Evelyn Bozon Pappa – 1st Offender – Serving LIFE is NOW FREE! Compassionate release!

Name: Evelyn Cecilia Bozon Pappa #48576-004
DOB: June 10-1961
Age: 59
Race: White/Hispanic
Tried: Eastern District of Florida
Will live: Colombia
Charges: Conspiracy to import cocaine  (count 1)
Conspiracy to possess whit intent to distribute cocaine, (count 2)
Conspiracy to Import cocaine (counts, 3,5 and 7).
Possession with intent to distribute cocaine (counts, 4, 6 and 8)
Money laundering, conspiracy, (count 9)
Sentence: Nine “Life Without Parole” sentences
Sentenced on: September 4-1997
Served: 23 years
Priors: First Offender
Prison Conduct: Clear, perfect conduct, for the last 22 years, live in the honor unit for 21 years.
Clemency: Denied by President Obama – refiled, pending Clemency case #C284595
Release date:  Never
Institution:  FCI Tallahassee
Supporters: Chapel Staff, Unit team, Counselors, case manager, Prison staff who have known me for many years, CAN-DO Foundation, Crack Open the Door, The LOHM, The National Council,
Health Issues: Suffered a stroke, in 2011, vaginal tumors, Hypothyroidism, circulatory problem.
This is Evelyn’s mother who is 95 and wants to see her daughter before she dies


Houses of Healing Religious Services
Managing Your emotions
Becoming Woman of Freedom
Values Religious Services
New Believers Religious Services
RPP#6 Managing Stress
Adjusting to Prison
Ace Intro to computers
Ace Conversational English
Ace Intro to Computers
Ace Translation 2
Ace Translation
Ace Needlepoint
RPP #6 Women’s Empowerment Group
Ace 32 Hour Legal Research
Ace 9 Hour Legal Research
Ace 9.5 Tips to Understanding a Paycheck
Female Resume Class
Inmate Wellness Program
Nurseryman Apprentice
English 2nd Language
Horticulture/Landscape VT
Ged Spanish
Inmate Leisure Program
Evelyn’s daughter, Martha

According to Evelyn:

I believe that for the past 24-years that I have been incarcerated, I have had a tremendous amount of time to think about my errors and how sorry and ashamed I am. I was wrong, and I ask for forgiveness as well as a second chance to be a productive member of society and have an opportunity to take care of my poor elderly and disabled mother. My mother is now 95-years-old. I have a daughter, Martha, who is struggling with her son.  His name is Salomon and he suffers from Mossaico Chromosomes 20 disorder and she needs my help to take care of him. I also need to help her because she suffers from epilepsy. I come to you for your help to make my dream of freedom and a family reunion to come true.
Release plan: 
I first plan to take care and embrace all of my family, especially my elderly mother. Second, I would like to join organizations in Colombia and other countries who help to defend women that have suffered from physical abuse, especially from domestic abuse. I would also like to help my son who is an architect, who has offered me a job working with him in his business.
My dream is to be reunited with all of my family and give them lots of Love, Hugs & Kisses–I have not been able to do so for 24 long years.
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Amy Ralston Povah is a clemency recipient under President Clinton, an award winning filmmaker, and founder of the CAN-DO Foundation.