Donella Harriel – 22 years – CLEMENCY GRANTED on 8/3/2016


Donella Harriel granted clemency on Aug 3, 2016 – is still in limbo due to a detainer.

MEDIA: Read about Donella’s story in the Influence and Alternet.

Race: Black
Marital Status: single
Age: 39
Children: 2 kids
State raised: Florida
Where case was tried: Florence, South Carolina
Releasing to: Port St. Lucie, Florida
Charge: Conspiracy to possess crack cocaine
Sentence: 22 1/2 years
Served: 13 years and 3 months
Sent. started: July 15 2003
Prison conduct: Clear
Clemency status: Granted!

Harriel received clemency on August 3, 2016 and she’s the only person that has not been released because of a 16 year old violation of probation detainer out of Martin County, Stuart, Fl.

Mr. Guy Blackwell, a retired assistant attorney general (Tennessee), has tried multiple times for assistant US attorney general Nita Denton, a Republican appointed by Gov. Rick Scott to the 19th Judicial circuit nominating commission, to lift the detainer in Harriel’s case.

She has done 13 years in Federal prison for a non-violent drug offense and President Obama has given her relief. However, she can’t come home due to the detainer. She has only saw her kids twice since she’s been incarcerated and they miss her dearly.

The removal of this detainer will not only have her home for the holidays with her family, but she can start her journey. She has told me of her plans and I know that Donella has changed for the better. However, these are the examples that does not help people with re-entry. Ms. Denton told Mr. Blackwell if he send all of my sister’s paperwork to him she would consider lifting the detainer. She received the same paperwork that President Obama received so why is Donella still stuck in limbo?

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