Rose Summers – 1st Offender – 24 Years is now free!

Rose Ella Summers – 20697-001
DOB: 9-11-70
Children: 1 son – Victor
Race: White
Raised: Grand Prarie, Texas
Tried: Dallas, Texas
Will live: Dallas, Texas
Charge: Conspiracy to Distribute Meth and Money Laundering
Sentenced: May 7, 1997
Sentence: 24 years 4 months
Served: 20 years
Release Date: August 9, 2018
Priors: First Offender
Prison Conduct: Role model inmate
Institution: Rose Ella Summers – 20697-001, Carswell Camp P.O. BOX 27137
Clemency: Petition filed November 17 2014 – denied. Also filled out electronic survey for CP14 but was recently turned down due to release date in 2018 as being “too soon.”
Supporters: CAN-DO Foundation, Families for Justice as Healing, the LOHM, family, friends.
Media: Rose Summers is in Reason article  Clemency Project is a Bureaucratic Nightmare
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  • Associate of Science in Business Management – Graduated January 2009 – Ashworth College, Georgia
  • The Professional Hotel & Restaurant Management Program with Honors – Graduated April 2011 – Ashworth College, Georgia
  • Associates of Applied Science Marketing with Honors – Graduated May 2014 – Ashworth College, Georgia
  • Graduated with highest honors to be a Certified Wedding Consultant and Event Planner from Stratford Career Institution


Victim Impact Group 13 Hours
Active Relationship Seminar 50 Hours
Misc Self-Help courses 217 Hours
40 Hr. Drug Education Class 40 Hours
Readiness for Re-entry group 13 Hours
Seeking Safety-the resolve program 60 Hours
Total hours earned 393 Hours


  • Currently enrolled in a Managerial Finance Course – Adams State University, Colorado
  • Currently enrolled in a Wedding & Event Planner Course 485 Hours – Statford Learning Institute
  • 43 hours to obtain my Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration.

I have earned two Associates degrees. One in Business and one in Marketing, completing them with a 3.7 GPA. I am now attending Adams State University taking a Managerial Finance course working towards my Bachelors degree. I am also taking a Wedding & Event Planning Course. I have a certificate for Hotel and Restaurant Management with honors through Ashworth College in Norcross Georgia. I am currently enrolled in Adam State University taking Managerial Finance to obtain the credits toward my Bachelor’s degree and enrolling at Ashworth College to take a course in Wedding Planning to be a certified Wedding Planner in hopes for a good job. I have complete 333 hours of Business Office Education allowing me to be updated on the most current Office Software, I have 2432 Sentry credited hours volunteer self-programming courses. I completed the CHANGE program which was a year long residential program with the psychology department. I was also honored to be a SHARE presenter-elected by the warden and executive staff to speak to troubled woman from the community, in shelters and halfway houses for 5 years. I have made useful, hard working, intelligent decisions with my time spent. I have taken it upon myself to further my education, knowing I would be return to society when my son was an adult. I must be a positive role model for my son and prove that my past is not who I am, nor is prison going to predict my future.


Medical Front Office & Procedures 20 Hours

Rose and son, Victor, who was 1-year old when Rose went to prison.

Medical Assistant I & II 40 Hours
Medical Terminology I & II 40 Hours
Phlebotomy 20 Hours
Human Anatomy 20 Hours
Women’s Health & Nutrition 28 Hours
Mind, Body & Soul 12 Hours
Employability 8 Hours
Life in Balance 15 Hours
Adjusting to Prison 15 Hours
Business Law 10 Hours
Spanish 30 Hours
Keyboarding Class 18 Hours
Parenting Class 11 Hours
Misc. Adult Continuing Classes 259 Hours
Total Hours Earned 548 Hours


Vocational Business Education 333 Hours
Vocational Office Technology Program 120 Hours
Total Hours Earned 453 Hours

  • I received employee of the Month from UNICOR where I have devoted over 10 years of my incarceration, taking many skills with me that I was fortunate to learn while I was there and use once I am in the community.
  • I have been a Hospice Volunteer at the FMC Carswell Hospital. I was blessed to be able to assist women that were terminally ill that were not approved for a compassionate release to go home to die with there families. This was such a wonderful and amazing experience to be a part of for 8 Years. FMC Carswell Medical Center- Ft. Worth, Texas
  • I successfully completed a – 1 Year Residential “CHANGE PROGRAM”, this program consist of Psychology Programming and Intense Groups, Volunteer Work, Boundaries Classes, Domestic Violence Counseling and Self Improvement Classes. Graduated 1999 and then I took the program again in 2006.  FMC Carswell Medical Center- Ft. Worth, Texas
  • I was selected by the Warden and Executive Staff to represent the “SHARE PROGRAM” I was approved to speak to the at risk females from the Community Outreach Program about my situation and how my actions and bad choices cost me to lose my freedom. I hope I was able to make a difference in their lives. I was in this program for 5 years. FMC Carswell Medical Center- Ft. Worth, Texas


My mom was a drug user and dealer when I was in my teens. I was exposed to the lifestyle knowing that it was wrong but allowing her to brainwash me into not only living around it but participating in her world of illegal transactions. I was very weak and easily influenced just wanting to be loved by my mom and feeling that I had no where else to go. I justified my actions because I was not the drug dealer I was just using the drug money that was given to me to pay for my college and basic necessities and of course I had to live with her supplier which I knew was wrong but again felt obligated to my mom at the time. I was even given a chance to testify against my mother to lessen my sentence but refused because I felt obligated to protect her in some way.  The day before trial she and the supplier (who is also my sons father) pled guilty leaving me to go to trial to stand there alone with the other co-defendents. All of the other co-defendents got less time than me.  They had been in the drug trafficking business with them for years.

I have had to live with the decision to not testify all these years and the guilt of leaving my own son

Victor is the love of Rose's life

Victor is the love of Rose’s life

without a mother. This has been a very long journey and I am proud to say that I have made the best of this situation that I could. I am not the same person I was when I came to prison. I now appreciate the smallest of things that life has to offer that I took for granted because I lived in such a fast world that I never took the time to appreciate life and freedom. I know that without my faith in God I never would have made it through this long journey. God has been my strength and the only way of life. I have been blessed to remain in my son’s life because my Aunt Lesa has allowed me to keep close contract with him even thought I have been gone for almost his whole life. Victor just turned 18 in April and is attending college at Texas State University in San Marcus. I want to be released from prison and be a good role model for my son in hopes of finding a good job and being able to support myself and succeed in society. I know that I will have many obstacles but I am prepared to find my way in the world.
Given this opportunity to be released early would mean the world to me and my son. I am willing to go out and work hard at any job that I am able to find and be the best I can be.

In February 1998 I lost my father due to a car accident here in Grand Prairie Texas – he was on his way to come visit me in FCI Tallahassee. In February 2009, my co-defendent and mother died while still on the Federal Coleman Camp. She only had a short time to be released after doing most of her time, it was due to her bowels exploding because she kept going to the clinic sick call and nothing was done to treat her illness.


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