Lazaro Moreno – LIFE for POT – Received Clemency on 1/17/16

lorenzo-moreno-onlyName: Lazaro Moreno
DOB: April 3,1963
Race: Hispanic
Marital Status: Divorced
Age: 58 yrs old
Children: Two daughters- ages 32 and 26
Grandchildren: One grandson(13), One granddaughter(10)
State raised: Texas
State Charged: Texas
Will live: Mission, Texas
Charges: 1000 kilo and more of marijuana
Sentence: Life
Served to date: 20 years
Started sentence on: Nov 19,1996
Priors: none 1st offender
Prison conduct: Only one shot in 20 years
Clemency Status: filed direct – it’s pending
Supporters: My family
Institution: F.C.I Three Rivers
Accomplishments: education classes, drugs classes,dental lab, vt program


In Lazaro’s words: 

The reason that I am seeking Clemency is because I want to start a new life with my daughters and grandkids that I am very proud of. I remember when I got arrested, my daughters were 12 and 6 years old; I heard them cry. It is very hard; especially when they went to visit me in Conroe – Harris County Detention Center – Houston, and saw them cry a lot, and years passed.

lorenzo-with-familyI saw them In Lewisburg, PA, United States Penitentiary once, still heartbroken, and see my grandson for the first time; see my daughters very grown up. It broke my heart always, and I could see them too, still it’s very hard; so I don’t want this life. I want to start new and spend all the time with my beautiful daughters and grandkids, that I miss and love very much. My daughters, age 31 years and 26 years old, grandson almost 14 years, granddaughter 9 years. I wasn’t there when they needed me most; graduation, birthday, wedding and so on. It’s not just me suffering, my family too. It cost too much pain for me and family; so I want to make up for time past.

Another reason that I am seeking Clemency is because I believe that the life sentence imposed on me nearly 20 years ago, was at that time, a sentence that over-reflected my part in the case. As I previously mentioned, I maintained full responsibility to take part in this case. “I plead guilty” to 3000 kilo of marijuana, and 3 years later I ended up with a “life sentence”. Who in his right mind would plead guilty? If I knew I was getting a life sentence I would have gone to trial.

During the past 20 years, I have participated in all positive programs that will help me move forward, not only through the remainder of my sentence; but hopeful I can use all these programs with my family and society. I have completed “Code Program Challenge”, Drug class, completed Dental Lab program. I even have a letter of recommendation from Dental Lab Supervisor.

I have managed to maintain focus on what I need to be doing in my present point in time, and still setting goals for future; short-term and long-term goals. I work on them as best as I possibly can and always focusing on what comes ahead, keeping in mind the need to always be ready for change. While here in Three Rivers, TX, Federal Correctional Institution, I am still programming – C.D.L. course and Financial course, and trying to enroll in Welding class.

I have maintained Clear Conduct throughout the 20 years and am programming still today. What else can I do? I’ve done everything available to move forward, hopeful in a “blessing” to get out, I would be a positive role-model to my family, work at my parent’s ranch. Another option would be work with my brother-in-law, Figueora Steel Buildings, or Meat Market, work as a sales person, heavy-equipment machinery, Dental Lab, floor-maintenance. My options of where to work are numerous.

Furthermore, I am blessed to still have all the support I need: my 2 daughters, five sisters, School teacher, 2 brothers – 1 teacher and retired, working oil-fields; the other a rancher. So if I get released I have all the support I need from all my family and I will live with my daughters and grandkids.

All I ask for is one opportunity to prove myself. This was my first offense. Never had I had any violence or any criminal conviction. I am not perfect. I am a fallible human being prone to make a bad decision. With this being said I would like to ask for your mercy in considering my Clemency or some type of relief. I believe I have what it takes to make it. Thank you for your consideration and possibly believing in me as well. May God bless you.

Sincerely Yours,

Lazaro Moreno #71491-079


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