Robert J. Thomas – 20 Years for Possession with intent to Distribute Marijuana & Marijuana Plants

Name: Robert Thomas, Reg. #10523-027

DOB: July 16

Race: White
Raised: South Bend, Indiana

Tried:  Northern District of Indiana

Will live: Sevierville, TN.
Charges: Possession with intent to Distribute Marijuana & Possession with intent to Distribute in excess of 100 marijuana plants – (21 USC § 841(a)(1).

Trial or plea: Trial.

Sentenced on: August 19, 2010.
Priors: Marijuana charges, cocaine & meth charges.
Prison Conduct: Exemplary.
Clemency status:  Pending.
Release date: October 13, 2026.

Institution:  FCI Fort Dix, POB 2000, Joint Base MDL, NJ 08640.

Supporters: Family, Friends, CAN-DO Foundation, Lisa Jacobi.
Health issues: None


  • Many Courses Completed.
  • Food Protection Manager Certification – ServSafe.

According to Bobby:       I am deeply sorry for my actions to cultivate, possess with intent to distribute marijuana. I sold small amounts of marijuana for my father, who was also my co-defendant.  I am seeking a commutation of my sentence because I erred in judgment. Selling marijuana was wrong, and I know this, and I should have been wiser in my choices.  I am not a violent man, I sold marijuana.  I am not a threat to society and if granted clemency I will never again engage in ANY activity that would render me back to prison.  I’m sorry for what I did, I’ve programmed and have done all that I can to be a better person, I’ve worked my entire incarceration, and have stellar conduct, not one incident in all my years of incarceration.  All I want is to get home to my children and reestablish a relationship with both and get home to my mom who is sick with COPD.

Release planHousing-If released on clemency, Mr. Thomas has a loving and caring family who are committed to assisting him in a successful reentry to society.  He also has many friends in the community who plan to assist him as well.  Mr. Thomas would Move to Tennessee to live with his mother, Linda. Employment-Mr. Thomas plans on seeking employment immediately upon release to be able to provide and care for his family.  Same with medical insurance, he plans on securing that through employment.


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