Clemency for Tim Tyler – Life Without Parole Received CLEMENCY on 8-30!!!!

Message from Tim: 

At 3:19 pm on 8-30-16
Hi, I was just called to the office and talked to Professor Ogilvy at the Catholic University. He informed me that I received clemency today. It will be a two year release date with a condition that I do a drug class for 9 months but after the class I can go home. I have clemency though and now I no longer have a life sentence. They said I will be moved within three weeks to a low, possibly across the street. That is the beginning of freedom and one nine month program away from walking out the doors. I must thank every person that has helped me. I am lost for words right now trying to hold back some tears. Thanks, Tim

And at 9:22 pm:   I already did a TV interview with Las Vegas station by chance when I called my sister. They were there. One day I can comprehend. I am thankful for sure to you, Jon and every single person that helped and signed something for me. The President has always been in my thoughts and I am especially thankful to him for a chance. Thanks. Tim

Tim Tyler Tim’s petition on is now a VICTORY!  Was #4 on Top 25.

Name: Timothy Tyler #99672-012
DOB: 9-20-1968
Age: 47
Offense: Conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute LSD
Race: White
Sentence: Life
Served: 24 years
Priors: Two LSD distribution charges in the state of Florida in 1991 (he received probation on both charges).
Sentenced: 1994
Release date: None
Clemency Petition:  Petition was done by law school students at Catholic University, Columbus School of Law. Professor J.P. Sandy Ogilvy oversaw the petition.
Institution: FCI JESUP
2680 301 SOUTH
JESUP, GA 31599

Tyler was raised in Connecticut and Florida, where he attended Lakewood Senior High School, graduating in 1986. His parents were divorced and he was physically and emotionally abused by his stepfather. He suffered from depression as a child. He had episodes that resulted in at least six emergency mental health hospitalizations.

Tim Tyler_03After graduation, he toured the country attending Grateful Dead concerts. He sold fried dough, fruit smoothies, beer and sodas. He consumed and sold marijuana and LSD. He was first arrested in Panama City, Florida for LSD possession and released on his own recognizance. A second arrest occurred that resulted in three years of probation. Tyler resumed touring with the Grateful Dead and sent LSD to a friend who was arrested for marijuana possession who turned into a confidential informant for the DEA. During a two-month period, this confidential informant, working with the DEA, asked Tyler to mail him LSD five times, which Tyler did. Tyler sent the package to his father’s address, implicating him.

Tim Tyler_02Tim Tyler was a free spirit, Grateful Dead fan, and was 25 years old when he was sentenced to die behind bars for selling some LSD while following the band around the country.  He has already served over two decades for a non-violent drug offense and we believe the punish far exceeds the crime he committed.  His family has suffered, as well as Tim, who will die in prison if he does not receive mercy in the form of clemency from President Obama.

For more information about Tim’s case:

Or contact Tim’s sister:
Carrie Tyler 8086 Martingale lane
Las Vegas, NV 89123

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