Angela LaPlatney – 20 years – Received clemency on 3/30/2016

Angela LaPlatney received clemency on 3/30/2016.

Name: Angela La Platney #08713-091
DOB: 3/3/73
Age: 43
Children: 2 boys Bradley,21 & Tyler,20
Charge: Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute methamphetamine
Sentence: 240 months
3/3/22 GCT or 9/24/24 Max
Started Sentence: 9/29/04
Served: 11 years 6 months
Priors: State felony for possession of a controlled substance
Prison Conduct: Clear conduct
Prison: SCP Dublin
Accomplishments: Started at UNICOR Call Center in FCI Dublin, transferred to FCI Waseca Cut & Sew UNICOR where I received ISO 9001:2008 audit training,SAP & other BO training. Completed multiple programing opportunities that was offered but because of length of sentence I still do not qualify to get in RDAP.
Clemency Status: Granted on 3/30/2016

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