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Clemency recipient Chalana McFarland and her daughter Nia on PBS

Watch this extremely poignant segment on PBS entitled Mothers leaving prison encounter uphill battle as they try reconnecting with family that focuses on the reunification of Chalana McFarland and her daughter Nia, who were severed due to harsh mandatory sentences … Read the rest

PBS special about Charles “Duke” Tanner’s clemency miracle!

The ability to pardon criminals is a unique power of a president, one that can be politically motivated and often draws criticism. But as Reveal’s Michael Schiller explains, pardons can also change lives.

The CAN-DO Foundation advocated on behalf of … Read the rest

New York Post quotes several CAN-DO clemency candidates in annual Turkey pardon article by Steven Nelson

Trump will “pardon” gobblers named Corn and Cobin an annual tradition at the White House on Tuesday, but in a potential twist, allies and reform advocates are anticipating more serious reprieves in the coming weeks.

“President Trump has … Read the rest

Angela Wright has served over a decade and needs clemency

By Joe ChenApr 3, 2020

Angela Wright, 43, has served approximately 13 years of a 30-year sentence for convictions of conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute. Criminal justice advocates say she is a deserving candidate … Read the rest

Vietnam Vet Michael Montalvo deserves clemency

By April BamburgApr 4, 2020

Michael Montalvo is a Vietnam veteran, father of two, and grandfather of three. CAN-DO Foundation, a criminal justice reform advocacy group, says he deserves clemency from President Trump.

The 73-year-old has served 32 … Read the rest

Rufus Rochelle deserves clemency per CAN-DO

By April BamburgApr 3, 2020

The CAN-DO Foundation supports Rufus Rochell in his bid for clemency.

He was sentenced to 40 years and 8 months on charges of a conspiracy with intent to distribute 50 grams or more … Read the rest

CAN-DO back clemency for Jimmy Romans

By Bob PepalisMay 11, 2020

James Romans has spent nine years in prison working to better himself, including the completion of a 15-month dental assistant apprenticeship.

He’s seeking clemency from President Trump for a 30-year reduced sentence on … Read the rest

CAN-DO Foundation supports Pelletier as clemency candidate

By April Bamburg Apr 2, 2020

After President Trump commuted the sentences of multiple inmates in February, advocates are working to raise awareness of the cases of other inmates who are deserving of clemency. One of these is Michael … Read the rest

CAN-DO supports Diana Marquez’s clemency

By Juliette FairleyApr 18, 2020

When Diana Marquez was sentenced to prison for money laundering and conspiracy to import and distribute marijuana, she was the young mother of five children and the allegedly abused wife of a man … Read the rest

CAN-DO supports clemency for LaShonda Hall

When President Trump granted clemency to nearly a dozen people in February, this included Crystal Munoz, 40, who spent 12 years in prison after being convicted on marijuana charges. Now supporters of LaShonda Hall are hoping the president will … Read the rest

CAN-DO members Rufus Rochell and Chad Marks in Wall Street Journal re: Covid-19

Prison and jail officials trying to stem the spread of the new coronavirus behind bars are releasing thousands of prisoners to await trial or serve their sentences at home, spurring a debate over public health versus public safety—and producing some … Read the rest

Most vulnerable prison population is in great peril…

Roughly 50,000 inmates at federal prisons meet criteria for release to home confinement based on guidelines in the CARES Act, and the Department of Justice Bureau of Prisons has largely failed to act, according to those who work with the … Read the rest

CAN-DO’s Daniel Brown in Wall Street Journal seeking compassionate release

Daniel Brown has sought his release at least five times during his 14 years behind bars. Now the coronavirus pandemic might offer him his greatest chance at freedom.

A federal judge in Iowa, where Mr. Brown was originally convicted on … Read the rest

Crystal Munoz, Tynice Hall and Judith Negron among clemency recipients by President Trump

Advocates for justice overhaul said Mr. Trump should be praised for his interventions. “Some people are trying to bash Trump for letting people circumvent the process and go directly to the White House,” said Amy Ralston Povah, the founder of … Read the rest

First Step Act recipient Catherine Toney goes to the White House

Catherine Toney has been profiled on the CAN-DO website for many years. We thought she would get clemency from the Obama administration because she not only met all the criteria of the Clemency Project 2014, she was assigned a CP14 … Read the rest

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