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Pedro Moreno – LIFE FOR POT - Please sign Pedro’s change.org petition.  Name: Pedro “Pete” Moreno #71498-079DOB: Jan. 8 1960Race: HispanicMarital Status: widowed.Age: 63Children: 5Grandchildren: 4State raised: TexasState charged: TexasWill live: Roma, TexasCharge: Conspiracy with intent to distribute 1000 kilograms of marijuana, money launderingSentence: LIFEServed to date: 27Started Sentence on: Nov 19, 1996Priors: NONEPrison Conduct: ExcellentClemency status: Pending Case # C298646Supporters: Municipal Judge Livia P. Muniz, […]
Gabriel David Gomez – 30 years for pot - Name: Gabriel David Gomez #21786051 DOB: 5/31/77 Age: 44 Race: White/Hispanic Raised: State of New Mexico Will live: Albuquerque, New Mexico with family Charges: 21 U.S.C. sec. 846; 21 U.S.C. sec. 841(b)(1)(A) & 841(a)(1)(Conspiracy to Distribute a 1000 kilos or more of marijuana); & 18 U.S.C. sec. 1956(a)(1)(B)(i) & 18 U.S.C. sec. 1957(money laundering counts—casino […]
Sanford Johnson – 12.5 Years for Marijuana - Name: Sanford Eugene Johnson, III, #25702-017 DOB: February 18 Race: White. Raised: Pensacola, Florida. Tried:  Northern District of Florida. Will live: Pensacola, Florida. Charges: 21 USC 841-Conspiracy to distribute marijuana; 18 USC 1956-Conspiracy to commit money laundering. Trial or plea: Guilty Plea. Sentenced on: November 8, 2017. Served: 4 years. Priors: No felony charges, but other marijuana charges. Prison Conduct: Exemplary, no incident reports; […]
Jason Brant Gregg – 1st offense – 15 Years for Marijuana - Name: Jason Brant Gregg, Reg. #17151-111 DOB: April 3 Race: White Raised: Willits, CA Tried:  Southern District of Iowa Will live: Redwood Valley, CA Charges: 21 USC 846, 841(b)(1)(B)-Conspiracy to manufacture, distribute, & possess with intent to distribute 100 kilos/more marijuana; 100/more plants & hashish. 18 USC 1956(a)(1)(A)(i), 1956(h)-Conspiracy to commit money laundering. Trial or plea: Guilty Plea Sentenced […]
Daniel Longoria – 30 Years for Marijuana - Name: Daniel Longoria, Reg. #48291-177 DOB: November 20 Race: Hispanic Raised: Brownfield, Texas Tried:  Northern District of Texas Will live: Brownfield, Texas Charges: Conspiracy to Distribute 200-400 Kilos Marijuana (21 USC § 841(1)(1) & § 846) Trial or plea: Went to Trial. Sentenced on: August 19, 2015 Served: 8 years Priors: 2 state pot possession cases Prison Conduct: Exemplary, no incident reports, programs and […]
Joseph Akers – 16.5 Years for CONSPIRACY to Distribute Marijuana & Money Laundering - Name: Joseph Akers, Reg. #65108-066 DOB: July 29 Race: Black/Muslim Raised: North Philadelphia, PA Tried:  Eastern District of Pennsylvania Will live: Limerick, PA Charges: Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana (21 USC § 841(a)(1)(A)); Conspiracy to Commit Money Laundering (18 USC 1956) Trial or plea: Plead Guilty Sentenced on: July 20, 2018 Priors: Minor charges Prison Conduct: Exemplary; has completed many programs Clemency status:  Pending […]
Cornelius Berry – 15 Years for Marijuana Conspiracy - Name: Cornelius Lynn Berry, Reg. #26251-078 DOB: March 31 Race: Black Raised: Tyler, Texas Tried:  Eastern District of Texas Will live: Desoto, Texas Charges: 21 USC 846-Conspiracy to Possess & Distribute Marijuana. Trial or plea: Guilty Plea Sentenced on: January 11, 2017 Served: 6 years. Priors: Yes, for marijuana. Prison Conduct: Exemplary. Clemency status:  Pending Case #C299208 Release date: July 21, 2029. Institution: FCI El […]
Robert J. Thomas – 20 Years for Possession with intent to Distribute Marijuana & Marijuana Plants - Name: Robert Thomas, Reg. #10523-027 DOB: July 16 Race: White Raised: South Bend, Indiana Tried:  Northern District of Indiana Will live: Sevierville, TN. Charges: Possession with intent to Distribute Marijuana & Possession with intent to Distribute in excess of 100 marijuana plants – (21 USC § 841(a)(1). Trial or plea: Trial. Sentenced on: August 19, 2010. Priors: Marijuana charges, cocaine […]
