Now Free

CAN-DO Individuals who are now free. These people either completed their sentence or received clemency.

Detra Pate – Serving 10 years is NOW FREE – Immediate Release on Compassionate Release

Name: Detra Wiley Pate #22511-021
DOB: November 16
Race: White
Marital Status: Married
Age: 57
Children: 2
Grandchildren: none
State where you are from: Georgia
State indicted:  Georgia
Trial or pled guilty: Trial
Charges: Medicare/Healthcare Fraud
Length of SentenceRead the rest

Donald Fugitt – 1st time offender – 11 years 6 months for Marijuana NOW FREE!

Congrats to Donald Fugitt and his family, especially mom Carla Lunceford who called and was overjoyed that
her son, Donald finally got his 1/2 house date – June 1st – here he comes.  More families being reunited is a blessing … Read the rest

Patricia Aruda – 10.8 years for Possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine

Name: Patricia Aruda — Currently Free on CARES Act but still needs clemency
DOB: February 12
Race: White
Raised: Wailuku, Mai, Hawaii
Tried:  District of Hawaii
Will live: Maui, Hawaii
Charges: 21 USC 841(a)(1) & 841 (b)(1)(A).
Sentenced on: December … Read the rest

Cheryl Singleton – 12.5 Years for Wire Fraud — NOW FREE UNDER CARES ACT!!!!!

Name: Cheryl Singleton, Reg. #69550-019
DOB: July 19
Race: Black
Raised: Brunswick, GA
Tried:  Northern District of Georgia
Will live: Atlanta, GA
Charges: 18 USC 1343 – Wire Fraud.
Sentenced on: January 31, 2017
Priors: None – First Time … Read the rest

Joanne Tragas – Serving 16 years for Nonviolent Offense – NOW FREE!


Joanne is now out but needs help. Please consider giving to her Gofundme campaign so she can afford to pay for an apartment during this transition time:

Name: Joanne Tragas #51090-018
DOB: March 24
Race: White
Age: 54
Children: 1… Read the rest

Clarissa Burgoon – 20 Years – NOW FREE

Clarissa at 39

Name: Clarissa Burgoon #11625-031
DOB: 1974
Race: White
Marital Status: Single
Age: 47
Children:  Two
Grandchildren: One
State where you are from: Kansas
State indicted: Kansas
Will release to: Kansas
Charges: Conspiracy to commit Money Laundering… Read the rest

Rachel Hanson – 12 years – NOW FREE!

We are excited that Rachel was released on CARES Act on August 9, 2021 and was called in by her case worker at the halfway house to fill out a clemency petition because she meets Biden’s criteria as someone who Read the rest

LaShonda Hall – 45 years – NOW FREE!

LaShonda Hall walked out of prison on Tuesday, April 12th, 2022!
She is now home with her family and her battle to overcome a draconian sentence is over!
Huge thank you to MiAngel Cody who is LaShonda Hall’s attorney and … Read the rest

Diana Marquez – 1st Time Offender – 30 years for Marijuana – NOW FREE!

Diane Marquez

Exciting update – Diana Marquez was called in to the halfway house on 12/28 to have her ankle monitor removed! Her compassionate release was granted on 12/21 by Judge Briones, docketed on 12/27 and as of today she no longer … Read the rest

Anthony Viola – First Offender – Serving LIFE is NOW FREE!

We received some great news from Anthony Viola’s family that he would walk out of prison on October 12th due to a sentence reduction filed in the court under Amendment 782 – Drug Minus Two. This should have occurred years
Read the rest

Eva Palma Atencio – 1st Offender – LIFE is NOW FREE

Eva Josie

Congratulations to Eva Palma Atencio and her family. She has finally received relief that is long overdue!  We will be adding more info after she gets through the immigration process.

Please Sign Eva’s petition
Name: Eva Atencio Palma … Read the rest

Raquel Esquivel – 15 years for marijuana – NOW FREE

Please sign Raquel’s petition 
Raquel Esquivel
DOB: December 18
Race: White/Hispanic
Marital Status: Single
Age: 37
Children: 3 children and currently 6 months pregnant
State where you are from: Texas
State indicted: Texas
Will release to: Texas
Trial Read the rest

Eric McCauley – serving 23 years for pot NOW FREE!!

Congratulations to Eric McCauley and his entire family, especially his son, Ethan! This wonderful family, son and dad can now reunite, heal, love, and celebrate this wonderful miracle called freedom! Freedom photos will be posted soon.  

Eric Scott McCauley… Read the rest

Lavonne Roach – 30 Years – CLEMENCY GRANTED 1/20/21

Congratulations to Lavonne Roach who is NOW FREE!  We met up in Las Vegas for a huge hug and to celebrate with her amazing daughter Clarissa who worked hard to help bring her mother home.


Lavonne Roach 10431-073
Age: 56… Read the rest

Ana Alvarez – Serving 30 years for Conspiracy – NOW FREE!


Please sign Ana Alvarez’s change. org petition

Congrats to Ana for being released on CARES Act but she still needs clemency because her outdate is 2034.

Name: Ana M. Alvarez #81092-004
DOB: 7-25-1954
Race: White hispanic
Children: One daughter
Charge:Read the rest

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