Month: June 2018

Lawrence McCarroll – 33 years — NOW FREE released on CARES Act!

We are so happy for Lawrence and his mother Judy who has been a CAN-DO Guardian Angel for many years. She was Lawrence’s biggest advocate and never stopped working to bring him home.







 … Read the rest

Lance Gloor – 10 Years for Medical Marijuana

Please sign Lance Gloor’s petition

Lance Gloor: #44270-086
Age: 42
Children: 1 daughter
Raised: Washington State
Tried: Washington State
Will live: Washington State
Sentence: 10 year
Charges: Conspiracy to distribute marijuana. Manufacturing marijuana for Medicinal purposes, thought he was … Read the rest

Marcus Paige – 1st Offender – 25 years – NOW FREE due to Compassionate release filed by John Albanes through FAMM/NACDL clearing house!

Washington Examiner focuses on the compelling case of Marcus Paige supported by his uncle and NFL former football player Anthony Paige.

Name: Marcus A Paige #34614007
Age: 41
Race: Black Male
Raised: Washington, DC
Tried: Washington, DC
Will Read the rest

Felix Walls – LIFER, set free on 4/24/20 due to compassionate release!

CAN-DO is elated to report that Felix Walls received a compassionate release and will walk out of prison on 4/24/20!
Please sign and share Felix’s petition seeking clemency.  
Felix Walls #02414-112
D.O.B. 01/19/1942
Race: Afro American… Read the rest

Anthony Leo Stutson – LIFE

Name: Anthony Leo Stutson
Age: 64
Race: African American
Raised: Birmingham Alabama left at 13 years old and reside in Pomona California
Tried in: Northern District of Birmingham Alabama
Trial/plea: Exorcised 6th Amend right to a trial.
Will live: San
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Yahoo News focuses on 3 CAN-DO clemency candidates

When Alice Marie Johnson, a 63-year-old grandmother serving life in prison for drug trafficking, was granted clemency by President Trump on June 6, a phone call went out from the White House counsel’s office — the administration wanted more people … Read the rest

Ex-NFL player asks Trump to release Marcus Paige – we think he’s innocent!

Amy Povah, who leads the CAN-DO Foundation, says she confirmed with the policy advocate who is serving as a conduit that Paige’s letter was sent to the White House on Wednesday. The advocate did not respond to requests for … Read the rest

Medium interviews Amy Povah on prison reform and Alice Johnson’s clemency

Amy Ralston Povah served nine years in prison before President Clinton commuted her sentence.  She is now one of the most knowledgeable and effective advocates for executive clemency, and for sensible reform of our criminal justice system. Her group, CAN-DO Read the rest

CAN-DO’s list of names goes to the White House, per Washington Examiner

CAN-DO sited by Washington Examiner as one of three sources providing names of additional clemency candidates to the White House.  Read the rest of the story

A list of 17 women and six men prepared by CAN-DO was topped by … Read the rest

CNN – Trump commutes sentence of Alice Marie Johnson

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump has commuted the sentence of Alice Marie Johnson, a first-time nonviolent drug offender, a week after Kim Kardashian West pleaded her case during an Oval Office meeting with Trump.

Johnson has already served 21 years
Read the rest

CAN-DO in USA Today – Alice Johnson’s Clemency

CAN-DO quoted in USA Today, per Gregory Korte on the freedom of Alice Johnson:  Watch video and read the story here
The Can-Do Foundation, which advocates shorter sentences for non-violent drug offenders, put Johnson at the top of its … Read the rest

Alan Dershowitz, Alice Johnson and CAN-DO in Wash Examiner talking Clemency

CAN-DO collected quotes from Alice Johnson, Michael Pelletier, Michelle West, Crystal Munoz, and Connie Farris, for  Steven Nelson’s article focused on Alan Dershowitz’s perspective on what it takes to get clemency from President Trump. “You have to appeal to his … Read the rest

Business Insider covers Kim Kardashian’s trip to the White House

Johnson said it took a miracle for her case to grab the attention of the Trump administration — and that miracle came in the form of Kardashian West.  For years, Johnson believed Obama was her last hope of leaving prison Read the rest

CANDO in BBC coverage of Kim Kardashian’s meeting with Pres. Trump

BBC writes about Kim Kardashian’s trip to the White House and talked to CAN-DO Founder Amy Povah.  CAN-DO is elated that Kim Kardashian has committed herself to freeing Alice Johnson, who has been on the CAN-DO Top 25 since 2014 … Read the rest

Catina Scales and Topeka Sam on MSNBC mention CAN-DO RE: Alice Johnson

Catina Scales (daughter of Alice Johnson and friend of CAN-DO President Amy Povah) and colleague Topeka Sam were interviewed on MSNBC about Alice Johnson’s clemency, granted by President Trump on June 6 2018.

Topeka Sam does a great job explaining … Read the rest

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