Marcus Paige –

Name: Marcus A Paige #34614007
Age: 38
Race: Black Male
Raised: Washington, DC
Tried: Washington, DC
Will Live: Silver Spring, Md
Charges: 2nd Degree Murder
Trial/Plea: Not guilty
Sentence: 25 Years
Sentenced on: May 14,2004
Served: 17 years and 9 months
Priors: None
Prison Conduct: Good
Release Date: 2023
Institution: FCI Berlin

Accomplishments: GED First Year, completed one-year technician certification program HVAC/Plumbing, 40 hours of DTRM (Doing Time with the Right Mind), Bible College Course, Computer Classes, Life Skill Classes, Real Estate Classes. 

Statement that Marcus wrote:  I believe in the justice system, but every now and then through some twist of fate an innocent person is incarcerated. I believe there are times when evidence can be misleading. Wrong becomes right and right become wrong. Today I write this without fear knowing that opposition greets me and some may try to stop me from receiving mercy, but  if their grace in your heart commute my sentence. I am unequivocally innocent of all charges. I had nothing to do with the crime nor was I even there. The only thing I am guilty of is living in the area and knowing the person who committed the crime.

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