Nicole Walker – 10 years – First Offender – NOW FREE released 12/18/19

nicole-01Name: Nicole Walker #12462-030
DOB: June 4, 1970
Race: White
Marital status: Single
Age: 49 years old
Children: 1 daughter and 1 grandson
Raised: Iowa
Charged: Southern District of Iowa
Charges: 1 count of conspiracy to manufacture and distribute meth
Sentence: signed a 5 year plea agreement but received 10 year mandatory minimum at sentencing
Served: 8 years 4 days
Priors: First offense
Prison conduct: no disciplinary incidents
Clemency status: I filed direct and it’s still pending
Supporters:  Family, friends, CAN-DO Foundation, the LOHM, FAMM
Institution: FPC Pekin Camp
Accomplishments: 4 yrs in the Paws program training dogs for people with disabilities, drug education, various classes, business management, resume writing and more

Quote from Nicole’s Judge:  “Conspiracy is legal quicksand, because you don’t have to take a large part in a conspiracy. You don’t have to know who all the members are. You don’t have to specifically agreed with anyone to be involved in a conspiracy, and, as a result, the behavior in a conspiracy can end up involving lots of people and it can be surprising for you.” Judge James Gritzner; Southern District of Iowa; Davenport,Iowa….taken from Nicole Walker’s Transcript of Sentencing Volume 111; Nov, 4,2011 at 9:08 am …Criminal no 3:10-58…

In Nicole’s words: 

Nicole and family

Nicole and family

I feel I deserve a second chance. I’m 47 years old and have never been in trouble before except for this crime. I’ve learned from my mistakes, from my past and I want to move forward. I’ve missed out on a lot since being in prison. The deaths of both of my sisters (who both passed at age 37) to the birth of my only grandson (he is 2 years old) and all his firsts such as first steps, words, and being part of his everyday life. My daughter really needs me home we are all each other has.

I have never had a disciplinary problem and have a clean prison record. I gave taken 2 drug education programs, plus various other classes and I am the lowest security level one can be in the Bureau of Prisons.

Also, I used to be on diabetic meds, but I’ve been exercising and have lost weight. I also joined in the Paws (prisoners assisting with service dogs) program. I helped train 6 dogs while in this program.  I love this program so much, when I go free, I plan to have a boarding kennel with basic obedience training and doggy daycare.  Im a real dog lover and its something I know I can do even if I have to start part time and build up the business.

If given the chance for clemency I know that I will be a positive and very productive member of society again.

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