Clemency Recipient Trevis Love Credits CAN-DO!

Trevis with his two daughters

Trevis with his two daughters

According to clemency recipient Trevis Love, “Amy and you [Malik King] sent a very important email out back in early April that really motivated me and got a new fire lit in me and lots of the guys here at Manchester Camp ….. the email was titled ” tips to enhance your chances of getting clemency.” What that email said is the GOSPEL!!!!! I read it several times and I followed the pointers outlined in it fully and sent it to my family and friends who [are] drained and tired from all the past letters they had been sending out for me!”

This was music to our CAN-DO ears!  We rarely know whether our advice is being heeded, so these are the kinds of messages that make the long hours we work, for no pay, worth every minute.  To read the “tips” that Trevis is referring to, go to:How to Enhance Your Chances for Clemency

Trevis Love received clemency from President Obama on May 5, 2016.  This is why we do what we do, free of charge!  CAN-DO has been advocating for prisoners to receive clemency ever since CAN-DO founder, Amy Ralston Povah walked out of prison after President Clinton committed her sentence on July 7, 2000.  We never charge the prisoners or their families a dime – nor do we ask them for money.  That’s why your contribution will go directly to someone in need.  No one on our staff receives a pay-check – we are a volunteer staff with no administrative overhead, to date.  But, the workload during this clemency push has become overwhelming.  We hope to hire some clemency recipients to assist with the workload and help them bridge the gap during the timeframe they are released from prison and find employment.  Donations will be used to build that bridge – a crucial time when prisoners face the risk of returning to prison for failure to comply with mandated half-way house rules.  CAN-DO has hired two women who could not find a job while they were transitioning and it was a win-win.  But we can’t hire people without the funds.  Together, we CAN-DO this!

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