Ferrell Scott – LIFE for marijuana – Clemency Granted on 1/20/21

Washington Post covers the story of Ferrell Scott’s shocking clemency denial!

Ferrell Scott in Raw Story







Name: Ferrell Damon Scott #27797177
DOB: January 2nd, 1963
Race: Black
Marital Status: Single
Children: Skyler Scott, Serrell Scott, and Shamaiya Scott
Grandchildren: Sky’ya Scott, Ferrell Scott, Sakai Scott, and Mason Scott
Resident State: Dallas, Texas
State charged: Texas
Charge: 1 Count Conspiracy and 3 Counts of Possession of marijuana
Started Sentence: March 26, 2008
Life w/out Parole
Served to Date: 11 years
Prison Conduct: Exemplary, Only 1 Disciplinary action in 2009 for being 30 minutes late to my work assignment. (overslept)
Clemency Status: CP14 submitted. Denied by Pres. Obama
Supporters: Family support, extended family and friends, CAN-DO Foundation, Life for Pot,
For access to a support letter from Ferrell’s 2nd Chair Prosecutor, contact CAN-DO.
PO BOX 3000
Accomplishments: 100 hour Vocational Training Computer Class, Computer Class Tutor and Many Fitness and Wellness Courses
I have an excellent work record while I was in the
prison laundry department and I am currently in the recreation department where I have an excellent record as well. I also have an exemplary prison conduct record. I have only one disciplinary action in the nine years of my incarceration. That was for being 30 minutes late to my work assignment, after over sleeping one morning which was later dismissed. I have taken many wellness courses related to physical
health . I have also finished the 100 hour VT Computer Course and has also served as a tutor in the VT Computer Course, after graduating from the class!  I have also completed the 40 hour pre- Residential Drug Abuse Program. (RDAP)
Media:  Amazing video about Ferrell Scott’s quest for freedom with interviews of his family members. 

Why Commutation:
I have accepted responsibility for my offense and despite my poor decisions in the past, I am much better than my worst mistakes.
Life has a way of waking a person up and I am on red alert. A life sentence is like a walking death sentence and it weighs on you in a way that I cannot explain. You have to live this to understand how it how it feels to be in this situation. Some days it’s hard to breathe.  I have always been a family man and I have been a great father to my kids. In fact, I think my biggest accomplishments in life is being a great father to my children and
I want to get out to be apart of my grandchildren’s lives. I look forward to the day when I no longer will have heartbreaking conversation with my granddaughter about incarceration.

Jaime Walden of NYU school of law filed my clemency petition and this is what was stated with regard to my prior convictions:

“Although this is not Mr. Scott’s first interaction with the criminal justice system, for reasons discussed above his criminal history should not be deemed significant. Each of Mr. Scott’s prior offences involved non-violent conduct, and 8 of his 12 prior convictions occurred more than 20 years ago. Furthermore, his prior drug offenses involved relatively small amounts. For example, one of his 1987 offenses involved approximately 2 grams of heroin, 12 grams of cocaine and less than 1 gram of crack. The second 1987 offense involved only 1.6 grams marijuana, 6.7 grams of cocaine, and 1.1 grams of crack. His 1988 offense involved the possession of less than 28 grams of cocaine. Mr. Scott’s remaining drug offenses involved misdemeanor possession of marijuana. His remaining convictions involved the unlawful possession of a firearm, a handful of driving-related offenses, failure to appear, failure to identify, and two thefts”.

The two convictions from 1987 used to give me a life sentence was ruled in 2016 or ’17 are no longer good for enhancement purposes. So if I was sentenced today they wouldn’t even have been able to give me life.

According to Ferrell: 

If given a second chance, I won’t need a third chance because I am not simply rehabilitated, but regenerated and rejuvenated. A fresh new soul willing to reclaim my life. At the end of the day when this is over, I will consider it a minor set back for a major come back. My second chance will be founded upon the ideal of personal responsibility and conformity to both the laws of men and God. I will no longer waste my God-given talents, but marshall the forces of my mind to lend in the construction of self, family and community. I am not bitter, upset nor will I complain about my conviction – I am sorry for my crime and pray for forgiveness.

Post Release Plans:
I plan to get out and be the family man that I have always been.  Will try to get my janitorial service business restarted , because during that time in my life was when I was the most successful. I was making a good living for myself and family and I had no problems with staying out of trouble.
I have multiple family members who are willing to provide me with housing, but I plan to live with my mother or sister, so that I will be close to my children and grandchildren, Which would allow me the regular contact that they have missed out on during my incarceration.

What is my favorite meal? My favorite meal is a T-Bone , NY strip or Rib eye steak with fried chicken wings and fried Tiger Shrimp with french fries or sometimes with macaroni and cheese with ranch style beans and a salad.
Which of course I haven’t had in almost 10 years!
What are your favorite Books & Authors?
My favorite book is The Master of the Game by Sydney Shelton.
I also like John Grisham novels.
Coffee or Tea? Sweet iced tea , sometimes half and half (that’s with lemonade)
Favorite Sports? NCAA & NFL Football, NCAA & NBA Basketball and Track and Field
Favorite Music? I like all kinds of music because I used to play the Trumpet
in a band. From Rap , R&B soul (mostly Oldies ).
Also Jazz and sometimes Classical.

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