Darryl Solomon Hope – LIFE – Immediate release 4/10/20 but, state wanted more time for petty prior – Darryl walked out of prison on 1/1/21!!! Congratulations!!!

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Darryl Solomon Hope #28812-004
DOB: February, 17, 1966
Race: African American
Marital Status: Single
Age: 54
Children: 7 children
Grandchildren: 14 grandchildren
State you are from: Florida
State where you were charged: Florida
Where will you release: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Charge: USC 841 &846 Conspiracy to distribute 5 kilograms, Ct 2: 924(c) Possession of firearm during the commission of a drug trafficking(No firearm)
Sentence: Life plus 5
Served to date: almost 30 years
Started Sentence on: June 6, 1990
Priors: Minor possession of cocaine 1896,1984,1989 and accessory to robbery 1988.
Prison Conduct: Clear conduct – no incident reports in 24 years
Clemency status: Denied
Supporters: Family/Friends, BOP Staff, CAN-DO Foundation, Karen Morrison
2680 301 SOUTH
JESUP, GA 31599
Cosmetology/Barber Course
Mutal Fund & Business Course
Counsel & Career Classes
Desk Top Publishing
Microsoft Courses
Psycho Educational Class
Facilitated RDAP Drug Classes
Suicide Companion Program
Father Behind Bars
Motivate Speaker Classes
Stock Market Classes
Men Impacting Others
Spanish Classes
Real Estate Classes
Building Wealth
Release Prep DOM Violence

I have completed cutting over 10, 000 hours over the past 25 years in my barber trade

According to Darryl:
Twenty-seven years ago, I made the BIGGEST mistake of my life.  My decision to enter a “drug conspiracy,” changed my life for the worst.  Being sentenced to life without parole, not only impacted my life, it devastated my family as well.  I left behind 7 small children, who needed their father to guide them through life.  I left my mother behind whose health was failing.  My mother passed away during the years, I have been incarcerated, which left me feeling like I failed her for not being the son, she so deserved.  I left behind my siblings, my source of strength to help take care of my mother and children.

I can’t make excuses for my actions, I can’t change the past, what I can do is ask for forgiveness from my family and community.  I am truly remorseful and regret my actions. I hope that I will be given a second chance at life.  My plan is to reestablish a relationship with my children and get to know my grandchildren.  I have plans to serve my community by being a motivational speaker to the youth.  If I can save lives that are heading down the wrong path, then I want to be that person to do so.

I am not the same person that entered prison when I was 23 years old. I’m now 52 years old, my entire thought process is centered around my family, my children, and grandchildren. It is my hope to make their lives better being a role model, someone they can look up to.

During my incarceration, I used the time to become a better person. I continued to work on my education. I have completed vocational trades and skills. I am a very hard-working man and I hope to open my own business. I love photography and plan to be a freelance photographer. I have also been a barber for over 25 years and plan to open my own barbershop.

During the time of my incarceration, I mentored many younger guys who felt hopeless with a life sentence. I became a suicide watch companion and would like to volunteer with the National Suicide hotline. I am the founder of Hope Impact Youth 10-point plan, in which I share goals with local churches in the community in order to shape the lives of young people.

It is my sincere hope that the Trump administration will see the person I am today, not the man that committed a crime nearly twenty-seven years ago. Prison has helped me to become a better man and I have used my time to completely rehabilitate myself.

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