Cheryl Singleton – 12.5 Years for Wire Fraud — NOW FREE UNDER CARES ACT!!!!!

Name: Cheryl Singleton, Reg. #69550-019
DOB: July 19
Race: Black
Raised: Brunswick, GA
Tried:  Northern District of Georgia
Will live: Atlanta, GA
Charges: 18 USC 1343 – Wire Fraud.
Sentenced on: January 31, 2017
Priors: None – First Time Offender
Prison Conduct: Exemplary
Clemency status:  Pending – C294098
Release date: April 8, 2027
Institution:  FCI Aliceville
Supporters: Family, Friends, CAN-DO Foundation, Lisa Jacobi.
Health issues: None


  • Enrolled in many courses

According to Cheryl:       I am deeply sorry for the decisions I made when I was an accountant/tax preparer.  I know that making illegal claims on tax returns was wrong, at the time I felt I was helping my clients maximize their returns.  In looking back, adjusting claims when reporting self-employment income to get them more money back on their return, was just poor judgment on my part, and for that I am deeply remorseful.  In my profession I should have known better.

I am humbly seeking a commutation of my sentence as I am truly truly sorry for my actions to have led me where I am today — sitting in prison, away from my family.  I deeply regret those past choices on a daily basis.  I have had the chance to reflect on my past and realized that I had to carve a new path for my future.  While I have been on this path since my incarceration, not only have I changed my mental thought process, but I have completed federally approved rehabilitative programs in an effort to better myself.  I am also currently five classes away from receiving my bachelor’s in legal studies from Adam State University.  I am doing all the things required of me as there is nothing more that I want in my life than to be home with my son and daughter and family.  If I only knew how my mistakes could affect my children, myself, and other people; my children are still struggling trying to grasp that I am not there every day.  My son is about to graduate in 2023 and I pray I can be there physically to see him walk at graduation.  My priority is to be a mother, one whose children can look up to and count on.  A mother should never leave her children and today, I am committed to being the mother I was meant to be.

Release planHousing-If released on clemency, Ms. Singleton has a loving and caring family who are committed to assisting her in a successful reentry to society.  She also has many friends in the community who plan to assist her as well.  Ms. Singleton would return to Atlanta to live with his sister. Employment-Ms. Singleton plans on working for her sister as she owns “Donna’s Notary Service & ReMax” and Ms. Singleton will be able to use her certification as a Real Estate Appraiser in that capacity.

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