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Name: Ismael Lira #45946-180
Age: 44
Race: American. Mom Was Born in Del Rio, Dad in Mexico.
Raised: Texas
Tried: Texas
Will live: Del Rio
Charged: Conspiracy
Sentence: Life without parole
Sentenced on: October 23, 2006
Served: 15 years
Priors: None
Prison Conduct: Exceptional
Clemency status: Denied on January 6, 2017
Release date: N/A
Institution: USP Terre Haute, P O Box 33, Terre Haute, IN. 47808
Accomplishments: ACE Electrical Trade Introduction to Carpentry USP Yoga Classes Painting, Custodial Maintenance, Rel SVC Reentry Class, Transition Reentry Class, Lether Class, Health and Nutrition, Vocational Business Management Computer Classes and many more.

Ismael’s Extraordinary Rehab Record: 

Ismael commitment to rehabilitation has been consistent, steadfast and lengthy. Ismael has demonstrated through the efforts he has undertaken that his commitment is genuine, that is is truly committed to improving and bettering himself and to assisting others who share his goal. For fourteen years. Ismael has built a record of self-help, apprenticeship and career-building opportunities, self-improvement and community-oriented programs. In addition, Ismael is involved actively in faith based programming.

Ismael has exceeded by most measures, the expectations of rehabilitations. His record while incarcerated is impressive. He has successfully completed a wide variety of educational courses and programs, and a host of life skills programs – all while under a sentence of life imprisonment. 

Ismael has completed Purdue University for the spring semester of 2020. In which he studied Urban and Industrial Pest Management, a course of study that coincides with the job he has held at Terre Haute Penitentiary for the past 4 years. In carrying out his duties as a safety orderly, the Complex Food Services Administrator of FCC Terre Haute, Ismael E. Oliver, states, “In my interaction with him, I’ve found that he consistently exceeds expectations in his interpersonal skills, problem-solving abilities, and work ethic. Mr. Lira displays a strong character, he stands out in his professionalism and ability to communicate effectively.”

In recent years, Ismael has demonstrated a self-awareness that rehabilitation is a necessary component to leaving behind negative influences and learning new, positive ones. Ismael has completed two apprenticeship programs through the U.S. Department of Labor. He recently completed the Life Connections Program, said to be one of the most effective re-entry programs that the Bureau of Prisons has to offer. The program is 18 months long and designed to reduce recidivism. Where appropriate, the program aims to bring reconciliation and healing to victims, offenders and their communities. Ismael presently serves in programming activities as a mentor. Ismael has completed over 1000 hours of community service, earning a Certificate of Distinction from Chaplain J. Sutter. Chaplain of the Life Connections Program. Tracy Joslyn is the Unit Team Counselor of the Life Connections Program. She says that Ismael “Exceeds expectations in his work and willingness to help others.”

Ismael has demonstrated particular enthusiasm for participation in re-entry classes. To date, he has completed 74 programs demonstrating his commitment to making positive changes in his life. At his most recent individualized Reentry Plan – Program Review on June 2, 2021 Ismael had his First Step Act Review. His risk factor for release was determined to be low. 

Tracy Joslyn, Unit Team, Counselor, states “I believe Mr. Lira is deserving of a second chance, and that he is ready to rejoin society, and has a very low chance of reoffending.”

Ismael E. Oliver, Complex Food Service Administrator states: “I highly recommend Mr. Lira be given the opportunity as a second chance to join society… I hope when making the decision this helps factor in his immediate release. I honestly believe that Mr. Lira is deserving of this opportunity and is ready to rejoin society.”


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