Jessica Antunez – 20 years – CARES Act on 8/27/21

jessica-picTalked to Jessica on 8/27/21 after she was released from FCI Dublin and on her way home! She will be on home confinement and we are elated that she can now reunite with her children, family and friends!  Congrats Jessica!
Jessica Lee Antunez #18799-045
DOB: 02-26-1979
Race: Caucasian
Age: 40 years
Children: Austin Alyssa and Victoria
Grew up: Illinois
Case originated in: Southern Dist of Iowa
Will release to: Texas
Charge: One count of conspiracy to distribute cocaine
Sentence: 20 years
Sentence began: July 3, 2007
Served: 12 years
Prior: Probation only tied to this instant offense
Institution: FCI Dublin
5701 8th Street Camp Parks Dublin, CA 94568
Clemency Status: Pending – Clemency case #C199052

Inmate Nursing Assistant Program
SHARE (Sharing Hope About Recovery Experiences) Presidentially Recognized Program
Certified Professional Personal Trainer CRS
Change Program
OSHA Training Course
GOGI (Getting Out By Getting In) Certificate Program
Kairos Inside Program
Office Tech Certification Program
Clerical Skills/Office Tech Program
Computer Skills/Office Tech Program
Financial Record/Office Tech Program
Keyboard/10-Key/Office Tech Program
Professional Test/Office Tech Program
Cosmetology Training Program
10 years of Suicide Watch and Mental health Companion
Adjusting to Prison Seminar
Holiday Fun Craft Class
3-Stationary Classes
2-Beading Classes
2-Fun Craft Classes
Wellness Group
Painting Class
Menopause Education Seminar
Education on Urinary Incontinence
Anger Management
Discipleship Basics Bible Study
Domestic Violence Class
Coping with Anxiety
3-Fit for Life Classes
Spiritual Development Class
Beginning Bocce Ball Class
2010 Olympic Torch Carrier Sponsor
Hands of Hope Volunteer
2-The Truth About Tanning Classes
2010 Family Day Event Volunteer
4-Five Keys To Happiness Classes
Lost At Sea
Beginning Spinning
Healthy Living Life Style
Drop It Like It’s Hot
Passion Play Participant
2012 Coordinator of the Year Certificate
Building Self Assurance Through Recreation
Chess Class
Leisure Planning
Relationship in Cinema
Public Speaking
Women’s Health
Semi Annual Suicide Prevention Training
Most Artistic Certificate 2013
Laughter and It’s Healing Affects
Six Keys To Happiness
Stress Management Class
Recreation Aide Class
Volleyball Clinic
Understanding Depression-Philosophy of Life Program
Resume Basics Class
Communication Skills Course
Self-Esteem Class
Wellness Class
Explaining Your Conviction Class
Safe People Class
Five Love Languages Class
Every Woman’s Battle Class
Microsoft PowerPoint
Get Fit Program
Self Worth Class
Microsoft Excel
Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills
All Jacked Up Class
Music Theory
Speech Craft Program
The Ice Breaker Speech Presentation
Organize Your Speech Presentation
Get to the Point Presentation
Decorative Stationary Class
Painted Ornaments Class
Intermediate Beading
Fitness/Sedentary Lifestyle
Overall Wellness Course
ACE Books on Tape

According to Jessica:
I am guilty for dealing drugs – I don’t want to diminish my participation, but I left that world and when it caught up to me I fully cooperated with federal agents when they came to ask me questions about the drug conspiracy I had previously been associated with.  I was truthful and honest.  One year later I was indicted and took a plea for 20 years to voice a LIFE SENTENCE for my part in the drug conspiracy.  I horribly regret my actions.

Clemency would be one of the biggest blessings I can imagine in my life. I know how I was living my life was wrong and that is exactly why I chose to stop being part of the drug conspiracy I was part of. I began to get my life together, not only for myself but also for my three small children. Three years after I had cut my ties to the conspiracy, the federal agents knocked on my door to arrest me for my part in this operation and eventually sentenced me to a 20 year mandatory minimum.

With son, Austin

I have taken full responsibility for my actions and feel I deserved to serve some time, however, I now feel like I am ready to go and a clemency would free me from this place I am stuck in, spinning my wheels.  I won’t be a better person after spending more than the 12 years I’ve served, I will just be older and less likely to find meaningful employment.

Also, I would prefer to be closer to the family that I have left, I am in Dublin, California and my kids are in Missouri, and my other family is in Illinois.

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