Travis Longoria – 10 Years for Marijuana Conspiracy - Name: Travis Longoria, Reg. #48463-177 DOB: June 19 Race: Hispanic Raised: Brownfield, Texas Tried:  Northern District of Texas Will live: Brownfield, Texas Charges: Conspiracy to Distribute 200-400 Kilos Marijuana (21 USC § 841(1)(1) & § 846) Trial or plea: Went to Trial. Sentenced on: June 9, 2015 Priors: Minor traffic violations Prison Conduct: Exemplary, no incident reports, starting to program as he […]
Ismael Lira – Life for pot - Please sign Ismael Lira’s change.org petition Name: Ismael Lira #45946-180Age: 44Race: American. Mom Was Born in Del Rio, Dad in Mexico.Raised: TexasTried: TexasWill live: Del RioCharged: ConspiracySentence: Life without paroleSentenced on: October 23, 2006Served: 15 yearsPriors: NonePrison Conduct: ExceptionalClemency status: Denied on January 6, 2017Release date: N/AInstitution: USP Terre Haute, P O Box 33, Terre Haute, IN. 47808Accomplishments: ACE Electrical Trade Introduction […]
Donald Fugitt – 1st offender – 11 years 6 months for pot - Please Sign Donald’s Petition on Change.org Name: Donald Fugitt  #21978078 Race: White DOB:  5-17-1984 Age 38 Children: Three children, 2 girls ages 15&11, and a boy age 4 Raised: Commerce, Texas Tried: Eastern District of Texas Will Live: Commerce, Texas Charge Conspiracy to Possess with the Intent to Distribute Marijuania Year Arrested 2013 Year Sentenced 2015 […]
Hector Marquez-Ramos – LIFE for Marijuana CONSPIRACY! - Name: Hector Leonel Marquez-Ramos, #55813-180 DOB: September 18 Race: Hispanic Raised: Chihuahua, Mexico Tried:  Western District of Texas Will live: Mexico – He will be deported. Charges: Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana, 21 USC § 841(a)(1); Conspiracy to Import, 21 USC § 959; Distribution for the purpose of unlawful importation of marijuana 21 § 963, 960. Trial or plea: Went to […]
Raquel Esquivel – 15 years for marijuana – NOW FREE - Please sign Raquel’s change.org petition  Name: Raquel Esquivel DOB: December 18 Race: White/Hispanic Marital Status: Single Age: 37 Children: 3 children and currently 6 months pregnant State where you are from: Texas State indicted: Texas Will release to: Texas Trial or pled guilty: Trial Charges: conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana Length of […]
Eric McCauley – serving 23 years for pot NOW FREE!! - Name: Eric Scott McCauleyDOB: 10-14-1981Race: whiteMarital Status: single Age: 39Children: 1Grandchildren: 0State where you are from: MOState indicted: MOWill release to: Columbia MOTrial or pled guilty: Not guiltyCharges: Conspiracy to distribute over 100 kilos of marijuana, possession with intention to distribute over 100 kilos of marijuana, distribution of marijuana and money laundering. **Side note: Eric is actually […]
Ricardo Riojas – Life for pot received Compassionate Release on 2-10-21! - Huge congratulations to Ricardo and his family, especially his daughter, Cynthia who called CAN-DO’s president, Amy Povah after she got the wonderful news!  It could not have happened to a nicer man, nor anyone more deserving! Please sign Ricardo Riojas’ change.org petition Name: Ricardo Riojas #71508-079 DOB: 10/27/1942 Race: Hispanic Marital Status: Married Age: 77 […]
Michael Pelletier – Life for Pot – CLEMENCY GRANTED 1/20/21 - What an honor to meet Michael in person on the 420 Fishing trip that in Florida sponsored by Stacey Theis, Robert Platshorn, Freedom Grow Forever, CAN-DO, Life for Pot,  and many others.  We will soon be adding an entire page of photos for the 420 event that brought together many of our amazing cannabis prisoners […]
John Knock – Serving Life for Pot – Clemency Granted 1/20/21. Congrats Beth Curtis – Life for pot! - I was arrested in 1996 and charged with conspiracy. I stood trial in 2000. I was found guilty of three conspiracy charges. It was a dry conspiracy developed by a reverse sting operation. The courts were allowed to charge “perceived” amounts at the time of my trial. I have been incarcerated for 18 years as a result of this conviction. I have been separated from my family for 20 years (2 yrs. at large and 18 yrs. in prison). I have watched our son grow from 3 into a young man of 23, through telephone calls and prison visiting rooms.
