Ricardo Riojas – Life for pot

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Ricardo Riojas – Life for pot

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Name: Ricardo Riojas
DOB: 10/27/1942
Race: Hispanic
Marital Status: Married
Age: 75
Children: Five daughters (one deceased) ages 50, 45, 43 and 36
Grandchildren: 11
2 granddaughters
9 grandsons
State raised: Texas
State charged: Texas
Will release: Laredo Texas
Charge: Conspiracy to commit money laundry and Continuing Criminal enterprise
Sentence: LIFE
Served to date: 21 years
Started Sentence on: Nov.19, 1996
Priors: 1973 possession with the intent to distribute marijuana
Prison Conduct: Excellent
Clemency status: Denied
Supporters: My family and friends, CANDO,
Institution: F.C.I. Beaumont Texas
Health: In a wheel chair and extremely ill
Accomplishments: Certificate of Completion in Anatomy Program USP ATWATER, Certificate of completion in Beginners Guitar , Certificate of Completion in Prison Fellowship, Certificate of Completion in Nutrition Program, Certificate of Completion in Diabetes Program, Certificate and completion in Stronger Abs and Back Program, Certificate of Completion in Art appreciation.

From Ricardo’s daughter, Cynthia Fuentes:

My father, Ricardo Riojas is 75 years old, and he is in poor health. He’s undergone surgery while in custody, and he has difficulty walking, he has knee problems in fact he is now in a wheel chair. In addition to his knee pain, he has a stomach ulcer which ruptured and caused him to lose a lot of blood. He had a blood transfusion as a result of it. In addition he has been diagnosed with Bradycardia, a condition that affects the heart. He has become a burden on the federal government by being in custody and requiring so much medical attention. Our family would like to take that burden on and have our father return to us, so we may take care of him until his final days.


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