Mary Beth Looney – serving 42 years is NOW FREE thanks to First Step Act

Congratulations to Mary Beth Looney who received clemency on 12/19/16 but still had to serve 6 more years.  
Thanks to the First Step Act Mary Beth was released on 12/5/19 as was her husband Donald, “Dody”  Both received the Elderly release program. 

Mary Beth’s freedom day greeted by friends Glenda and Catherine


Name: Mary Beth Looney
Race: White
Marital Status: Married
Age: 66
Children: 2 Girls, 8 Grandkids, 3 step children,
Raised:  Hiawatha, KS
Charged: Oklahoma, but indicted in Texas
Will live: Wichita Falls, TX
Charges: Conspiracy to distribute Meth. possession of meth, and  924C Gun – 2 charges stacked
Sentence: 46 years (548 months – deducted to 511 after 2 pt reduction) 42 years 7 months
Served: 14 years
Started sentence on:  Dec 1 2005
Priors:  None
Conduct: Perfect
Release date: 03/24/2021
Clemency status: CP 14 Mr. Jason Hawkins filed. Granted!
Supporters: CAN-DO Foundation, The LOHM, Malik King, EPIC, family and many friends.
Incarcerated:  Carswell, FMC Ft. Worth.
Accomplishments: GED, numerous ACE programs, served as an usher in church, worked UNICOR for 5 1/2 years until the factory closed, Hospice program,

Mary Beth with her home Dody – free and home at last!!!

Mary Beth has sense been released after writing the following email below, we have spoke a few times and she could not be happier:

Recent email from Mary Beth on 8/10/19 regarding her husband who will be released under the “Elderly Release program” of First Step Act.
“I am happy to inform you that my husband Donald Looney “Dody” is finally going home on the over 60 years old,  to home confinement!! I applied for the over 65 compassionate time reduction release and was denied. The reason given was “although you qualify we do not want to minimize the severity of your crime by reducing your sentence.”  In the mean time I filed for the Elderly Release home confinement and they are trying to get me out of here ASAP. There has been a couple of set backs trying to do the paperwork right cuz my case manager is new and has never done this before . So with my husband on his way home I will finally get to hear his voice in the first time in over 13 yrs, so half of me is already home. I thank God for having Obama giving me clemency, the Congress/Senate giving me a second chance, and for you supporting all of us going through this. The way you keep pushing and do not give up!!! I didn’t and I am still pushing… Like I say first Thank God , Thank You!! Mary Beth Looney”

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