Linda Byrnes – 27 years for pot – NOW FREE!

Linda walked out of federal prison on April 13, 2017 and is now in Kalamazoo Michigan!  Congratulations to Linda and her family – what a milestone!

linda 1Name: Linda Lee Byrnes – 68415-079
DOB: 7/6/46
Race: White
Marital Status: Single
State Linda is from: Michigan
State charged: Michigan
Where will you release to: Rodney, Michigan
Children: 2 children and 3 grandchildren
Charge: Conspiracy to distribute marijuana
State you are from: Michigan
State charged: Michigan
Where will you release: Rodney, Michigan
Sentence: 27 years, 9 months
Sentence began: 8-4-1995
Served: 22 years
Priors: Marijuana possession
Prison Conduct: Excellent
Health: Recently diagnosed with tongue cancer – was transferred to Carswell to being chemo in April 2016.
RDAP 500 hour drug program Dec. 15 1997-` Dec. 16, 1998,
One year after-care,
Took Opticial Lens and was certified to make eye glasses for 41 prisons in the state of Virginia…housed in Fluvanna, Virginia through the BOP.
Dozens of Computer classes, resume writing, cross stitched classes, knitting classes, rec classes, spiritual classes, pre-release classes, drug programs, parenting, and many more programs.
Institution: FPC Alderson, Alderson, West Virginia..
Clemency Status: Submitted on 8-24-2014 – pending
Supporters: CAN-DO, the LOHM, Families for Justice as Healing, Crack Open the Door, Tracie Gloor Pike, family and friends.
Media: Read about Linda’s Compassionate release in Truth Out; by Victoria Law Aging, Sick and Incarcerated: The Need for Compassionate Release

According to Linda:

My son was involved in the marijuana trade and it is true that I hauled a shipment for him. When he got caught, they gave him immunity if he would testify against me – they wanted to seize all my property, including a house that he lived in that was in my name.  My son was young and scared so I can understand how they were able to manipulate him.  The real crime is that they made me and others out to be involved in a marijuana case that was based more on fantasy, than reality.

I had a prior conviction of marijuana in the state of North Carolina in 1993 and that was used against me…giving me an extra 10 years.  My “civil rights” were restored on this conviction 6/29/94, before I was charged federally…or before they searched my property on Nov. 4, 1994 and found John’s hunting guns in a safe in the house…I didn’t live there, but because the property was in my name, I was charged.

I was one of 14 people indicted in a “conspiracy” case. Only three of us went to trial and the other 11 took plea bargains.  Regardless, I have almost served all my time, and when I am released, I will have the satisfaction of knowing that I did not put someone else in prison to save my own skin, like the codefendants in this case.

I am still waiting for the two point reduction…they are talking about giving me 22 months off, but I asked for time served to Judge Quist.

Linda's daughter, Josyln and her granddaughter Gabrielah

Linda’s daughter, Josyln and her granddaughter Gabrielah

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