CAN-DO’s list of names goes to the White House, per Washington Examiner

CAN-DO sited by Washington Examiner as one of three sources providing names of additional clemency candidates to the White House.  Read the rest of the story

A list of 17 women and six men prepared by CAN-DO was topped by drug-conspiracy convict Michelle West and mail-fraud inmate Connie Farris, women who recently expressed optimism about Trump’s clemency moves, saying they hoped to rejoin their families.

It’s unclear if other advocates are being invited to similar meetings at the White House as Trump blazes an unconventional early-term approach to clemency that until now has relied heavily on the recommendations of celebrities and political allies.

“They had questions,” the source said of meetings involving McGahn and Kushner. “It was a back-and-forth, just gathering information.”

The advocate who brought lists to the White House received the impression that officials may be considering setting up an internal clemency commission to circumvent or supplement the work of the Justice Department’s Office of the Pardon Attorney.

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