Sign our petition to FREE ALL POT PRISONERS!

The CAN-DO Foundation has submitted a list of clemency candidates to the White House. One list was comprised solely of 22 people serving time for marijuana-only offenses.  Most of these individuals have already served over 10 years and Antonio Bascaro has served 38 years for a first time pot offense!  This is an outrage that must be corrected, posthaste.

Please sign and share our petition with your network so we can bring these people home.

We believe President Trump’s next act of mercy should come swiftly for everyone serving federal time for marijuana drug cases.  Not one person in the history of our nation has ever overdosed on marijuana. It’s impossible. And yet, we have people serving life without parole for a plant that is now legal for medicinal use in 30 states and legal for recreational use in 10 states, plus Washington DC.  Technically, every Representative that holds a seat in our Nation’s Capital and the President of the United States can enjoy recreational use of pot if they so choose, while others rot in prison for federal conspiracy cases – including people who thought they were compliant with the laws of their state for medical marijuana.

Read the entire petition and get involved.  Together we #CANDO this!




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