Ana Alvarez – Serving 30 years for Conspiracy – NOW FREE!


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Congrats to Ana for being released on CARES Act but she still needs clemency because her outdate is 2034.

Name: Ana M. Alvarez #81092-004
DOB: 7-25-1954
Race: White hispanic
Children: One daughter
Charge: 18 USC 371 = Conspiracy to defraud the US
18 USC 1349 = Conspiracy to commit health care fraud
18 USC 286 = Submission of False Claims
Sentence: 30 years
Served to date: 11 years
Started sentence: 10-17-2008
Priors: 1st offender
Prison conduct: Good. I am in the honor unit
Clemency status: Submitted Nov. 2015 Case C155011 Still Pending
Supporters: Family, friends and God
Institution: F.C.I. Tallahas

Accomplishments: Over 5,000 credit hours.  ACE classes, Vocational Trainings, Church classes and an Apprenticeship program in Office Management. Has worked in the Education Department for approximately 7 years and resides in the honor unit.

According to Ana:

I am a 65 year old physician and an American Citizen.
I received a 30 year sentence for Medicare fraud after I worked for approximately 4 months (as an employee) in a clinic that used my Medicare number. I was a pawn in an elaborate scheme perpetrated by the Benitez brothers, whom I never met. At my age this sentence equals a life sentence. To date I have served over a decade of this excessive sentence at FCI Tallahassee. Everyone else involved is already home, including the clinic owners and managers. I was offered a 12 plea agreement, but based on my lawyers advice and my belief in my innocence, I went to trial. How does a 12 month plea turned into a 360 month staked sentence by going to trial? I do not understand.  I am asking for a second chance to return to society, study, work and take care of my family. I would love the opportunity to practice my passion again, healing.

My young daughter needs her Mom at home. My parents are elderly and infirm. My Dad is 93 years old and suffers from dementia, heart disease and severe osteoarthritis. He walks slowly with a walker. My Mom is 88 years old and is legally blind, suffering from multiple debilitating medical problems. She spends most of her day in bed. I hope and pray to that I may be given the opportunity to see them again and take care of them.

My daughter was 12 years old when we were separated, it was heartbreaking. It is her, my parents and my youngest nephew (who lost his Mom when he was very young) who keep my candle burning. I was an irresponsible fool, I trusted and believed my employers and FBI agents. I cooperated with the FBI for approximately for 3 out of the 4 months of employment at the clinic. I even wore a wire as they demanded of me and I gave them the information.
In hindsight I can not believe that I was so irresponsible, foolish and gullible. I am infinitely sorry and ashamed for what I have done and ask for forgiveness. I should have been more careful and researched the clinic, the owners, managers and the treatment offered. I was wrong, and I have never been more sorry in my life!

I am a non violent first time offender. No patient was harmed with the treatments. In fact, treatments with Platelet Rich Plasma are now being used by Plastic Surgeons for speedy healing of wounds.

My case was treated like a malpractice case for which I received enhancements ( For example: Conscious Reckless Risk of death or Bodily Injury). According to the Government the patients did not receive the treatments which the clinic build Medicare for, and this is what constitutes the fraud. If medication was not given, then patients could not have been at risk of harm.

Once released from prison I will at live home with my parents and take care of them. I plan to work and study to be a Diabetic Educator. I am asking for a second chance to offer penance and restitution for my actions, to gain forgiveness, and for the opportunity to once again be a productive member of society.

In everlasting hope,
Ana M. Alvarez

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