Charceil Kellam – Life Without Parole received CLEMENCY!

Charceil_Current_PictureName: Charceil Kellam #059920-084
DOB: 3-3-64
Children:Perry 33,Elijah19,Nyjah14
Charge: Conspiracy to dist, poss, poss to dist.
Sentence: 2 LIFE PLUS 30YRS
Release Date: unknown
Served: 10 yrs sept-2016 locked-up since sept.2006
Started Sentence: sentenced Aug27,2007
Priors:2 petty misd.for drugs (1) felony for a pipe,shoplifting,public assit.fraud failure to report
Prison Conduct: a few minor infractions
Institution: Hazelton SFF
Supporters:family.friends,no justice no peace,pastors and church members,BBC.famm,
Accomplishments: Soldering,blu-print,nutrition,spanish,computer,random act of kindness,safety in the work place, rpp personal growth,conquest of american,setting your intentions,small bussiness,wind chime,acrylic paint,yoga,bugeting,(faith base classes- Threshold,Book of James,key to your expected end,countdown to freedom,courage to change-personal growth,respomsible thinking,social value,self control,peer relationships,substance abuse,celebrate recovery,as well as bible studies courses thru out the years.

Charceil’s long nightmare is finally OVER!!! Angels are singing. 

According to Charceil: 

Since being incarcerated I had had the time, opportunity and been offered some tools for my recovery of my addictions and unhealthy relationships. I’d began my journey for recovery and healing before being incarcerated. I have taken many classes whereas seeds were planted. However, it took me accepting responsibility by becoming aware of my triggers while examine my life patterns of how I deal with my challenges and making the choices(s) to apply the principles that I have learned. I had to learn how to incorporate the new fundamental components into my daily life, so much so that most are my lifestyle versus just a way of life for me. Becoming observant, recognizing my trigger points, focusing on interpersonal healing has been extremely rewarding for me. My relationship with my grandmother has been instrumental in keeping me grounded as it relates to my spiritual and personal relationship with God. I am still learning how to better myself. I am so grateful that neither my mom nor grandmother gave up on me.

I can not make up for the years that I’ve been on the “inside” working on myself during this physical incarceration. Nor can I go back in time and change all of my life challenges. However, I have made many changes and pray that I am offered a second chance of being able to assist my mother and grandmother in their retirement while pursuing my Culinary Arts credentialing and doing what I love the best, cooking for a living. This will enable me an income to support my family. It is my dream for my grandmother Viola the product of her labor in razing me as well as her prayers over my life being answered. It is my desire to become the matriarch of my family, allowing my mother to take her rest in raising my children while enjoying the remainder of her without being obligated of being Elijah and Nyjah sole parent and caretaker. Elijah really needs me. He is really struggling with all of this. I don’t want him to spend all of his early adult years trying to find himself withoutmy assistance and guidance. There is a limit on how much influence that I can be without being a direct influence in his life. I pray that Elijah comes out of this depression in which he is suffering from. I don’t want another generation to be affected in such a dysfunctional manner that inhibits him from being everything that he can possibly become. My mother and grandmother have done an awesome job in my absence. I can imagine that Granny who is 104 years of age and Mom, who is 74 years of age are more than drained and feeling bad that the children did not have me there and at are trying to make up for my absence. I not only want to be there for my family, I need to be the matriarch of my family that I was ordained to be. I need to go home and become a productive member of our society. The clemency will offer me the opportunity to be all that I am meant to be on the outside.

I have gained so much knowledge and problem solving skills as well as being able not just to maintain but grow during my ten years of incarceration. I need other skills that aren’t offered within this Federal Bureau of Prison System to assist me in re-entering society. I am ready for my freedom on the outside since I have received freedom and healing emotionally, spiritually and mentally as well as physically.

I had to write my story. I needed to become a human being, a mother, a daughter, a granddaughter, a person who has flaws and who also has tremendous growth with so much to offer myself, my family, my community and everyone who chooses to hear my story. I am not just a person with a register number. There is redemption in choosing transformation for one’s healing. I am living proof!!!

Charceil D. Kellam

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