Alicia Siller – 21 years 10 months – CLEMENCY GRANTED!!!


Alicia Siller received clemency on October 27, 2016 

Messages from Alicia Siller: I just want to let every one know that I got the BEST news ever today. Obama signed off on my clemency. Ill be coming home soon. So I want to Thank every one that supported me. First and foremost I want to Thank My Lord Jesus Christ and second of all I want to Thank God for sending my Angel Malik. I would of given up along time ago if it wasn’t for him pushing me.
love always Alicia Siller

November 4, 2016:
I’m so Happy that Obama is still signing clemency. I just pray that I see more of our sisters getting it this time. I also hope Cliton will follow in his footsteps and keep his legacy going. To all my sisters out there Don’t EVER give up hope!!keep fighting till the end…always Alicia Siller
—–Poavah, Amy on 11/4/2016 12:21 PM wrote:

Name: Alicia Siller
DOB: 7-19-76
Age: 40
Children: 1 daughter, 2 sons, 2 grandchildren
Charge: Conspiracy possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine and FAA scanning.
Sentence: 21-years & 10 months
Served: 12-years & 11 months
Release Date: 10/13/2022
Priors: Misdemeanor 1993 Age: 17 for possession of controlled substance.
Prison Conduct: I have incident reports concerning minor infractions.
Accomplishments: While being incarcerated I have maintained steady employment with UNICOR here are the job titles have held: Automated data processing, 411 call center, FAA call scanning, United States Patent Department, and I was a production clerk at the Disro Center. I have also taken a wide spectrum of release preparation classes that focus on drug abuse, self help, healthy living, personal finances, employment classes, and completed the business administration, technical training (vt).
Institution: FCI – ALICEVILLE

Clemency Petition Status: On May 23, 2016 the U.S. Pardon Attorney received my petition submitted by my CP-14 attorney. It is currently pending.

According to Alicia:

In 2003 I was sentenced to 21-years and 10 months for conspiracy to possess and distribute meth. I have taken full responsibility for my participation in an ongoing conspiracy in which drugs were sold. I realize my behavior was wrong and I yearn for the day when I can reunite with my family and let the healing begin. They have suffered everyday because this 22-year prison sentence that I am serving. It is one they too must serve. I carry that load with me everyday. I pray for relief from President Barack Obama for my 22- year sentence which I have already served 13-years to be commuted. My offense did not involve any guns, any links to gangs, cartels, or violence whatsoever. Hence, I qualify for and I am the ideal candidate that the Clemency Initiative program is designed to help.

Why I want/need/deserve clemency: 

I am seeking commutation of my sentence for many reasons but first and foremost for my children. Being convicted at the age of twenty-seven and sentenced to 262 months was a difficult situation not only for me but more so for my children. Through the years it has been extremely difficult for my children to grow up without their mother. My oldest child was 8-years old when I was sent to prison. She has now graduated from college and has two daughters of her own, whom I have never met. My youngest child has had an encounter with the law and I’m afraid he will go down the wrong path and end up in prison himself. I’m asking for the opportunity to be a mother again to my children and a grandmother to my two beautiful granddaughters. I want to teach them what I have learned through my incarceration. I know I can never give back the time I missed being away from them, but they can benefit from my experience now.

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