Sanford Johnson – 12.5 Years for Marijuana

Name: Sanford Eugene Johnson, III, #25702-017
DOB: February 18
Race: White.
Raised: Pensacola, Florida.
Tried:  Northern District of Florida.
Will live: Pensacola, Florida.
Charges: 21 USC 841-Conspiracy to distribute marijuana; 18 USC 1956-Conspiracy to commit money laundering.
Trial or plea: Guilty Plea.
Sentenced on: November 8, 2017.
Served: 4 years.
Priors: No felony charges, but other marijuana charges.
Prison Conduct: Exemplary, no incident reports; extensive programs and consistent work history.
Clemency status:  Pending.
Release date: December 29, 2024.
Institution:  FCI Yazoo City Low, P.O. Box 5000,  Yazoo City, MS 39194


Supporters: Family, Friends, Freedom Grow, CAN-DO Foundation.

According to Sanford:    I am embarrassed and extremely remorseful for the choices that I made regarding my involvement in the case at bar to pick up and deliver marijuana.  I am not a dangerous person, nor am I a threat to society.  I am a nonviolent marijuana offender and take full responsibility for my actions.  I took my freedom for granted and never thought I’d find myself serving 12 years for marijuana.  However, being here has become a turning point in my life; it has provided me an opportunity to realize that there is nothing more important than my family and my freedom.  I have decided to use my time wisely and educate myself by enrolling in Adams State University to finish his bachelor’s degree.  I that my rehabilitative efforts show I am committed to staying on the right path in life and never reoffending again.  This is not the life I want to be living.

Home Plan:  If released on clemency, Mr. Johnson has a loving and caring family who are committed to assisting him in a successful reentry to society.  He also has many friends in the community who plan to assist him as well.  He plans on returning to the Florida area to live with his parents. Employment: Mr. Johnson plans on seeking employment immediately upon release to be able to provide and care for his family.  He plans on working with his father at Coastal Paint Works located in Pensacola, Florida. Medical:  Mr. Johnson plans to secure medical insurance through his employer. Health Concerns: Mr. Johnson stands at 6’3” and weighs over 320 lbs.  He has sleep apnea, high blood pressure and is considered obese.  He plans on seeking a doctor to assist in getting his health under control.

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