Euka Wadlington – LIFE – NOW FREE! Compassionate release!


euka-wadlington-profile-photo-2Name: Euka Wadlington #10296-424
DOB: Feb , 1966
Race: African American
Marital Status: Single
Age: 52
Children: 5
Grandchildren: 3
State Raised: Illinois
State Charged: Iowa
Will release: Chicago, IL
Charge: Non-violent crack conspiracy/attempt delivery
Served to date: 19 years
Started Sentence: May 10, 1999
Priors: several
Prison Conduct: Clear/no incident reports
Clemency status: Denied
Supporters: Len Goodman Law Office, Clemency Project 2014, CAN-DO Foundation, Harsh, & ACLU
P.O. BOX 5000


1) Humanitarian Award- Moorish Science Temple of America
2) Certificate of Completion : Instruction of Mental Math
3) Certificate of Completion: Geometry Instructor
4) Certificate of Completion: Algebra Instructor
5) Advanced Chess Competition Coordinator
6) Juneteenth Committee Certificate of Appreciation
7) Certificate: Effective Communications
8) Instructor and Mentor- Re-entry Program
9) Drama Program
10) Typing Instructor
11) Life Skills Program
12) Thinking Errors Program
13) Re-Entry Mentor
14) Apprenticeship Program
15) Parenting Program
16) Teacher’s Aide- BOP Greenville
17) Career Clerk
18) Offender Employment Specialist
19) Mock Job Fair- Re-Entry Skills Class
20) Dramatic Speech Program
21) FDIC Money Smart Programs (9 completions)
22) Chess Showdown Certificate of Recognition
23) Comprehensive Chess Course Instructor- Intermediate
24) Comprehensive Chess Course Instructor- Advanced
25) VT Introduction to Computers
26) ACE Grammar and Style Instructor
27) ACE Math Level 3
28) ACE Certificate of Appreciation: Grammar and Style Shop
29) GED Tutor Certificate of Appreciation
30) The Reading Link- Training for Tutors
31) Black History Trivia Contest Coordinator
32) Aids Awareness Class
33) Educational Assistance
34) Juneteenth Certificate of Dedication
35) Powered Industrial Tucks Training Program
36) Certificate of Recognition: Lifestyle Intervention Instructor
37) Certificate of Recognition: Mentor/Instructor Trainer
38) Tutor Training at FCI Greenville
39) GED Instructor
40) Typing Instructor (to 300 inmates)
Updated 6/29/2018

College Ten Key Class                 7/11/2016
College Dictation                        7/13/2016
Microsoft Office Program          10/1/2016
Kaskaskia Read/Tutor Trng        10/26/2016
Intro Suicide Companion Trng     1/10/2017
Intro Suicide Companion Trng     4/3/2017
Intro Suicide Companion Trng     7/3/2017
Intro Suicide Companion Trng     7/10/2017

Kaskaskia Read/Tutor Trng        9/28/2017

Media:  Shawn King article in The Appeal: Alice Marie Johnson is free. Now it’s time to free thousands more…


According to Euka:
I make no excuses for my prior actions and behavior that led to my incarceration. I fully accept responsibility for the negative effect that my actions had on my community and society at large.

I have come to understand how my negative actions effected those I care about. For example, my children grew up without the presence of their father, and my mother and step-father started getting helplessly ill over the years. Now, my small children are adults with children.

While in prison, I have had the unique opportunity to take a closer look at myself as I observed the behavior and opinions of others around me. In 2002, I started working in the education department which led to my current employment in FCI Greenville. My motivation to help others stemmed from my first cellmate who was functionally illiterate. From him, I learned there were more guys like him, who wanted to educate themselves, but were ashamed to ask for help. Literacy became my passion and I became a volunteer tutor which developed my GED Tutoring. Being a GED tutor led me to co-create a reentry program, Lifestyle Intervention Course, and it led me to help facilitate chess tournaments where prisoners were matched up against college students and professors.

Why Commutation?
I believe my clemency petition should be granted because I was unable to benefit from the Fair Sentencing Act in 2010 due to the fact of being sentenced in 1999. My two life sentences would have been lowered to the concurrent maximum of 20 years. And although the reality was that I could possibly die in prison, I still took the positive steps to rehabilitate myself, help others, stay out of trouble, and did not involve myself with gangs or any other type of organizations with negative attributes.

Re-Entry Plans
If I am released back into society, although I have employment offers, I still plan to pursue a college degree, help care take my mother, and reunite with my children. Besides that, if the opportunity presents itself, I could help influence the younger generations to not join a gang, to not rob and/or kill his neighbor for money or material gain, and to respect law-enforcement.

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