Jose Cavazos – 1st offender – 9 years for marijuana – FREE ON CARES ACT

Name: Jose Cavazos, Reg. #48293-177
DOB: June 21, 1963
Race: Hispanic
Raised: Abilene, Texas
Tried:  Northern District of Texas
Will live: Amarillo, Texas
Charges: Conspiracy to Distribute 200-400 Kilos Marijuana
Trial or plea: Went to Trial.
Sentenced on: June 2015
Served: 5 years – CARES Act Recipient – been on Home Confinement since May 6, 2020.
Priors: First Offender.
Prison Conduct: Exemplary, no incident reports, programs and has worked from day one.
Clemency status:  Pending.
Release date: March 31, 2023.

Institution: Released on CARES Act 5-6-2020 – Living at home in Abilene.

Supporters: Family, Friends, CAN-DO Foundation, Lisa Jacobi, Freedom Grow, Mission Green
Health issues: Currently suffering from nerve damage.  Had been working since his release until an injury put him on Worker’s Compensation.


  • 12 hour Parenting Course
  • Drug Education completed 12/2015
  • Greenhouse Management
  • Landscape Design
  • Landscape Management
  • Exemplary record during incarceration

According to Jose:

I come from a loving family who have been supportive of me since my release under the CARES Act.  Since my release I worked right away to begin to repair all the wrongs that took place during my incarceration.  I am deeply sorry for all the pain and suffering I have caused my family and now am ready and able to give back to them.  I began working right away upon my release; however, I suffered an injury and have been on worker’s comp.  I am doing better and am about to find a new job.

I have been home since May 6, 2020, and I was advised by my Probation Officer that I am to contact him in October 2022, and he would grant me an early release from home confinement.  My concern is that I will be sent back to prison before that date to finish my sentence.  I am not a danger to society; I never was.  I completed many programs to occupy my time and remained incident free.  If given clemency by President Biden I would forever value his mercy. 

Release plan:

Housing: I have been living at 4912 Parker Street, Amarillo, Texas.

Employment: I am a highly skilled mechanic and can work in any auto place repairing and modifying cars.  

Medical:  I plan to secure medical insurance through his employer.  

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