Congrats to Schearean Means – LIFE Received Clemency on 12/19/16

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Congrats to Schearean Means – LIFE Received Clemency on 12/19/16

Schearean Means was #5 on the CAN-DO Top 25 women – she just received the best Holiday gift ever – MERCY!!!

schearanName: Schearean Means,  Reg #19958001
DOB: 5/25/52
Age: 64
Children: None
Charge: Conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine and marijuana
Year Sentenced: Arrested in 1995 (incarcerated since arrest) and sentenced in 1996
Sentence: LIFE
New Release Date: July, 2022
Served: 22 years
Priors: 2 minors. Probation both times
Prison Conduct: 100% clear conduct for 21 years
Supporters: Family, Friends and Community, CAN-DO
Institution: FCI Aliceville, PO Box 4000, Aliceville, AL 35442
Received GED in prison
Rubies for Life Graduate (re-entry program)
Volunteers for Religious Services activities
Volunteers for Recreation activities
Completed Discipleship Program
Completed Cabinet Making and Ceramics classes
Served as Usher for 19 years in Protestant Worship Services
Completed Suicide Prevention Workshops
Completed numerous ACE classes
Completed numerous Re-entry classes
Completed Self-Esteem, Silver Star Yoga, Smoking Awareness, and Mock Job Fair

Clemency Petition: Pending

According to Schearean:

One of my brothers and one nephew each received a LIFE sentence too. My sister received a 10 year sentence, but died in 2002 while in prison. Two nephews received 30 year sentences each, but benefitted in 2010 from the Crack law, and the 2 point drug reduction in 2015 and are now both at home.  My niece received probation. All other co-defendants are at home.  I am the only person still serving time.

I am very remorseful for having been a part of a drug conspiracy, but never thought I would receive a life sentence.  I only blame myself. I was wrong and it’s up to me to turn this negative into a positive.  My greatest desire is to be able to spend my remaining years with my loved ones.

Prior to prison and post prison: 

When I was 10 years old I was diagnosed with a very serious heart condition and was never able to work. I wanted to live a normal life, but my health stopped me from pursuing many things that healthy individuals did. Even with my limited physical capacity, I have tried to be a different individual while incarcerated and prepare for a life outside. I have learned a lot during this time and taking responsibility is crucial for anyone who wants to change a cycle of bad choices.  I just hope I can apply what I’ve learned through rehabilitative courses and introspection to my future self and society.  I believe that I have a greater meaning and purpose in life than what I’ve experienced. I am a very peaceful person and feel that it serves no benefit to keep me locked away for life. It is my prayer that I will be given that second chance to be a productive citizen in society.

I plan on living with my sister-in-law in Fairfield, Alabama when I return home.


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