Jerry Vega – 30 years – received compassionate release on 12/21/20

Jerry with his daughter Jerri.
Jerry with his daughter Jerri.

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Name: Jerry Vega 30392-053
Age: 65
Nationality: Puerto Rican;
Marital Status: Single
Children: one daughter – Jerri Vega
State from: New York State
State Charged: NYS
Will Live: New York
Charges: Conspiracy to distribute 500 grams of cocaine and 100grams of heroine
Sentence: 30 years
Sentence began: 9-24-88
Served: 10 years federal (29 total when combined with his state sentence for the same charges)
Federal sentence started:  September 2010 after 22 years state.
Priors: Misdemeanors, one in 1975 (fined), and one in 1977 (3 years probation);
Conduct: Good prison disciplinary record
Clemency Status: going to re-file
Institution: Fort Dix
Supporters: CAN-DO Foundation; Crack Open the Door, Jerri Vega, Latinos for Justice, family and friends


1). Numerous N.A. meetings (400+); inclusive of Chairing the program.
2). New York State Department of Correctional Services Division of Industries Vocational Training Certificate for completing
the Vocational Tailoring Program.
3). Certificate for completing and facilitating the Compadre Helper Program; assisting and teaching English language
challenged inmates to read, write and speak English.
jerry_024). Certificate for completing “Mobility Guide” training and becoming a mobility guide for clinically blind inmates at the
Sensorially Disabled Unit at Sullivan Correctional Facility.
5). Certificate of Achievement for continued participation and dedication special needs inmates and assistance in their
Special Needs Workshop.
6). Certificates for completing over 300 hours in American Sign Language Levels 1 and 2.
7). Certificate for completing training as an Inmate Program Assistant (I.P.A) .
😎. Certificates for participating and completing “The Alternatives to Violence Project, Inc.”; both Basic and Advanced
9). Certificates of Appreciation from the “Latinos Unidos Organization”, for participating, presenting and being part of the
planning committee during Hispanic Heritage Month.
10). Certificate of Excellence from “The African Caribbean Unity Organization”, for participation and presentation
throughout Black History Month.
11). Multiple Certificates of Appreciation and Acknowledgement for participation and facilitation in “Quality Impact
Organization” Manhood Responsibility Courses; Basic and Advanced Creative Writer’s Workshop”; also, certificates of
Completion, Outstanding Achievement and Selfless service with teaching inmates the basics of starting and operating
a small business in a course that I was a part of creating entitled “Inmates Teaching Entrepreneurship and Mentoring 1”
(I.T.E.M 1); which was sponsored by Steve Marriotti, founder of “Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (N.F.T.E).
12). Numerous certificates for taking and completing intensive courses offered by the New York State Office of Alcoholism
and Substance Abuse Services (O.A.S.A.S).
13). Certificate of Recognition for positive and uplifting accomplishments presented by the Executive Staff of the facility,
“Recognizing Inmate Accomplishment Award (R.I.A.A)”.
14). Certificates within the Bureau of Prisons; “Beginning Art Class”; “Age Process”; “Stress Management”; “Diabetic
Education”; Business Planning”; Beginning Color Class”; “Finance Your Dreams”; “Beginning Art Class II”; ACE Sales II-
Restaurant Management”; ACE Personal Finance 2″; “AIDS Awareness”; “African American Studies”.

Jerri, speaking on behalf of her father at John Jay College in NYC at Latino Criminal Justice Conference
Jerri, speaking on behalf of her father at John Jay College in NYC at Latino Criminal Justice Conference
Amy Ralston Povah is a clemency recipient under President Clinton, an award winning filmmaker, and founder of the CAN-DO Foundation.