Corvain Cooper – Life for Pot Clemency Granted on 1/20/21 - Please sign Corvain Cooper’s change.org petition Corvain Cooper, #643011-112 DOB: 11/2/1979 Age: 41 Children: 2 daughters Residence: California  Charges: Distributing Marijuana; Money Laundering; Trial/Plea: Trial Tried: Western District of North Carolina, Charlotte Sentence: Life Without Parole Incarcerated Since: 2014 Served: 6 years Priors: Possession of Marijuana Institution: USP POLLOCK U.S. PENITENTIARY P.O. BOX 2099 POLLOCK, LA  71467 Clemency status: Recently re-filed Post Release […]
Ferrell Scott – LIFE for marijuana – Clemency Granted on 1/20/21 - Washington Post covers the story of Ferrell Scott’s shocking clemency denial! Ferrell Scott in Raw Story           Name: Ferrell Damon Scott #27797177 DOB: January 2nd, 1963 Race: Black Marital Status: Single Children: Skyler Scott, Serrell Scott, and Shamaiya Scott Grandchildren: Sky’ya Scott, Ferrell Scott, Sakai Scott, and Mason Scott Resident State: […]
Luke Scarmazzo – 21.8 years for Medical Marijuana — NOW FREE ON COMPASSIONATE RELEASE! - Luke’s co-defendant, Ricardo Montes received clemency. They were charged together and are co-defendants.   Please sign this petition supporting Luke’s clemency on change.org  Luke Scarmazzo # 63131-097 DOB: 1980 Age: 41 Race: White Raised: California Tried: Went to trial in the Eastern District of California Will live: Modesto, California Children: One daughter Charge: Conducting a continuing […]
Lance Gloor – 10 Years for Medical Marijuana – NOW FREE - Please sign Lance Gloor’s change.org petition Lance Gloor: #44270-086 Age: 42 Children: 1 daughter Raised: Washington State Tried: Washington State Will live: Washington State Sentence: 10 year Charges: Conspiracy to distribute marijuana. Manufacturing marijuana for Medicinal purposes, thought he was compliant with State law Started sentence:  6-3-16 Served: 8 years Release date: 9-03-2024 Institution: FCI Sheridan PO Box […]
Andrew Cox is serving LIFE for Pot! Andy Cox – Life for Pot is NOW FREE due to Compassionate release! - Andy Cox was Serving Life for Pot and walked out of prison on 1/6/20. We are elated for Andy and his family!!!  Please sign Andy Cox’s change.org petition Name: Andrew Cox, #89487-020 DOB: 7/13/1963 Children: 3 Born and Raised: Vero Beach, Florida Tried: Atlanta, Georgia Will Live: Florida Offense:  Conspiracy to Manufacture Marijuana Sentence: Life plus 2 […]
James “Jimmy” Romans – Life for Pot reduced to 30 years – Clemency Granted on 1/20/21 - Please sign Jimmy’s change.or petitions here Name: James Romans #10195-028 DOB: 7-7-1971 Race: White Marital status: Single Age: 49 Children: 3 children, 2 grandchildren Raised: Indiana Tried: Texas Will live: Indianapolis, Indiana Charges: Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana Sentence: Life Without Parole, reduced in 2017 to 30 years Served: 10 Years Release date: 1/10/2037 Arrested: August, 2010 […]
Michael “Meeko” Thompson – 60 years for pot – Michigan received clemency from Michigan Gov Whitmer on 12/22/20 - THIS IS A MICHIGAN STATE CASE – NOT FEDERAL Name: Michael “Meeko” Thompson DOB: 4/19/51 Race: Black Age: 70 Children: 1 deceased 4 alive Grandchildren: 6 Charge: Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana and Gun Charges Served: 26 years Length of sent: 40 to 60 years Priors: 3 priors Release date:  4/29/2038 Accomplishments: Michael was honorably discharged from the Navy military […]
Craig Cesal – 1st offender – Serving Life for Pot was released by BOP to home confinement due to COVID-19! - My offense conduct is limited to the repair of trucks damaged when marijuana had been smuggled within the structure of the truck, I never bought, sold, used, aided and abetted, nor participated in any marijuana activity; I only provided repair support for truck drivers who did so.
