Clinton Matthews – Life – Received Clemency 12/19/16

unnamed-2Clinton was #6 on the CAN-DO Top 25!

Message from Clinton Matthews: I been trying to reach you I am so relieved..I received the good news today and God is good.. you are the greatest. you have helped me to get my life back and I am humbled.. and appreciative……I thank you for being part of your movement… and look forward to doing what I can for you when I get there… I am official a free team Amy —clemency can-do member for life…… you here me Amy I am your friend forever and I look forward to see you all…..
#2: I’m not going to forget I told you I am can-do for life so what ever is need for me to do to help with the cause im going to be on it so u just let me know.. I pinky swear…….:)

Name: Clinton Stanley Matthews
DOB: 3-13-69
Age: 47
Children: 2 daughter 4 Grand children
Charges: 1) conspiracy to distribute and possession to distribute Cocaine / Cocaine base & Heroin
2) distribution of a mixture or substance containing cocaine base
3) possess W/intent to dis. cocaine
4) possession W/int to dist. heroin
Started sentence on: November 30,1993
Sentence: Life Without Parole
Release Date: Never – only upon death
Served: 23 years
Priors: Possession controlled substance—-75.00 fine
criminal possession of narcotics—-served 120 days
Prison Conduct: 1994–out of bounds
3 other incidents in 1995
1. Auto cad computer graphing and blue printing key board

Clinton with his wife and children

Clinton with his daughter, Markia and his grandkids.

2 drug program
3 aid awareness
4 business
5 home inspection
6 car dealership
7 commercial driver license
8 stress management
9 employment
10 life skills
11 parenting
12 Ged
13 leather class
14 advance leather
15 typing

Personal message from Clinton:

I have been incarcerated for the past 23 years. I was one of the lost youth within our community. President Obama is now granting second chances to the ones he believes will be committed to change.  I am committed to making my president and community proud.) (I will be one of the needed leaders and advocate to our youth. Our leadership and guidance is needed.  This I am committed to doing.

I would like to take this time to thank you all for advocating and believing in change for us (The prisoners of the drug war). My name is Clinton Matthew and I am one of the POW’s. I am currently on my 23rd year of incarceration on nonviolent drug charges with a nonviolent background. I received life on one count(Conspiracy) and an additional 220 years on several additional drug counts on this same indictment. I am here today to say that like so many others, I know I deserve a second chance and opportunity to show our society that I have changed. I have spent the last twenty years of my sentence with clear conduct and nothing but programming. I participate in programs with open floor, so I can advocate to the youth coming in about what they need to do to be productive when they get out as well as while they are serving out their time. I have spent several years taking losses such as my Mother Grandmother, grandfather, and a granddaughter but I still walk in a positive light and now I believe the time has finally come for change because warehousing individuals is not the answer. With everyone pushing for us, many have been saved. But everyone needs to push harder because we are entering the home stretch and there are so many worthy candidates for clemency in this one prison, alone!  Thank you for believing and helping toward these changes..
Sincerely…CLINTON MATTHEW #25514083
Po Box 1000
Petersburg Virginia 23804

According to Clinton:

I have been incarcerated since April 1993,(22) years, on nonviolent-drug offences. My reason for seeking commutation of sentence is this fact of being incarcerated for the past 22 years on nonviolent drug offenses and the fact that I have changed to become a better person within this time, in every sense of the word, and I believe that I deserve a second opportunity at life.

I helped raise my two daughters while under these conditions. They in turn have given their dad four beautiful grandchildren; children I hope to one day see and enjoy being with in a loving, family oriented way.

unnamed-1I have lost so much during this time, including my grandmother, grandfather, mother and one granddaughter.  This pain has humbled me and made me realize, enough is enough. Not enough in the sense of doing the time, but enough in the sense that it was time for me to change.  Change into a better father, son, grandfather, brother and person.  It is through these changes in my life that I no longer worry about peer pressure, negative energy or acting foolish in society, which brought me into the position I am currently in. My two daughters have spent their whole lives without me as they were only 2 and 5 when I was arrested. They need me but not only does my daughter need their father, my grandchildren and family do, as well.  I need to be out there, with them.

But it does not stop at my family; society as a whole will all have eyes on me. My family, my friends and even some stangers may know my story and I will have to show them that I’ve changed for the better. I will prove, that regardless of the time passed or spent away, in these harsh circumstances, I can come home and productivly moving forward with my life. It will be through my changing that I will and must also reach back in order to touch the lives of those who can be reached and give them that positive word so they do not make the fatal mistakes like I have made. My father worked hard all his life to support his family and he is getting up in age. He needs to spend time with his son. I can then show him the new me. The person he deserves to know as the son he tried to raise; a son who now walks in a positive light, so he can be proud of the out come and know that his efforts, regardless of my hardship was not wasted.

Clinton with his grandchild

Clinton with his grandchild

My brothers and sisters need to see the new me so we can have that strong good quality bond that they always deserved. I want to make up for all we have missed out on because of my negativity and now with the new me, we can be whole again. My nephews need their uncle who they all look up to so I can keep them grounded in a positive light.  We all need to invest in our youth and make sure they won’t get caught up in the old way, like I did – life in the streets is the wrong way to go. I want my sister to sleep peaceful knowing they are not walking negatively. The children in society need to see the games being played I can speak out and try to give them another productive direction to take.

So why do I seek clemency? Because opportunities should be given when society sees a person has positively progressed, and changed and deserves a second chance.  I believe in letting the record reflect that I have changed. I hope others can see that I am truly sincere by my actions.  I have worked hard to be a better version of my former self.

Future Plans:

When I am released, I plan to move to Jacksonville, FL where I have a brother and sisters living. They have been very supportive of me and have offered to help me get back on my feet. I will live with one of them until I can afford to rent a place of my own. One of my daughters and her two children also plan to move to Jacksonville to be close to me so that we can re-establish our family unit again.

I would like to obtain my Commercial Drivers’ License (CDL)and become an employee of a company that offers a truck purchase plan where a payment for a truck is made out of each monthly paycheck. Eventually my hope is to purchase several trucks and have my own local trucking or moving business. I would also like to save some of my money to help my daughters open a child care center. I know it is important for parents to have a reliable child care facility to care for their children during the day while they are working. I also would like to give some of my time back to the community, especially helping children’s organizations to sponsor and coach children’s activities and sporting events.


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