Diana Marquez – 1st Time Offender – 30 years for Marijuana – NOW FREE!

Diane Marquez

Exciting update – Diana Marquez was called in to the halfway house on 12/28 to have her ankle monitor removed! Her compassionate release was granted on 12/21 by Judge Briones, docketed on 12/27 and as of today she no longer has to wear an ankle monitor. She has been moved to probation which will allow her many more freedoms, such as the ability to finally visit her mother who she has not seen since before her incarceration!  We owe a huge thanks and congratulations to Law Professor Colin Miller of University of South Carolina who together with his students wrote Diana’s compassionate release at our request. Diana’s outdate wasn’t until 2031 so this is a huge relief to Diana and her family.

Diana Marquez #60222-180
DOB: July 12
Race: Hispanic
Age: 65
Children: 5
Grandchildren: 16
Charges: Conspiracy to import and distribute marijuana, Money Laundering (see bio below for specific charges)
Tried: Western District of Texas, El Paso
Sentence: 30 years
Serve to date: 16 Years
Started Sentence on: 6/06/2007
Priors: First offender
Prison Conduct: Perfect conduct
Clemency Status: Pending
Supporters: CAN-DO Foundation, Crack Open the Door, the LOHM,  Inmate Support and family will assist with any reentry needs
Institution: Was at Bryan Texas
Accomplishments: I have learned many skills from accounting to teaching, Computer skills, etc. During the period of years I have been incarcerated I have taken many steps to retain and refresh the skills I had prior to coming to prison.

According to Diana: 

Diana with her daughter, Sandra

Diana with her daughter, Sandra

I’m a very blessed mother of five and grandmother of sixteen.  I miss my children so very much, as well as my ninety-year-old mother and my 5 siblings. 
I am currently serving a 30-year sentence at FMC Carswell for conspiracy. I am a low level offender with no prior criminal history. My guilt is by association with my husband Mario Marquez.  My role in the case was not removing myself from his illicit behavior.  I regret that now, although with 5 children to take care of I felt as though I had to stay in the relationship.  I know that is no excuse but I had been taught especially in my culture you stay with your husband no matter what.  Something that was instilled in me as a young girl.  My children were always my life, I spent most of my time with them, turning a blind eye to the illegal activity going on around me.

One of my biggest mistakes was assuming his actions would not have negative consequences upon the rest of our family. I realize now I was wrong and I have learned from my mistakes. Going through the turmoil of hurting my children and family has been hard, however I can say it has brought me closer to God and I am very thankful for that.

Throughout these many years of pain and suffering I have endured many tragedies.   One of my sons was murdered and my youngest son has been missing for the past few years. My mother was hit by a car in March of 2014, and my sister passed away of cancer. By the grace of God my mother is still alive and has recovered as much as a 92 year old women can.  Since I have been incarcerated I have maintained clear conduct, worked a full time job & I mentor the younger Hispanic ladies by encouraging them on ways to live a better life through the word of God.

Diana over the years

My Conviction:

I was convicted of conspiracy to distribute marijuana, importation, engaging in monetary transaction of property, & continuing criminal enterprise.
My Sentence was 360 months.

Why I Deserve Clemency:
I want the opportunity to redeem myself to society and my family by proving I am not the person I was when I walked into prison twenty-three years ago at forty-nine years old. Now at sixty-three years old my desire is to be reunited with my family and grandchildren, and spend some time with my mother before she passes by taking care of her. My children are now grown but they still need me for love and support, no matter how old they are. I pray that God and President Trump will give me the opportunity to prove I am a better person, I have learned from my prison time, and I am ready to be a productive member of society.

My plans for re-entry include a role in an accounting position. To give back to society I would enjoy mentoring young men and women by teaching them skills in accounting that I have mastered. During the period of my incarceration, I have taken many steps to retain and refresh the skills I had prior to coming to prison, such as clerical and accounting experience. I have since graduated with an Office Manager Apprenticeship course while in prison. When I am released my strengths will rely on my Christian principles, strong support system, and hardworking values. My family stands ready to assist me with all my re-entry needs, I am asking for a second chance so I can go home and live the rest of my life with my loved ones.

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