Crystal Munoz – serving 15 years for pot received CLEMENCY on 2/18/2020 - Receiving clemency would alter my whole future, and the future of my spouse and children, not to mention my other family members who sacrifice their time to help take care of my children. It means that I can be a mother to my children and a wife to my husband. I can be there to feed and take them to school and help raise them.
Aaron Sandusky – 10 Years for Medical Marijuana is NOW FREE! Early release due to First Step Act - Congratulations to Aaron and his wife Darlene who have been reunited!!! Aaron Sandusky #63038-112 DOB: 01/08/1970 Marital status: Engaged to Darlene Buenrostro Children: None Raised: California Tried: Los Angeles, CACharge: Conspiracy to manufacture and Distribute Marijuana Sentence: 10 years Incarcerated Since: 2012 Sentencing Date: 1/07/2012 Served: 7 years Will Live: Rancho Cucamonga, CA Priors: DUI Alcohol […]
Joseph Wolcott – 23 years for pot is NOW FREE! Compassionate release! - We are elated that Joe walked out of prison after Brandon Sample of Prisology wrote a motion for his compassionate release. Congrats to the Wolcott family and Brando for such a spectacular job! Name: Joseph Wolcott #18911-075DOB: March 15, 1954Race: CaucasianMarital status: Married 42 yearsAge: 65 Years oldChildren: 1 son 4 grandchildrenUpbringing: Born in New […]
Sign our petition to FREE ALL POT PRISONERS! - The CAN-DO Foundation has submitted a list of clemency candidates to the White House. One list was comprised solely of 22 people serving time for marijuana-only offenses.  Most of these individuals have already served over 10 years and Antonio Bascaro has served 38 years for a first time pot offense!  This is an outrage that […]
Michael David Knight – 17 years 6 months for pot – NOW FREE! - Congrats Michael – we are so happy you are finally home! Michael Knight is serving 17 years for Pot – Please sign his petition on Change.org Name: Michael David Knight # 09943-029 DOB: 7-4-1981 Age: 40 Children: one son, Victor Raised: Cedar Rapids, Iowa Tried: Northern District of Iowa Will Live: Cedar Rapids, Iowa Charge: conspiracy to deliver […]
America's longest serving marijuana prisoner, Antonio Bascaro, incarcerated since 1980! Antonio Bascaro – Served 39 years for pot – NOW FREE! - Antonio was #1 on Top 25 men deserving of clemency because he has served more time for pot than anyone in the nation.  But, today, May 1st he walked out of prison and into the arms of his loving family! Washington Examiner covers Antonio’s freedom in this article: Bay of Pigs pilot ends longest US pot […]
Paul Free – Serving Life For Pot – Received Clemency on 12/19/16 – NOW FREE!!! - Why commutation: I have already served over 20 years and which I believe is a long enough sentence for a non-violent marijuana offense. I have a spotless prison disciplinary record and have served as a teacher and mentor while incarcerated, as well as helped other inmates with legal issues, that has resulted in them receiving lower sentences.
