Adrianne Miller – 15 years – Clemency granted 1/20/21

Please sign Adrianne’s petition seeking clemency from President Trump
Adrianne Davis Miller #15437-002
Age: 42
Race: White
Raised: Montgomery, Alabama
Tried: Mobile Alabama
Will live: Mobile Alabama
Charges: Conspiracy with intent to distribute a controlled substance / Conspiracy with intent to possess a list I chemical known to manufacture methamphetamine
Sentence: 15 years
Sentenced on: April 23 2015
Served: 7 years
Priors: Possession of a controlled substance x 3
Prison Conduct: Clear Conduct
Clemency status: Filed November 27, 2017 Pending #C275334
Release date: January 2028
Institution: FCI Coleman
Accomplishments: Completed Life Connections Program April, 2018
On waiting list for the Resolve Program through psychology dept
Volunteer for Pallaitive Care through the Social Worker dept
FCI Aliceville Life MGMT Skills course I – Recreation dept. 
US American History – Education dept
Self Esteem – Education dept
Health Awareness – Recreation dept.
Drug Education – DTS, Psychology department
SISTA Program – Social Worker Department
Foundation Group – Social Worker dept
ACCESS Group – Social worker dept
Trauma in Life – Psychology dept
100 ways to motivate yourself – education dept
Modern Marvels – Education dept
Parenting Workshop – Education dept
Beginners Law Library – Education dept
Native American – Education dept
Life eternal clones – Education dept
Public Speaking – Education dept
Parenting from within – Education dept
Suicide prevention – Reentry dept
Women’s relationships – LGSW, Social Worker dept
Fun craft rug braiding – recreation dept
Legal expungement – reentry dept
Budget and finance – reentry dept
Christians women Job Corp – reentry dept
Buying a home – reentry dept
Samford University seminar – reentry dept
HIV/AIDS – reentry seminar
Voter registration – reentry dept
Probation seminar – reentry dept
Senior services – reentry
Domestic Violence – reentry dept
The Book of Acts – Religious Services
The Book of James – Religious Services
Born to Win Bible corrsespondence – Emmaus Correspondence School
Men who met the Master Bible correspondence – Emmaus Correspondence School
Country called Heaven Bible correspondence course – Source of Light
Boy meets Girl, Louie Giglio on Biblical relationships – Religious Services
Beginners Sign language – recreation dept
Prison Fellowship – reentry dept
Life and Death, Louie Giglio on Biblical life MGMT – Religious Services
Work for Religious Services – Clerk for the director of the LCP Program
Volunteer to operate the sound system for all religious services functions to include all protestant church services
Goliath Must Fall- Religious Services
“Come Back Series”, Louie Giglio – Biblical teaching – Religious Services
“Label Maker Series”, Louie Giglio – Biblical teaching – Religious Services
Beginner Guitar lessons – Recreation Dept
The Journey of Advent – Religious Services
The Comeback series by Louie Giglio – Religious Services

According to Adrianne: 

Adrianne with her father

Drug addiction is a disease that has negatively affected my life, those that love me, and people I do not even know. I have struggled with addiction on and off since the age of fifteen. I am now forty years old, this is my first time in prison and by God’s grace and mercy it will be my last.

Adrianne with her spiritual mom.

In late 2013, I relapsed after almost ten years of remaining clean and by March of 2014, I was indicted on non-violent drug charges for conspiracy in which I pled guilty to. I received a fifteen-year sentence in federal prison. I take full responsibility for my choices that led to my involvement in this conspiracy and I am truly remorseful for those choices. I broke society’s laws, I acted immorally and I fully understand the consequences and punishment. I feel that a fifteen year sentence was a little too harsh considering my involvement in the conspiracy was strictly to feed my addiction and not for monetary gain. I am guilty of being a drug addict.

Adrianne with her best friend of 28 years, Kelly Hitson Cooper

I am not saying that I do not deserve time because I know I do, as this incarceration has forever altered my life in the most positive way! I have and continue to take full advantage of all of the rehabilitative processes and programs that the Bureau has to offer. I have maintained clear conduct and have spent my time working in a positive and productive manner for both myself and helping others. I have set goals for myself and I have a solid plan of action in place to ensure that these goals are achieved. I will use my past failures and mistakes along with this incarceration experience as building blocks to reach out to those who struggle with addiction as I have.

My heart’s strongest desire is to advocate to help make positive and effective changes for our future generation. I feel we have SO much to offer and given this opportunity society, I can assure you that I will not let you, myself or my family down! I will never forget my past – I will always use it as an instrument for standing in my truth and sharing how God has helped me overcome the obstacles that I have been given. My prayer is that someone will find me worthy of redemption and have mercy on me and my family, whom has stuck by my side faithfully through this whole thing. I am sorry for my involvement in the drug world. When you’re an addict, you lose perspective of what is important. I know with all of my heart that I have learned to value sobriety, and understand the cost of my physical freedom. I am not asking to go home tomorrow, I am only asking for my fifteen-year sentence to be commuted. Please give me the opportunity to serve God and help others like myself and experience the true joy and freedom on the inside that I have been given!

Thank you and God bless you!

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