James “Jimmy” Romans – Life for Pot reduced to 30 years – Clemency Granted on 1/20/21

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James Romans #10195-028
DOB: 7-7-1971
Race: White
Marital status: Single
Age: 49
Children: 3 children, 2 grandchildren
Raised: Indiana
Tried: Texas
Will live: Indianapolis, Indiana
Charges: Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana
Sentence: Life Without Parole, reduced in 2017 to 30 years
Served: 10 Years
Release date: 1/10/2037
Arrested: August, 2010
Sentenced: February 2013
Priors: Burglary 1993, Driving while suspended
Prison conduct: Excellent, zero write-ups
Supporters: CAN-DO Foundation, Freedom Grow Forever, Seattle Hempfest, Norml, Life for Pot, Mission Green, Freedom Fighters
Institution: FMC Lexington, Kentucky
Media: Hoosier State Today:  CAN-DO Foundation backs clemency for Romans
Accomplishments while incarcerated:  Microsoft Office Clerk, PowerPoint, Excel Spreadsheets, Web Design, VT (computer class) Student of the month, Drug Education, Parenting, Nutrition, Personal Income Tax, Mock Internet, Aerobics, Money Smart, Victim Impact, Inside Out Dad’s, Real Estate, Mock Job Fair, Leather, 18 month Residential Life Connection Program, Life Connection Graduate Aftercare Class, Study of Marriage & relationships, 2000 hour 15 month Dental Assistant Apprenticeship.
Several Seminars including: Boundaries Seminar, PTSD Seminar, Stories Workshop, Occupational Re-Entry Seminar, Sowing Good Seeds Seminar, Religious Tolerance, Infectious Disease Prevention Seminar, Criminal Thinking Seminar, Crochet.  Also completed the Suicide Watch Companion Program & continued training for several years.

Jimmy Roman’s fan club marches in the Hempfest parade

According to Jimmy:

If Granted Clemency, I would use my time to repair & rebirth a relationship with my family including my 2 youngest children who I have not had contact with for almost 9 years. I would like to talk with young people about the situations I have been in & how I have learned & grown because of them. I want my family, friends & loved ones to see that I can be a productive member of society & that my life can be a tool to guide others that are off track. I am not the same man I was 9 years ago & I just need a Second chance to prove it.

Family ties: I have a very close family that all love and support me to the fullest. My parents are both in their 70’s, my only living grandparent is my Grandmother who is 92 years old. My sister is my only sibling & we have a very close relationship. I have a daughter that lives in Virginia with her husband that is in the United States Navy & they have 2 children. I also have a 12 year old son and a daughter that is 14 that live in Indiana. My extended family is all very supportive also.(Aunt, Uncles, Cousins, etc…) I get numerous visits no matter where I have been housed and I am very fortunate & Blessed to have a family and support group like I have. My sister lives about 4 hours away from my parents and they are getting to the age when they need someone around so I really would love to be there for them like they have always been for me. I love my family & they love me and I just want to be home with all of them.

Release plan: I plan to hit the ground running when I get released. I have a stable place to live with my parents in Indiana.  I have employment opportunities in construction, real estate, landscaping, and I have been Certified by the United States Labor Board to be a Dental Assistant & Certified in Tool/Instrument Sterilization. I earned this certification by completing the 2000 hour Apprenticeship Program at FMC Lexington. I can apply at Dental Offices & Hospitals as well which opens up a whole new field of opportunities. With all my support from family, friends, organizations, acquaintances etc.  I have many opportunities. I also look forward to speaking at several events including but not limited to: addiction meetings, schools, youth groups, boy scout troops, criminal justice reform seminars, etc. I want to leave a Legacy that really shows what kind of man I am and try to do my part in making a difference.

Hopes and dreams: Upon my release I want to focus on building a life that my family and children can be proud of. I want to take my children to places that I have been in the past and do things with them that I have fantasized about for many years, such as going to amusement parks, the beach, aquariums, camping, etc. I have dreams of working hard for 10-15 years and saving everything I can so I can afford to travel and see this great country before I get too old. There are many things I have planned upon release but the most important is just simply spending time with my family.

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