Corvain Cooper – Life for Pot Clemency Granted on 1/20/21

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Corvain Cooper, #643011-112
Age: 41
Children: 2 daughters
Residence: California 
Charges: Distributing Marijuana; Money Laundering;
Trial/Plea: Trial
Tried: Western District of North Carolina, Charlotte
Sentence: Life Without Parole
Incarcerated Since: 2014
Served: 6 years
Priors: Possession of Marijuana
Institution: USP POLLOCK
P.O. BOX 2099
POLLOCK, LA  71467

Clemency status: Recently re-filed Post Release Plans: If Corvain is released, he will take care of his mother Barbara and his two daughters.  He also has plans to marry his fiancee and continue his work with his local church.  Cooper says, “I just want to get back to my kids and my family. My parents are elderly and fear they will never see their son again outside prison walls.  This really upsets me more than words can express.”

How Many People in Your Case Are Now Free? 10
How Many  People In Your Case Are Not Free? 7
Did the Judge Make Any Compassionate Statements at Sentencing? Yes. He said he wished he could impose a less severe sentence.

In January 2013, Cooper was indicted for violations of Federal Marijuana Distribution and Money Laundering statutes in the Western District of North Carolina, Charlotte. Corvain has never been to Charlotte nor does he know anyone who lives there.  Regardless, due to the conspiracy law, each person is responsible for the crimes of everyone involved.

Corvain had one prior, for the possession and transportation of one-half pound of marijuana. He received a two-year sentence for this offense and with good behavior he spent a little less than a year in a

Corvain with Tyga and another friend showing off his clothing line Old Money

California state prison and was released July 22, 2012.

After his release Corvain “put that life behind me.” He trademarked his own clothing line” “Old Money,” got engaged to his girlfriend Susan Wilburn, and became an active member of the Faith Full Central Church of Inglewood, California.

Corvain resumed work on his clothing line and enjoyed spending time with his children and family. Life was good until January 28, 2013. As he was preparing to go to his daughter’s drill team competition, federal agents arrived and, in front of his children and neighbors, arrested Corvain and extradited him to Charlotte to face charges.

Getting to Know Corvain Cooper – Life for Pot

What meal or food do you crave most that you will want to eat when you get out?

Who are your favorite authors? 
James Patterson, Sista Souljah, Stuart Woods

Prefer winter or summer?

Nocturnal or morning person?
Doesn’t matter.

What is your favorite sport?

Favorite team/athlete?
The Los Angeles Lakers

Favorite movie(s)?
Daddy’s Lil Girl

Favorite TV show(s)?

Favorite song(s) and/or musical artist(s)?
Never Would Have Made It by Marvin Sapp

What is your favorite color? 

If you could walk out tomorrow and go anywhere – where would it be and why?
I would take lunch to my daughters at school because I love to surprise them!

If you could travel to any country – where would it be and why? 
Africa, so I could see what it is really like.

What do you most want people to understand about being incarcerated that you don’t think they understand?
That being away from your family can really break it apart if you don’t have faith!  When the judge tells you that you have a life sentence, it feels as if you actually have a death sentence.  For that is what it actually is, a natural death sentence.

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