Michael Bryant – LIFE – NOW FREE due to First Step Act

michael-bryantWe are pleased to say that Michael was released from prison on Nov. 1st, 2019.
Michael Andrea Bryant
DOB: 5/14/79.
Race: Black
Marital Status: Single
Age: 39
Raised: Alabama
Indicted: Alabama
Sentence: LIFE
Charges: Possession with intent to sell a crack cocaine
Served: 12 years
Clemency status: Denied by President Obama
Accomplishments: Graduated drug program, real estate courses, and other certificates of accomplishment.

According to Michael:

For the 73 grams of crack cocaine that I was caught with if I were sentenced today under current law I only would receive 10 years for the same amount. I plan on working and helping my family with the grandkids. I also would love to join organizations that bring about awareness and change to help other prisoners so they are treated fairly.  So many people are in prison with me who do not need to serve such a long sentence – many of us are rehabilitated and just want a chance to show society we are not the the same person that engaged in bad behavior.  Also in Birmingham, Alabama there are a lot of young kids in juvenile and group homes that I would love to go speak to and tell my story.

My mother is not in great health.  She needs me and I want to help her and bring happiness back into her suffering heart due to my incarceration.  I love my mother and my family.  I feel I can contribute to society in a positive way and hope I get that opportunity.   I’m ready to step up and be a productive citizen and make my family proud!

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