Weldon Angelos – Serving 55 years for Pot is NOW FREE!!!! - Congratulations to LUCKY #7 Weldon Angelos who walked out of prison on June 3rd, after a long journey.  CAN-DO Founder Amy Povah spoke to Weldon recently and was happy to hear that Weldon will be speaking out on behalf of others who are still waiting to receive similar good news.  It is long overdue for […]
Jose Cavazos – 1st offender – 9 years for marijuana – FREE ON CARES ACT - Name: Jose Cavazos, Reg. #48293-177 DOB: June 21, 1963 Race: Hispanic Raised: Abilene, Texas Tried:  Northern District of Texas Will live: Amarillo, Texas Charges: Conspiracy to Distribute 200-400 Kilos Marijuana Trial or plea: Went to Trial. Sentenced on: June 2015 Served: 5 years – CARES Act Recipient – been on Home Confinement since May 6, 2020. Priors: First Offender. Prison Conduct: Exemplary, no incident reports, […]
Billy Dekle – Serving Life for Pot Is Now Free – Clemency - Former Marine, Billy Dekle was serving Life for Pot Billy Dekle has called several times since his release, the last time was on February 29th to talk about his half-way house woes.  We remember the days when clemency recipients did not have to go to the half-way house, and maybe some day that will change. […]
Charles Fred Cundiff is serving Life for Pot Charles “Fred” Cundiff – Received Clemency – 12/18/2015 - We are happy to announce that Charles Cundiff serving life for pot won the clemency lottery.  On Jan. 12th, he arrived at a half-way house and could use financial assistance and clothes to start a new life.   Thank you Pres. Obama!!! Charles “Fred” Cundiff is serving Life for Pot! Charles Frederick Cundiff, #643011-112 Offense: 2 Counts […]
Charles “Eddy” Lepp – 10 years for pot – NOW FREE! - Eddy was #15 on the Top 25 is now free and engaged to marry his true love, Heidi Grossman. Congratulations to the happy and lucky couple! Name: Charles “Eddy” Lepp  #90157-011 Age: 63 Charge: Conspiracy to Manufacture Marijuana Sentence: 10 years Release Date: 2/6/2018 Served: 8 years Priors: yes Prison: FCI Florence Accomplishments: Vietnam War […]
Lazaro Moreno – LIFE for POT – Received Clemency on 1/17/16 - Name: Lazaro Moreno DOB: April 3,1963 Race: Hispanic Marital Status: Divorced Age: 58 yrs old Children: Two daughters- ages 32 and 26 Grandchildren: One grandson(13), One granddaughter(10) State raised: Texas State Charged: Texas Will live: Mission, Texas Charges: 1000 kilo and more of marijuana Sentence: Life Served to date: 20 years Started sentence on: Nov […]
Chris Williams – 5 years State Sanctioned Medical Marijuana - Christopher Wayne Williams #11839-046 Offense:  Distribution of cannabis; Possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug crime Sentence: 60 months Incarcerated Since: 2008 Priors: level 1 misdemeanors Date of Birth: 6/8/1974 Family: 1 son Forfeitures: Cash and possessions Did you go to trial?: Yes How many people in your case are now free?: Three are free, four are not. […]
Moe Foley – 27.5 years for pot – NOW FREE! - Maurice Foley  Maurice “Moe” Foley, #20211-068 Offense:  Conspiracy to distribute 700 – 1000 kilos of marijuana, plus 5 years for owning a gun which was locked in a safe Sentence: 27 1/2 years Incarcerated Since: 2003 Priors: juvenile offense for petty theft; possession of marijuana. Date of Birth: 3-9-1973 Family: No Children Forfeitures: $215,000 in cash and property Did […]
President Obama Grants Clemency to Darrell Hayden serving Life For Pot! - According to Huffington Post, Francis Darrell Hayden and 21 other federal inmates, will have their sentences commuted on July 28, 2015, after President Obama signed their clemency petitions today. Darrell, who was serving a sentence of life for pot, has been in prison for 16 years and had no possibility of parole for a  non-violent, […]
Larry Duke is Free After Serving 26 Years on a Life Sentence for Pot! - We just got word via email from life for pot prisoner Larry Duke that he has gotten an immediate released. he received a compassionate release.  He served 26 years on a Life Sentence for Pot! Many people have been asking exactly what Larry filed to get his Sentence Reduction.  Below is Larry’s email to CAN-DO’s […]
Men Deserving Clemency – Larry Duke – Life for Pot – NOW FREE - Why Commutation Should Be Granted: Because I would receive a much lesser sentence if I were sentenced under the operation of in place today. My sentence under Title 21, 846 with no weight included in the indictment per AG Holder's memorandum, and no 851 enhancement for my priors, the maximum statutory sentence would be 5 years under 841 (b)(1)(D).
Linda Byrnes – 27 years for pot – NOW FREE! - Linda walked out of federal prison on April 13, 2017 and is now in Kalamazoo Michigan!  Congratulations to Linda and her family – what a milestone! Name: Linda Lee Byrnes – 68415-079 DOB: 7/6/46 Race: White Marital Status: Single State Linda is from: Michigan State charged: Michigan Where will you release to: Rodney, Michigan Children: 2 children […]
Irma Alred – 30 Years for Pot – is NOW FREE – Drugs Minus Two! - I feel it is worth noting that the attitude toward marijuana has changed drastically. Many people are now earning a lot of money growing and selling marijuana in states where it has been legalized, so I think it should be a consideration as to whether I am considered worthy of this great privilege of clemency. Even if i was guilty of everything I was accused of doing, I don’t think a 30 year sentence is a necessary punishment, especially since everyone involved is now free.
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