Top 25 Men

CAN-DO Top 25 Men who deserve clemency.

Michael Pelletier – Serving Life for Pot – CLEMENCY GRANTED 1/20/21

Michael Pelletier is Serving Life for Pot – Please sign his petition on

Paraplegic Michael Pelletier is serving LIFE for POTMichael Pelletier, #11109-036
Date of birth:
Offense:  Conspiracy to Import and Distribute Marijuana
Sentence: Life without parole
Incarcerated Since: 2006
Served: 14 … Read the rest

Michael Montalvo – LIFE without parole –

Michael MontalvoName: Michael Montalvo #87224-012
DOB: February 9, 1946
Marital Status: Single
Age: 74
Children: Two daughters, Alexis, Rebecca – both have children making Michael a Grandfather
Grandchildren: Three Grandchildren
Raised:  Los Angeles, CA until 10, then Wash DC
Tried:Read the rest

John Knock – Serving Life for Pot – Clemency Granted 1/20/21. Congrats Beth Curtis – Life for pot!

John Knock is serving Life for Pot!
Please sign his petition to raise awareness

John Knock #11150-017
First time offender

Raised: Nebraska
Tried: Florida
Will live: Philadelphia
Conspiracy to import, Conspiracy to distribute, Conspiracy to money … Read the rest

Ferrell Scott – LIFE for marijuana – Clemency Granted on 1/20/21

Washington Post covers the story of Ferrell Scott’s shocking clemency denial!

Ferrell Scott in Raw Story


Name: Ferrell Damon Scott #27797177
DOB: January 2nd, 1963
Age: 56
Race: Black
Marital Status: Single
Children: Skyler Scott, Serrell Scott, and Shamaiya Scott… Read the rest

Luke Scarmazzo – 21.8 years for Medical Marijuana

Luke’s co-defendant, Ricardo Montes received clemency. They were charged together and are co-defendants.   Please sign this petition supporting Luke’s clemency on 

Luke Scarmazzo # 63131-097
DOB: 1980
Age: 40
Race: White
Raised: California
Tried: Went to trial in … Read the rest

Lance Gloor – 10 Years for Medical Marijuana

Please sign Lance Gloor’s petition

Lance Gloor: #44270-086
Age: 42
Children: 1 daughter
Raised: Washington State
Tried: Washington State
Will live: Washington State
Sentence: 10 year
Charges: Conspiracy to distribute marijuana. Manufacturing marijuana for Medicinal purposes, thought he was … Read the rest

Rufus Rochell – Serving 40 years walked out of FCI Coleman on 4/24/20. BOP gave him home confinement.

Name: Rufus Rochell #08628-017
DOB: 10-9-51
Age: 69
Race: Black
Raised: Florida
Tried: Northern District of Florida (Gainesville Division)
Will live: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Charges: Conspiracy with intent to distribute 50 grams or more of Crack and possession
Read the rest

Michael Harris – 19 years 7 months – Clemency Granted 1/20/21

Please sign Michael’s change petition.
Michael Ray Harris
DOB: 9/20/61
Age: 58
Raised: Los Angeles, California
Tried: California
Will live: California
Children: 2
Charges: District Court Case No: 8800972(B)-WJR; Count 1: 21 U.S.C 846 (conspiracy to Possess with … Read the rest

Dr. Johnny Trotter – First Offender – 15 years

 Name: Johnny Ray Trotter
DOB:  June 18, 1975
Age: 45
Race: African American
Raised: Bloomfield, Michigan
Will live: Bloomfield, Michigan
Indicted: May 8, 2014 in the Eastern District of Michigan
Trial or plea: Went to trial
Charge: Count 1 … Read the rest

Anthony Viola – First Offender – LIFE

Anthony and his wife

Name: Anthony S. Viola #38206-053
DOB:  August 17, 1942
Race:  Caucasian
Marital Status: Married 56 years
Age: 78
Children: 5  (3 biological)
Grandchildren: 9
State where you are from: New York
State indicted:  New York
Will Read the rest

James “Jimmy” Romans – Life for Pot reduced to 30 years – Clemency Granted on 1/20/21

Please sign Jimmy’s change.or petitions here
James Romans #10195-028
DOB: 7-7-1971
Race: White
Marital status: Single
Age: 49
Children: 3 children, 2 grandchildren
Raised: Indiana
Tried: Texas
Will live: Indianapolis, Indiana
Charges: Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana
Sentence: Life Without … Read the rest

Tracy Feagan – LIFE

Tray with his sister

Name:  Tracy DeVon Feagan #41858-074
DOB: July 20, 1970
Race: African American
Marital Status: Married since 1998
Age: 50 years
Children:  4
Grandchildren:  7
State where you are from:  Alabama
State where indicted:  Tennessee
Will release Read the rest

Lawrence McCarroll – 33 years

Sign Lawrence’s petition
Lawrence McCarroll
Age: 45
Race: Black
Raised: Illinois
Tried: Illinois
Will live: Wisconsin
Charges: Conspiracy drug charges; money laundering charge
Trial/plea: went to trial
Sentence: 33 years
Served: 23 years
Release date: July 2023
Priors:Read the rest

Michael David Knight – 17 years 6 months for pot

Michael Knight-baby_02_best

Michael Knight is serving 17 years for Pot – Please sign his petition on

Name: Michael David Knight # 09943-029
DOB: 7-4-1981
Age: 39
Children: one son, Victor
Raised: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Tried: Northern District of Iowa
Will Live: … Read the rest

Pedro Moreno – LIFE FOR POT

Please sign Pedro’s petition. 

Name: Pedro Moreno #71498-079
DOB: Jan. 8 1960
Race: Hispanic
Marital Status: widowed.
Age: 61
Children: 5
Grandchildren: 3
State raised: Texas
State charged: Texas
Will live: Roma, Texas
Charge: Conspiracy with intent to distribute … Read the rest

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