Lenora Logan – Life reduced to 30 years- Immediate release on 8/13/20 Clemency on 10/21/20

lenora-skinnyName: Lenora Logan #11733-424
DOB: 10-21-60
Age: 59
Children: 3
Grandchildren: 11
Raised: Iowa
Will live: Joliet, IL
Charges: Conspiracy to distribute and sell crack cocaine
Sentence:  LIFE reduced to 30 years on appeal and then resent 2 pt reduction to 27 years.
Served to date: 19 years
Started Sentence: 9-9-1999
Priors: only petty charges: Possession of paraphernalia, solicitation, and prostitution
Prison Conduct: Clear
Clemency status: Denied
Supporters: Mom, Children, brothers and sisters also staff at Carswell. Saved a staff life and have letters from Captain, Chaplin, Medical Department, CAN-DO Foundation, Families for Justice as Healing, the LOHM
Institution: FCI Pekin, P.O. Box 5000
Pekin, IL  61555
Accomplishments: Nursing, Physical Therapy, Call Center Operator, Computer Technology, Hospice, Suicide Watch, Spanish, Financial Peace, Business Plan Writing, Communications College Class through St. Louise University.

Read: Lenora Logan’s letter to President Trump:

According to Lenora
After almost 19 years of incarceration I feel I have paid my debt and I am a changed person.  During the time in federal prison I have taken many programs to help aid me in my addiction and prepared me for Re-Entry back into the community to be a helpful member of society.  If given the privilege to return to my loved ones after serving so much time for crimes that took me away from them I would be forever grateful.

Lenora and her family

I live each day with the regret of cheating my children out of 19 years of my life by not being there for them when they needed me.  Also my chronically ill mother suffering from dementia I hope to be able to use my health care I’ve learned while being in prison to take care of her.  It is my dream to volunteer in the community with hospice care to bring hope to families hope.  I would also like to bring a message to those suffering from addiction and the costs it brings to families.    I want to be a positive role model to help others with addiction, and will strive each day to be a lawful and positive citizen of my community.  I want to promote positive influence to members of the community and my family.

I am no longer the person I was 19 years ago, therefore I ask for the opportunity to get out and be with my children, mother, and many other loved ones that support me.

Lenora and her family

Lenora and her family


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