Anthony Leo Stutson – LIFE

Name: Anthony Leo Stutson
Age: 64
Race: African American
Raised: Birmingham Alabama left at 13 years old and reside in Pomona California
Tried in: Northern District of Birmingham Alabama
Trial/plea: Exorcised 6th Amend right to a trial.
Will live: San Bernardino California
Sentenced on: July 5, 1994
Sentence:Life without parole
Served: 26 years
Clemency Status: Clemency was filed June 18, 2018
Release Date: never unless President Trump sets him free
Institution: Victorville Medium One in California
Accomplishment: Worked at Unicorn as a Quality Insurance Inspector close to 13 years before he transferred.  Completed almost every rehabilitation programs the Bureau of Prison have to offer
Maintains ties with his family
Priors: 4/13/84 possession of a controlled substance for sale possession on a controlled substance Los Angeles Supreme Court case #531886
Prison Conduct: Excellent
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