President Obama Grants Clemency to Darrell Hayden serving Life For Pot!

Darrell Hayden with his family - will be freed on July 28, 2015

Darrell Hayden with his family – will be freed on July 28, 2015

According to Huffington Post, Francis Darrell Hayden and 21 other federal inmates, will have their sentences commuted on July 28, 2015, after President Obama signed their clemency petitions today.

Darrell, who was serving a sentence of life for pot, has been in prison for 16 years and had no possibility of parole for a  non-violent, marijuana-only offense.  Darrell had has been sentenced to die in prison because of a “three strikes” mandatory sentencing policy in the state.

According to Darrell is a Vietnam Vet who willingly sacrificed his life to protect and honor this country. A model prisoner with zero violent history. While serving his time, Darrell has watched violent criminals, rapists, and murderers serve their time and be released. Meanwhile all he wants to do is be a productive member of society, work, pay taxes, and love his family.

Being away from his home has caused Darrell precious time with his children, seeing his grandchildren grow, and missing out on so many milestones.

President Obama is the only one who has the power to bring this Father, Son, Grandfather, Uncle, Nephew and brother home. As of today, Darrell’s petition had 42,605 supporters and it is nice to report that all the hard work Darrell’s family engaged in over the years has paid off.

Congratulations to Darrell Hayden and all his family!

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