Robert Shipp – Life Reduced to 30 years – Now free

Robert_ShippRobert served his time and is currently living in Chicago.
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Robert was featured in The Mercy Lottery: A Review of the Obama Administration’s Clemency Initiative by NYU Law School released June 2018; a thesis as a part of master’s project by Raishad M. Hardnett, a journalism student of Columbia University, NY entitled The Inmates Left Behind: Clemency and Mercy in the Age of Trump on March 9, 2018;  Op Ed by Yale Law Students in Mic on Dec 30, 2016 as being extremely worthy of clemency on a list of people they vetted and determined met all the criteria of Obama’s clemency project 2014.The Intercept quoted Robert in an article entitled Despite Backlash for working with Trump, Activist Say Prison Reform Can’t Wait on June 4, 2018.

Name: Robert E. Shipp #05447424
DOB: 9-16-72
Race: African American
Marital Status: Single
Age: 46
Children: 1
Grandchildren: 4
State you are from: Illinois
State where you were charged: Illinois
Where will you release: Hazel Crest, Illinois
Charge: conspiracy to possess and distribute crack cocaine, and to use a telephone to facilitate drug transactions
Sentence: Life..later reduced in 2015 to 30 years…..
Served to date: 25 years
Started Sentence on: Arrested 9-7-93 and sentenced to life July 14, 1994
Priors: 2 priors, both for unlawful possession of firearms
Prison Conduct: only 4 incident reports in 24 1/2 years
Clemency status: Denied – Clemency Petition Filed May 2016 by Professor Mark Osler
Supporters: Judge Marvin Aspen Letter for Robert Shipp 5.31.2013, Letters from Congressman Steve Cohen for Robert Shipp, CAN-DO Foundation, Mommie Activist and sons,FAMM, #cut50, St. Thomas School of Law, NYU Law School, The Clemency Report, a host of friends and family. See freerobertshipp facebook page
P.O. BOX 1000
MILAN, MI 48160
Graduate of “Friend of a Friend” mentorship program. Currently mentors at Milan to younger inmates.
Completed Microsoft management and business courses with Kaskaskia College with a 4.00 average.

Other accomplishments as follows:

Robert and his sister Veda

Robert and his daughter, Takeema

College business English
College keyboarding
3 steps to success
College excel expert
college word expert
RPP4-HIV education
Lean Six Sigma Basic training
Micro soft power point
Microsoft excel
Micro soft word
Friend/Friend mentoring program
RPP4-IL Sec. State Employment
RPP4-USPO Northern District Illinois
RPP3-IRS Tax Information
RPP6-Lifestyle Intervention
Commercial Driver License
RPP5-Halfway House prep House Prep
(G) Decision Making-CAI
(I) Conflict Intervention CAI
(A) MSO Excel 1-CAI (20 hours)
(PG) PCTC Business Leadership
(A) MSO Word 1-CAI (20 hours)
(A) Internet Firefox-CAI (20 hours)
(V) Photoshop level 1-CAI
(D) Making Wise investment decisions
(A) Internet Basics-(20 hours)
(C) Effective Time Management CAI
(G) Balance work and family-CAI
(D) Personal Finance-CAI(10 hours)
(V) Conducting interviews-CAI
(I) Diversity and Communication-CAI 10 hours
(I) Basic Communication CAI 10 hours
(C) Emotional Intelligence-CAI
(ES) COMM. Skills 4 Employment
(ES) Getting along with co-workers
(ES) Dress for employment success
(ES) Employment Goal setting 101
(ES) Responsibility Employment
(ES) Time Management Skills
(EM) Informational Job Fair
(EM) Interview Job Fair
(PG) USP Typing Ace course
(PG) Computer Parenting Program
Ace Basic Power Point 20 hours
FS Equipment Sanitation 2 hours
Ace Basic MS Word 20 hours
(PG) African American History Ace
(PG) Ancient voices Ace 15 hours
(PG) Drivers Education 10 hours
(PG) Welding Inspection Ace
Ace Basic Ms Excel 20 hours
MRSA Awareness 2 hours
HLTH RPP-Influenza Awareness
BEG Nutrition and RPP Class USP
RPP Financial management
FPT Personal Trainer Certification USP
VT Off Automation 1230-230mf
RPP Personal Financial management
RPP Resume Skills
RPP Effective Interview Skills
RPP Mock Job Fair
VT OFF Automation 12e30-230mw
RPP Job search skills
Advanced Spanish
Job application skills
Beginning Sign language
Intro to Alpha Smart Operation
Recreation Aide Training
P Fitness Trainer
Flip This House
Beginner Calisthenics
Real Estate
Beginning Spanish
Step Aerobics
Calisthenics, M & W
ELL Law Library Orientation
CSSF-Finance Seminar
CSSF-Employment Seminar
RPP 6/USP Social services/F
Personal Growth/Development
Pre-release Health and Nutrition
Basic legal workshop
Jump Rope
Running and walking
Practical math
Basic COMM Concepts
Anger management
Life without a Crutch
Commitment to Change I, II, & III

In Robert’s words:

I am ready, willing, and prepared to make a successful reintegration back into society after serving 24 years of imprisonment. Every day away from my family, my daughter and my grandchildren is one day too much.  I have much to offer, not only to my family, and community, but to this beautiful country we live in.  I am no longer the person I was when I was too young to understand the consequences of my actions. I have grown, matured, and evolved into this man who now looks back in hindsight, and realizes I made a horrible mistake. Yes, I was very young, but that is no excuse for my crime.  I have embraced every program as my list of accomplishments establishes. My desire to be the best version of myself is reflective in the extremely long list of accomplishments and courses I have completed in prison.  I am more than ready and prepared to make my contributions to this beautiful country. I need clemency because another day away from my family is one more day that I cannot afford. I have done my all to not only rehabilitate myself, but more importantly, I have changed my entire thought process and the way I use to think. For now, I realize that hard work, education, and dedication are the true keys to a successful life. There are no short cuts. I learned that the hard way! My life has a purpose. I have a purpose and clemency will give me the chance to be the best son, brother, father, grandfather and husband that I have ever hoped to be. I deserve clemency because I have worked hard for it. I deserve a second chance, because that’s all I need to get it right.  I am ready to live. More ready than I have ever been for anything in my life. I have never taken on the “defeatist” perspective. I always believed in fairness. Just as I believe there is fairness in this country. To accept my current circumstances as my final destination in this life…never! I have always had always “hope” that the future will be much better than the present, but only as long as I keep the faith and work to make it so.  It’s the only way that my dreams, thoughts, and talents will come into fruition. Freedom is what I need…and First Step Act will give me that!

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