Holly Dawn Moore – 1st Offender – 16 years is now free!

holly_flower Name: Holly Dawn Moore
DOB: 7/12/82
Race: Caucasian
Marital Status: Single
Children:  One son, age 18 years old
Charge: Conspiracy to Robbery Affecting Commerce
Sentence: 16 years 4 months
Years Served to Date: 11 years
Date Sentence Started: 12/5/2005
Priors: None
Health Status: Good
Prison Conduct: A few minor contraband infractions; no violence
Clemency Status: Completed CP14 survey in 2014 and never had a response.
Filed with OPA in May 2016 with pro bono services of MT attorney. Submitted updated BOP performance reports upon request. Pending
Supporters: Former attorney, federal public defender, BOP reentry affairs coordinator, BOP staff psychologist, three BOP drug treatment specialist, BOP post-secondary education coordinator, family members and many friends, CAN-DO, the LOHM,
Institution: FCI Dublin
Accomplishments: Course Completed and Volunteer Work: Holly completed two community college AA degree majors with a high GPA. She has an exceptional work history while in prison. Holly assisted with the Residential Drug Abuse team and facilitated programs within the unit. She has facilitated parenting and wellness programs, helps other inmates in her unit and actively participates in recreational, educational and vocational programming.

Compelling Reason you deserve Clemency: Holly has applied herself and worked extremely diligently for these past years while serving her time in prison to educate and develop herself into a responsible and accountable woman who is well prepared to assume her role as a Mother and as a dependable citizen who will contribute to the betterment of her community. She is extremely remorseful for her past foolish decisions and actions and now fully understands the heartache and troubles she caused many people in her life.

Future Plans: Upon my release, I plan to relocate from my previous home location of Montana. I believe that a fresh start in a different environment, away from past associates, will form the beginning of a new and solid foundation for myself to begin my renewed life.
I am certain this change will open up doors to me for a variety of employment opportunities and release any anchors or connections from my past life that I no longer wish to maintain.
My short-term goals are to obtain full-time employment with an employer that is seeking long-term employees. I have hopes that my job can be used as a networking agent or possibly an internship for my career choice might open up. My career interest is to be an “Event Coordinator”. I will do my very best as a mother to build a stronger bond with my son and be a better role model as a parent. I would also like to rebuild my family ties.
My long-term goals are to open my own event coordination business. Once established I plan to do various volunteer work and eventually I would like to start or be a part of a non-profit organization that works with children who have lost their mothers/fathers due to death, incarceration or drugs/alcohol abuse.

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