Brian Johnson – Life without parole – NOW FREE thanks for First Step Act

CAN-DO identified Brian as a First Step Recipient and he was interviewed by Cut50’s Louis L. Reed
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Name: Brian Johnson #33822037
Age: 47 years old
Race: African American
Raised: Baltimore Maryland
Case originated: Alexandria Virginia
Will live: Atlanta
Charges: Conspiracy to launder Money; Conspiracy to distribute 50 grams or more of cocaine base
Trial/plea:  Went to trial
Sentence:  Life in prison without parole at the age of 28
Sentenced: May 26, 2000
Served: 18 1/2 years
Priors:  Only prior was for same case/same conduct at the state level – sentenced to probation only in Maryland.  6 years later the federal government charged me with same crime/conduct in Virginia.
Clemency status: Pending Case # C271763
Release date: Never

Institution: FCI Raybrook – Raybrook New York

Accomplishments: Over 29 rehabilitative programs -Drug Program  Earned my G.E.D. Life Skills Training Programs Good Work History in prison.

According to Brian:

September 19, 1999 forever changed the life of one man with no notoriety, fame, or money. That is when 28 year old Brian Johnson was arrested for a non-violent low level drug conspiracy, and sentenced to die in prison. In a world where justice is inconsistent at best and completely skewed and manipulated by the media at its worst, it is hard to imagine just how difficult it is to get people to take notice of your case when your just a simple God fearing man whose name does little to further anyone’s political agenda.

Brian with his daughters and grandson

At the age of 28 my life had been extinguished in a federal courtroom. With three young daughter it felt as if my hear had been ripped from my chest. After nearly 14 years in prison I sought help thru CP-14 was given an attorney who simply was to busy to do the work he signed up to do in helping me. I ended up filing my own petition in June 2016 when the pardon office called my Unit team in FCI Fairton requesting that I do so. My hopes to be reunited with my family were lifted with that call. In the end as time wound down I became nervous and then in the end there was no answer. Obama had left me behind.

Most recently I seen President Trump issue a pardon to another person who was left behind serving a life sentence Alice Marie Johnson. My hopes once again had sky rocketed when President Trump stated that he wanted to help people that did not have people helping them. I am in that category I am a man with no fame, no notoriety, and very little money. My prayer is that he would find me worthy of his grace and mercy.

If released I will be going to live with my family in Atlanta. My plans are to work hard in saving money and starting my own automotive business. This is a field that I have spent countless hours working in as a young man and studying while in prison. Most important to me is being the father that I was meant to be and now the grandfather to my grand babies. People make mistakes and they learn from them. I am one of those people. Today I can say that I would never let President Trump down if he were to allow me to experience that same Joy that I seen Alice Marie Johnson experience when she was reunited with her family. A life sentence is just that LIFE. I am praying for a second chance to reclaim my LIFE with my family.

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