Olynthia Hinton – 20 Years – Received Clemency!!!

Congratulations to Olynthia Hinton for receiving clemency on October 27, 2016. Congrats to her son Savoz Strong who started Olynthia’s change.org petition and was victorious. 

Olynthia Hinton
Age: 38
Race: Black
DOB: 6-7-78
Marital status: Single
Kids: 4
Grew up:  South Carolina
Tried: South Carolina
Charges: Distribution of powder cocaine
Sentence: 20 yrs mandatory
Served: Almost 11 years Sentenced: 2-25-06
Priors: Minors, plus 2 felony drug charges
Clemency status: granted!
Supporters: CAN-DO, The LOHM, Families for Justice as Healing, Sharanda Jones, family
Institution: FCM Carswell
Accomplishments: Completed plumbing, Culinary Arts, Osha certified, Anger management,
and earned a G.E.D.

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