cocaine Base)
Sentence: 33 years 4 mo; Money Laundering(240 Months=20 years)
Sentenced On: May 20, 1997
Served: 21 years, 6 months
Priors: Misdemeanor Simple Assault-April 1996 Mound Bayou, Worthless Check – March 1983
Prison Conduct: Exemplary
Clemency Status: Still pending from Obama administration #C183130 –
Release Date: January 14, 2026
Institution Supporters: Robert Weaver-Factory Manager; Boris Hunt-Q.A. Manager, B. Myers-ASOE; Unit Manager Thomas, and Warden Mosely-FCI EDGEFIELD, A.W. Sherri Saulsberry, Coleman FCC; Anthony Ridges VT Instructor-FCI BENNETTSVILLE, Thomas Legrand VT Instructor- FCI BENNETTSVILLE; CAN-DO Foundation, Family and friends.
Health Issues: Minor Dental issues but not any real health issues.
Accomplishments: Completed numerous job trainings and VT Classes

  • Completed and developed numerous skills such as Teacher’s Aide Apprenticeship(4,000 hrs in Beaumont, Texas & 1,000 hrs in Mississippi) both
  • Certified by the Department of Labor.
  •  Toastmasters: started a Gavel Club at FCI BEAUMONT (Speak Easy) and served as Vice President
  • One Chartered Toastmasters Club(Inside Out #3281098) served as President.
  • Developed skills to meet the basic needs, become employed, address life and interpersonal concerns, and to present a career and focused plan to meet Societal Reintegration – courses completed:1) Mental Health and Social behavior related programs
    * Personal Success Stories – 8/6/2004
    *Black History Review – 2/22/2005
    *Transitioning Back to Society – 3/18/05
    *Yoga – 6/28/06
    *Inside Out Dad 2 Parenting Seminar-12/29/2010
    *Inside out Dad 4 parenting seminar 8/11/2011
    *Health Seminar-7/12/2013
    *Parenting Low – 10/18/2013
    *Theology through films – 6/04/2014
    *Self-Study Motivation for change 05/2015
    *Building Resiliency – 6/2015

Vocational and Technical Training
# Building Maintenance 60 hrs 8/29/1997
# Sewing VT – 60hrs – 10/16/1997
# Advance Typing 20 hrs – 11/17/1998
# Microcomputer VT 240 hrs – 11/17/2002
#Advance MicroComputer Class – 240 hr – 6/06/2003
# Restaurant Management 300hrs – 2/05/2013
# ServSafe Management 100 hrs – 3/01/2013
# Keyboarding Class 16 hrs – 2/09/2016
# NCCER CORE – 180 hrs 3/17/2016
ACADEMIC/ACE Reentry Training
– Basketball clinic 2002
– Presentation Skills – 2003
– Football Clinic 2003
– Handball Officiating Class 2003
– World of Work 2004
– The Customer is our Boss – 2004
– Enter Here – 2004
– Would I work with me – 2004
– Tough Questions Straight Answers – 2004
– Heads up – 2004
– You and Your Co-Worker – 2004
– Resume Writing Class – 2004
– Job Interviewing Class – 2004
– Ace Geometry – 2004
– Developing Leadership Skills I – 2004
– Hiring ex offenders I – 2004
– Hiring ex offenders 2 – 2004

Extraordinary Academic and Techical Achievements
^^ Teacher’s Aide Apprenticeship, 4,000hrs(DOL) 06/14/2005
^^ ISO Internal Quality Auditing 1/12/2009
^^ Teacher’s Aide Apprenticeship(DOL) 1,000hrs 9/07/2007
^^ Restaurant Management 300hrs (Holmes Community College) 02/05/2013
^^ ServSafe Management – 100hrs 03/01/2013
^^ National Center For Construction and Education Research(Core, Going Green, & Electrical endorsements) 01/23/2016
^^ American Society For Quality(ASQ Qaulity Technician Certification) 10/2017

All Cerficates and Certification may be checked for completion in the Inmate’s Educational Data Transcript.

According to Maurice: 

My Name is Maurice Clifton Sr and I am presently serving a sentence for crimes in which no one was hurt and punished me with a term of imprisonment that gives me absolutely no hope of gainful re-entry back into society. During my 20 plus years of incarceration I have made every effort to better myself by participating in every BOP Program for rehabilitation, Re-Entry, Skill Development that will give me the best opportunity for reintegrating into society.

Had Apprendi or Booker been in place at the time I would have received a maximum sentence of 20 years. I went to trial for 6.4 grams of cocaine and money laundering….. And was held responsible for 1.5 kilograms of ghost dope. This scheme took me from possibly recieving 60 to 70 months, to being removed to a category that put me in the guideline range of 360 to life, all based on out of court statements provided by officers to the probation officer.
Two agents on my case, Harry Bostic, IRS-CID, and Ronnie Jones, CDTF Chief, have been arrested and served time in prison, yet I remain incarcerated. Both testified and provided information under oath at my trial.

My release plans are to utilize my skills acquired during incarceration to try and find gainful employment. With years of SAP Training in UNICOR and the ASQ Certification along with several NCCER Certification I am prepared to be a force in the Job Market.
I also want to help heal the community I was help destroy by teaching and mentoring young kids in the Mississippi Delta and anywhere GOD sends me. And to be a better Father, SIBLING, Grandfather, Friend and PRODUCTIVE MEMBER OF SOCIETY!!

I want to seek ways to help other incarcerated individuals, especially veterans and elderly inmates who will be released in the coming years.  Much of my programming in the BOP has prepared me to better serve my community and the residents thereof.

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